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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Road Not Taken - Robert Frost

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two road diverged in a wood, and I -
I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.

Robert Frost

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dear CBox Spammer

Hai,peeper. How is your day today? Hope everything just run well with colourful outcome. Today, I would like to talk about the CBox on my page and I believe in your page too.

Why we put CBox in our own blog? What is the purpose of CBox? I believe all bloggers know the secret of having CBox in blog. For what I believe and understand,first, we use CBox to communicate with other bloggers and anyone who stop by our blog. We would like to say hello and welcome using the friendly chat. Visiters are welcome to drop some messages and comments in the CBox other than the normal comment column that provide by the blog.

Second, I believe we bloggers use the platform to attract other bloggers to visit our own blog. We love blogwalking and left a link in the blog that we visited. The link we left will bring visiter to our blog. For what I had experience it myself, that blogwalking trick really work and bring a lot of visiters. But, with a condition, walk often and walk everyday. CBox will not bring any visiters by itself, you have to do something to gain what you want for.

Third, I believe we use CBox to get to other bloggers blog. Where we make CBox visiters to make a blog list for us to blogwalking. Make a blog list out from the CBox visiters is very easy and convenience. For all visiters that left their link in our blog are surely active and will communicate with us in a very short time.

Forth, CBox also is a platform that bloggers meet each other and have some small chat in it. They can exchange link with each other and become friends. A new friendship relationship merce in CBox chat is kinda good and I feel thankful.

That is what I believe in CBox for our better blogging experience. But lately, there are a lot of spammer in my CBox. Where they come with advertisement link and drag our bloggers to the advertisment site. I'm not mad with those spammer, but I am angry because of their act. They come with pretty name and left nice comment and invite blogger to visit them back. At first, I thought I will be visiting a nice blog, but instead I was linked to an advertisement site. I felt cheated by them. Yet,they come with many other new name but putting up the same link.

This is cheating, and they cheat on my blog. That is what I cannot allow to happen in my blog. Sadly, CBox didn't provide anti-spammer service. I would have to pay to get the extra service. Somehow, I got my own way, I will have to be more active and pay more attention to my blog.

Dear spammer, thank you for making some mess on my chat box and force me to pay more attention to it. I will need to login my CBox account and delete all the advertisment link one by one. Yap, it is very messy task to do, but I have to do it for my own comfy. I would not be happy if my chat full with link that ask us to spent money.

So, announcement to all bloggers who love to blogwalking. My CBox is clean and only bloggers' link remain. Hope you guys drop by often and happy blogging.

That's all for today, see you all next time.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha to Everyone!!!

Hello all peepers!!

This year is my first year that I celebrate Hari Raya Aidiladha also called as Hari Raya Haji,as a Muslim. Didn't really travel far to celebrate it and also didn't celebrate with any family members. I don't really understand the celebration also. Still have to learn and get into the meaning of this celebration.

So far, went to celebrate at my colleague's house. Just like Hari Raya Puasa also, we sat there and chat, of course with snack and drink. After that having lunch together, not many guest in her house also. I wonder where is everyone and what are they doing that time.

After spending half day there, we asked permission for leaving then. If we kept sat there and chat, we will be burst with nuts and snacks. Haha.

Today end peacefully with just one activity. Anyway, still can greet everyone who celebrate, " Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha!"

A Peaceful Seat

Yesterday, I set my feet in Miri town again for some unfinished business of the day before. I have to drive a full 1 hour to get myself there, with the road condition that speed will bump your ass up and down your own car seat. I don't really like to go out by myself actually, except with some work and task that I need to deal with.

So, there goes again, traveling down to Miri by myself.

I skipped my lunch yestrerday. No reason, I often skip lunch when I had no time to cook or just being lazy to cook and do the clean up. That's the tips of being skinny I think, but do not follow my step, I know it is not healthy but I just can't help it.

One of the multiple intelligence skill I master, I think is Interpersonal Skill. I'm a thinker and a Loner maybe. When I'm alone, I do crazy stuff with my inner self and sometimes get amazed or amused. Today, I did something else that I thought it only occur in movie.

After I had done all the task that I was given, I didn't go for my lunch as it was around 4pm. It was too late for lunch and too early for dinner. I went to Popular Bookstore and spend some time reading the books that most probably I won't buy it. I read some cook book on how to make cookie for beginner and some other cook book that catch my attention. Yet, I get bored and walk over other section of book display. A nice book catch my eyes, " The Royal Love Story : William and Kate ".

Everyone loves Princess of Wales, Princess Diana. Where rumor spread about she being kill in an accident where paparazzi were tail-ing her for the press story. There are many tales and version of stories about how Princess Diana being killed. In the book I read, Princess Diana was a victim of a drunk and drive case, where her driver was found in high alcohol percentage in his blood after the expert had his body examinated. The author started the story of Prince William after that incident  then followed by how Prince William met Kate in collage and the stories went on. The book is awesome by writing down the Royal Love Story about Prince William and Princess Kate, but it is too thick for me to finish it yet too expensive for me to own it. I think I will come again next time and read it for another chapter.

After that, I drove around Miri Town and wondering where should I stop next. I passed by Miri Fan City where it is a park with some garden, jogging track and a open air auditorium. I drove passed it and yet my heart asked me to turn around and find a parking so that I can land my feet in the park. The park was full of people jogging and spending some quality time. Still there were some people just like me, drop by and had a seat and enjoy the healthy atmosphere. I was wearing jean with heels, walking in the path attracted weird faces staring at me. Me, just plucked in the earphone and walked into the park as it is open for all, everyone are welcome to the park. While walking, I was eye-ing for some available wood benches where I can had my seat and enjoy the scenery. I walked into the open-air auditorium where there are plenty of long benches available. I chosen a spot under the shade and crossed my feet on the bench, of course heels were opened and left on the flour.

The evening breeze are great as it is coming from the sea, Miri is a coast town where beaches are not far away. I was amazed by the scenery that I was not expecting. Some teenage girls were on the cement stage in the open-air auditorium, warming up themselves with some stretching and some dance moves. I wondered were they going to have a dance practice? Meanwhile there were children playing badminton around the corner. I just felt happy when watching them giggling with joy. While I sat back and enjoyed the air and surfing internet on my tablet, there came 3 boys with skateboard in their arm. Wow, this amazed me a lot. I thought they where going to have some skating here, but they just came and have a seat on the bench not far away from me.

After observing the area, I get some time for myself on my tablet. I jotted down some of my feeling and took some pictures.

"I stay Miri for 4 years, never I stop by and have a good look at all this. Today is my first, and I wonder this is last too." - Myself.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Less than One Month

Entering 25th of October. Is less than one month now to my big day. Nerves creep up to me thinking of the registeration of getting married haven't really done yet. Other than work task filling my mind in the morning, I am thinking about him flying back to our hometown and get all the thing settle.

I dreamt about myself last night, still in the month before the big day, I am getting myself ready in appearence. Massive facial care and mask making, Im getting ready for that day even in my dream. Yet, I said I am not excited in my last post. I guess it is because my daily routine didn't change and everything seem like just in fine.

My low profile attitude make me haven't shot any pre wedding picture, or because of my fiance said this is not his culture to do that. That is another sad part that make me doesn't feel for the coming joy. Once a wise friend said to me, "You can dream whatever you want, but when you are back to the reality, your purple bubbles will burst." But, yet there are quote that tell us that there is nothing wrong to catch your dream.

Dream and hope.. Something that keep you motivate and fight for life.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Just another side of me

Hey all peepers, how's your day? Today, I'm gonna post something personal. Bear with me?

I say, I am a very low profile person. Is not like I didn't socialize, I share my thought my feeling sometime my inner qoute on facebook. Haha, a place we show ourself among friends. But, I'm hiding some part of myself so tight that only some friends that i deal with everyday know it.

First, I already convert to Islam. Just my colleague friends and my family members know it. I didn't change my facebook profile pictures, I didn't post out loud said I already convert. I just being myself all the time. Part of me change, part of me didn't change at all. Maybe I'm afraid that my friend will tink that I had totally change into another person. But friends should just understand and stand by me with my decision. If they left me because of this, what a friend should be? Sadly I admit, I hide myself away from them. Friendship will fade if we left it unmend for too long. I hope my friends all live healthy and happily although we didn't keep in touch.

Second, I'm getting married soon. And yet, I didn't put anything any news on my facebook status or editing my relationship to "engaged". Haha, I'm still single but not available for what I make people think. Soon, how soon is soon? Okay, I will be married on 24/11/2012, exactly 1 month from now.


Blank! That is all my mind tell me. One whole month left. Am i excited? I don't really know. I just like the canoe following the stream rushing downward to the end. Thing happen and time won't wait,that is all I know. I don't have time to get "Yeah! I'm married soon! Let's celebrate." With my working environment and surrounding here, I am too far away from home to feel the excitement of finding pretty thank you gift for the guests, looking for the flower for bridemaid or even myself. I want to hold of a bouquet of sunflower. Where am I going to get the sunflower? Does the florist around the town sell it and how much is the price? Sunflower, kinda rare flower for making it a wedding flower bouquet. But, I like it to be special as I'm to myself.

Thinking of all this make me stress and I'm hundred kilometres away from the place I'm going to be married. I am so far away to get all this things done and my future sister-in-law are going to done it all. My wedding with so little commitment from myself. One word for describing it, sad.

Everything will be arranged, I am just a little canoe in the river. Waiting to be push down at the waterfall. Soon, everything will be as peaceful as the slow flowing down stream. Life goes on, goes on..

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Killing You From Inside Out~~ m(T.T)m

Hey peeps, how's your day? Mine just fine after my visit back to my hometown. So, what is killing you from inside out? What can kill you from inside out? You got your answers? Great~! I have mine.

Last week I had a sudden emotion waves where everything I did was not great enough. Ice cream was not attractive to me, ice kacang was not cool anymore, shopping was a wasting of time and so on..bla bla bla. I just can't get my mood a switch on. People gets Monday blue after weekend holiday, but it was Saturday and I get myself blue. After a day of wondering around with no decision made where suppose I was heading, a good simple questions popped out from my Deary. " What you actually want, dear?" I heard myself answered with a soft sad voice, " I think I'm homesick."

Finally, the answer from my heart that didn't take any second to think. I was really homesick and my body reacted on it. The first time in my life, my body actually telling me that I need to go home and get release my misses for my family that far away.

In the evening about 6pm, we finally head off the main destination - Penang.

The rest of the story, I get myself wrapped tightly in my warm cozy home in Penang with my family of course.

So, what killing me from inside out? Tada, the answer was reveal.

If you are near with your family, spend some time with your family and don't always thinking of heading out the front door.

See ya next time ~
Thanks for dropping by and welcome to left some footstep here.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

DIY Mask - Lovely Egg White Mask

Hai peeps, how is your day today?Any good mood for diy mask?I feel wanna share this diy to everyone out there. Egg white mask? Oh,I did that many years ago,and I think many people try this before also.

But, what is your method in putting on the egg white mask?

Normally, I just tap on the egg white and spread it on my face. But today, I want to share another efficient way method of putting the egg white on your face to get a greater result.

First get all the tools ready. Here I list down what I use.
1. diy mask bowl (it can be any bowl actually)
2. masker brush
3. a pair of scissor
4. some cotton pad (with open edge)
5. an egg

Okay, let's start our diy mask.

Before we get our hand wet and sticky, I suggest that we cut the cotton pad into smaller pieces so it can cover the smaller area or edges of our face.

After cut it out, we tear the cotton pad again into thinner pieces. Why should we do that, haha, because we are going to peel it off our face later.

Second step, keep the cotton pad nicely and we continue with our egg white.

Get the egg, poke a hole on top of the egg. Then pour the egg white slowly into the mask bowl. Keep the egg yolk for cooking later.Haha..

Next, dip your brush into the egg white and wet your face carefully. I choose to start with my nose, and then stick the thin pieces of cotton pad on top of it. Here goes!!

Have fun sticking the cotton pad on your whole face. Take your time and enjoy the sweet smell of the fresh egg white.

After you cover your face with the cotton pads, lay down and wait it dry and get harden on your face. It is around 15 minutes to 20 minutes of waiting. I spend my time laying down on my couch surfing blogs on my tablet.

If you put a lot of egg white on your face, it probably will take a longer time to dry all. So, tab it on wisely. :D

Here, my DIY egg white mask is dried. Yeah, time to peel it off.

Actually, if you got lots of black head on your nose, the dried facial tissue will peel it off for you too. Can't show you mine as it doesn't reveal itself.

Finally, wash your face if you like.

And here the bonus stage, my parrot-cat can't resists to jump up on my shoulder and shows itself. LOLs. I love my parrot-cat.

Thanks for dropping by. Cya~

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nur Hana Law Yeeshing Binti Abdullah

Today, I was reborn at 9.15am as Nur Hana Law Yeeshing Binti Abdullah at Jabatan Agama Islam Semenyih, Kajang.

Alhamdullilah, everything went smoothly and the Ulama didn't ask many question about my convert. The most important question he asked was, 'Are you willing to convert by your own or being force by other?' Of course, no one was forcing me. I came with my love one,my future father-in-law and another Ustaz as withness of this process.

Start from today, I have a new life. I'm still a baby and taking my baby steps toward the carrect path that is waiting for me.

Yet, later I will be busying changing my name in all my document involving insurance, bank account, loans and so many more.

Ya Allah, please make give me strength for all the coming process and please make the process smoother and easier for me to overcome it all. Amin..

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sorrow Soul

Taday I felt like want to write something. My hands are itchy over the pen and papers. But, I don't really have a topic to write about. This is just mainly write down anything that run through my mind.

Today is Wednesday, another two days, I will be flying back to Peninsular Malaysia. This holiday is the holiday that I don't really enjoy count down. It is because I will have to left my Tam Tam alone here without any love and care that it always get. Two weeks of holiday will be very long if you have to left someone behind.

Thinking of sending Tam Tam to the vet hostel. There will be charges of RM25 per night. Two weeks will cost around RM350. That is a big amount to pay. Seem like I have to left Tam Tam here alone. Everyone in school will be going back for celebrating Gawai Dayak festival. Where will Tam Tam get its fodd? Although Tam Tam was born as a stray cat, but after it came to my house at a very young age, itis now a house cat that very much be loved. Today, Tam Tam stayed home the whole day and accompanied me for my evening nap. Tam Tam be at my side almost every time. It touches me very much as Tam Tam seem to know that I will be leaving him for holiday. I felt sad and guilty.Sob sob.

Maybe, I should hire some kids to take care of Tam Tam when I am not around. Maybe this will be the best way to keep Tam Tam well feed. Tomorrow, I will ask the kids who live at the long house around the school to help me take care of Tam Tam. I hope this will solve the problem and Tam Tam will be fine.

Oh,dear god. Please solve this problem for me.

Monday, May 21, 2012

It's Cute!!

Today I want to talk a little bit about advertisement online. As far as I know, there are ChurpChurp, Say.com and some other advertisement system online that ask user to help them advertise using our social . I had joined Nuffnang and ChurpChurp. Lately,  I was busy as an advertiser by sharing the link on my Facebook and Twitter wall. A little bit felt bad for leaving my blog un-update over here. This post still mainly about the social sharing advertisement and bonus - about my cat, I'm not cheating on updating some crap here. Just want to put this act into blogging memories.

I love cat very much and I had a cat before which name Mot Mot. It's being loyally staying with me for about 5 years until one day its decided to left and went to where its came from. The elders said, Mot Mot is not coming back. After a week then only I accepted the fact that Mot Mot is not around anymore. I miss him a lot and of course its dry out my tear buds for week also. Although Mot Mot is not here anymore, its always lives in my heart. Here a nice photo of Mot Mot in our memories.

Mot Mot was once in my other blog post also. And it brought me luck until I won the giveaway. You guys should tour around my old posts in Crochet Fun~ also.

Now, after 1 pet-less year, I recovered and decided to take another cat. Here's TamTam, which categories as a Taby cat. It's naughty but cute. Still a kitten and a lot to learn and grow. Tam Tam is now a little shining star in my blog as I posted a lot about him. Here , here and here of course.

Back to the topic. Cute? Ya, which cats owner won't say his/her pet cute? And now, I want to share an ad, which is using cats as the main interpreter - The Curious Cat. It is about a Siamese cat cares about its home decor and tiles. It is so cute. I have watch the video in it, it put a smile on my face. Interested? Watch it here.

ps: Please feel free to click on this ads for me. It is most appreciated.

Curious Cat is in ur house, chekkin' ur tilez
Comfessions of your offbeat Relationship
Forget your worries and head to Genting

Thanks a lot.
Stay connected and have a wonderful day. ^.^

Monday, May 7, 2012


Hi all, I think I have skip many days on updating my blog. In the pass few week, I was burden with lots of work and task. Plus my usual reading progress is slowing down due to insufficient free time and relaxing slot. I been busy entertaining my furry friend, gardening at the back and try to cook myself something better everyday. Yet, my cooking skill still progressing from 2 to 3 out of a full 10. If you follow my tweet or instragram, you will see a lots of pictures about what I talk about just now.

Back to the topic, PhotoAdayMay. A very easy to interpret phrase, which it carry the meaning of A Photo A Day in May. I found this awesome challenging list for submitting a photo a day in May from a blog I followed - MyGurumi, and she is participating also. But, the origin of this event is from fat mum slim - Chantelle, an awesome Aussie blogger.

This kind of event are normally just requiring us to post a pictures of today, but Chantelle's is different from what I have seen before. She listed down an interesting list where you have to take the pictures by following the words given as a title or a theme for your pictures.

Another surprise for me when I know i can share my pictures on social network like Twitter, Instragram, Fklir, Facebook, Tumblr and Pinterest. Of course, don't miss out your own blog. Share it in Twitter, Instragram and Pinterest by adding in a hashtag #photoadayMay.By the way, Fklir has Photo a day group and Facebook has a Fat Mum Slim Facebook Page where you can easily browse through when you login your facebook.

So, let's look at the list below. Interesting?

I will try my best to follow the list everyday, but I think I will post in bundle as I don't have time to post it everyday. Maybe, I start it in the easiest way where I post it in my instragram and link it to my twitter. Follow me in Twitter @Tinkerstarshine and I will follow you back, let's share our PhotoadayMay together.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Oh My English!!

Hi all blogwalkers, how's your day today? Hope to know that you make a fine day today.

Have you ever join any campaign online before? Today, I just join my first online campaign about "Let's Speak Better English" held by Astro Malaysia. I had fun reading others promises and me myself make a small promise also. As you can see at the big header above, when we need to speak to foreigner, we will start to make ourself think "Oh My English". Haha..Everyone makes mistakes. It is important to make sure we don't make the same mistakes again and again.

So, here is my entry about my small promise toward Astro.

Come and join me. It is fun to see your statement being posted out on Astro page.

Click here to join.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday Picture Says Thousands Words #7

Just look at its face, did it tell something?


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ms Brain With The Scramble Mind

Ms Brain
When your mind were scrambled up like a dish of scrambled eggs, you can not think straight, you can not act right, you even can not speak fluently like usual. All in your mind will be the unsolved problems. it keeps spinning and spinning around your head and ringing beside your ears.

When that happen, your brain started to stop thinking about other things. The brain will tell you to ignore your hunger and make you lose your appetite, ignore your tiredness and you will have insomnia. The brain shut itself up to think of the way to solve the problems. Your eyes lose it focus point, your ears seem to hear nothing at all, and your hand will automatically support your heavy head on the desk. This will continue happen until your brain finally think upan ideal way to solve the problems

At the time, an extra help from another brain will be very helpful where that other brain is functioning well.

Oh, Ms Brain, I think you have a scramble mind now.

p.s: To the other brains, which of you can understand and help this brain?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wednesday Picture Says Thousand Words #6

Oh, really speechless..after rain..

Warning, Please Be Careful..

Today in history.

"Tuanku Abdul Halim was appointed the Fifth Yang di-Pertuan Agong in 1970 at the age of 42 and now four decades later, he has been installed once again as the 14th Yang di-Pertuan Agong at the age of 84." - The Sundaily

ASultan that been appointed TWICE to become our Yang di-Pertuan Agong after 40 years.

And yet there were a big earthquake occurs TWICE near Sumatera.

When I was surfing my fb just now, suddenly most of my friends post shout their fear : EARTHQUAKE!! Then it followed by many pictures and quote about the 8.9magnitude earthquake.

Other than the pictures message that overwhelm my timeline, there are also some prediction about the coming Tsunami. I only can pray for my friends and family that live in Penang are safe from this coming disaster. As I am in Miri, Sarawak, the waves wouldn't reach here.

Everyone, please be safe.

God bless you.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I'm Ready For Performance - Sepuluh Budak Hitam

Hello everyone.

It is raining tonight, it is kinda cold out there and my bed keeps calling me to roll on it. Before that, I better finish my post. In my previous post, I talked about my preparation for school performance.  This Friday, my school will held a ceremony for "Caring Teacher" - Majlis Guru Penyayang. I was given the task of preparing a performance for that event. As a class teacher for Year 6 as well, I need to prepare them for coming Motivation Camp Performance also. After a few days of collecting ideas and example. Now, I am ready to go on stage.

With 10 boys and 10 girls, I took the idea of Ten Little Indian and Sepuluh Budak Hitam. I made a choral speaking team. Experiences of making a choral speaking team? Yes. I trained a 25 pupils team, back in year 2007 when I was in SK Aminudin Baki for practical training.

If you google for Sepuluh Budak Hitam's lyric, you will find it a bit violence for children. Therefore, I recompose the lyric and make it suitable and adapt to the ceremony. I feel I wanna share it because I'm kinda proud of it.

Here the new choral for my Year 6 students:

10 Budak Nakal

10 budak nakal, main di dalam kelas,
1 langgar pintu, dah tinggal lah 9.

9 budak nakal, main di luar kelas,
1 jatuh tergolek, dah tinggal lah 8.

8 budak nakal, main di dalam dewan,
1 tergelincir jauh, dah tinggal lah 7.

7 budak nakal, main di padang sekolah,
1 terpijak paku, dah tinggal lah 6.

6 budak nakal, main kejar-kejar,
1 terseliuh kaki, dah tinggal lah 5.

5 budak nakal, main di tepi sungai,
1 terjatuh sungai, dah tinggal lah 4.

4 budak nakal, main di gelanggang,
1 haus kepenatan, dah tinggal lah 3.

3 budak nakal, main di dalam perpustakaan,
1 dihempap buku, dah tinggal lah 2.

2 budak nakal, main di dalam tandas,
1 jatuh ke lubang, dah tinggal lah 1.

1 budak nakal, main di pejabat guru,
dimarah oleh cikgu, SEMUA BALIK KELAS.

10 budak nakal, duduk di dalam kelas,
tunggu cikgu masuk, dalam hati gelisah.

10 budak nakal, mula menangis-nangis,
mana tau cikgu, tangan bawa rotan.

Cikgu masuk kelas, dibawanya nasihat,
belajar sungguh-sungguh, jangan hampakan ibubapa.

10 budak nakal, mula insaf diri,
terima kasih banyak, semua guru penyayang.

There!Of course there are action after each sentence. But, I just don't know how to type it in there. So, any teachers who accidentally found this blog, you are welcome to make this choral as one of your choral speaking script collection.

It start to rain cats and dogs out there. Can't wait to snuggle in my cozy warm bed. See you..Tata.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Nuffnang Glitterati Member Cash Out RM 487.27 for this month

Hello all, finally I’m proudly said that I’m back to become a Nuffnang Glitterati Member. Weehu..*party party*

It was been a while I didn’t login Nuffnang to see my earning process, as it always stay in the same pity amount. Past few days, I visited Singing Coconut and she had something that pokes me in the eyes.RM 487.27 from Nuffnang .I decided to login my Nuffnang account and take a look. Everytime I login, I do notice my membership status: Glitterati .Yesterday when I login, my membership was not longer glitterati but Ordinary. Well, I didn’t bother me much until when I wanted to login Innit. I login several times but fail.

“OMG, I forget my password?”

“No, I didn’t change my password to other password. I always have to same password for almost all account.” (hacker don’t aim on me)

“Try again..Don’t give up”


Innit blocked me? Why? Then I read properly this time. What? Innit asked me to check my glitterati membership status. Har??? Out of the blue I was blocked. It was sad and frustrated. So, I get back to Nuffnang homepage and try to figure out how I can rebuild my status. Read about why we should become a Nuffnang glitterati member, and I summarized it at below:

1. Extra money of course. Payment rate for glitterati member are both Cost Per Unique and Cost-Per-Click. Glitterati Nuffnangers will earn 20 - 40% more than ordinary Nuffnangers.

2. Glitterati Nuffnanger get more advertorial opportunities.

3. There are community event waiting for us to join. That’ll be a lot of fun interacting with blogger from everywhere.

4. Contests are waiting for us too. Prizes to be win from free meals at Friday’s to mobile phones to free trip. Who can resist the temptation of all those?

5. Welcome to Innit then. 

Therefore, there are terms and conditions to become a qualified Glitterati Nuffnanger. Hmm, I’m not going to copy or summarize it here. Please click here to go to Nuffnang site for better understanding. 

So, I fixed my blog until it met Nuffnang terms and condition. That night, I tweeted about this and hag-tag Nuffnang. The next morning when I check my Nuffnang account, I am a Glitterati Nuffnang back. I'm impress!Nuffnang work so fast!

But, to being able to cash out such an amount still very far for me. Anyhow, earning money from blogging is not my main purpose of blogging. So, let me huhahuha away..Best wishes to all bloggers and congrats to Singing Coconut a.k.a Nath for the earning. Nath, spend me some coconut please..(^o^)v

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wednesday Picture Says Thousand Words #5

Hai all blogger, today is Wednesday again. Do you get your picture upload already? For Wordless Wednesday!!

Come join me now..

Something special here. What do you think it is?

Ok,left you guys and gals here with this weird picture. Great wishes to and have a good day ahead.:D

Monday, April 2, 2012

School Performance

Hello everyone, today I just been put on a great responsibility on preparing a performance for upcoming event.  I will have to come up with some modern dances and traditional dances. The performers will be my Year 6 students. Oh gosh, I never really taught dancing before!
Hush! Don't be a cry baby and try to plan the dance steps will solve the problems. No doubt, I will ask for help from anybody who willing to lend me a hand

Recalling my memories, I was a performer back in the school days. Our teacher was very fierce; she will make sure everyone of the dancing team memorizes the dance steps well. With the cane in her hand, we had no choice and had to minimize our mistakes. But, she had produced a good dance team with very little mistakes.

*Snap snap*
Back to future..err..I mean now. What am I going to do with my 5 boys and 5 girls team? And I only left 10 days to produce any performance. Is there enough time for training a dancing team? Or, I should train some academic performance such as choir or choral speaking? Make it simple and make it short, but make it with attractive props and background.

Night fall and I had to take some time to look for some source from the Internet. Wish me luck, and I really need that. A million thanks and muaks for all who wishes me. I wish you all have a very good day ahead with a lots of luck around you.  (^.^)V

ps: Up there I attach the picture of my Year 6 back in 2011, they looked so cute compare to now.Haha.. 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wednesday Picture Says Thousands Words #4

Guess my name...
If you can guess it correct...
I will give you...
some catnips!!!!!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Great Breakfast

A very good day I wish to all who drop by, swing by, hop by or pass by to visit my blog.  I was browsing my pictures of my last trip and some pictures just gave me some ideas to blog. I want to talk about breakfast! Haha..How many of you really take breakfast early in the morning before going to school or work or doing any activities? I am the kind of lazy butt to wake up really early to get myself ready and eat some breakfast before going out. But, sometimes there is exception. I eat breakfast, when I am on trip to somewhere, when I got my holiday, and when there are someone who accompanies me. 

When I was a kid, ya I seldom get my breakfast also. *No wonder so skinny..* My mom made me chocolate milk, bread with peanut butter jam, sometimes fried rice, fried eggs, hard boiled eggs, porridges. Most of the time, I just ate a few bites and left. I super hated fried rice; my stomach is not ready for heavy food in the morning. My stomach favorite food in the morning is something hot and in liquid form. So, you can guess my favorite breakfast can be … milk? Nope. I don’t know why my taste buds don’t really answer the calling of milk. I love hot porridge in the morning. The half solid half liquid form of food, slide through my throat and warm my empty stomach. White porridge always reminds me of my great grandpa who likes to make porridge in the morning. 

Now, let’s us see what my topic about, the “Great Breakfast”?

How great that breakfast really is? Hmmm…it’s great where you can get it anywhere if the branch is there. I’m not really promoting it, but just feel want to share my great feeling about it. So, what it is?

*Cymbal crash*

McD Family Breakfast.. Hee hee… nothing so special actually. But, I felt great that day and the breakfast made me felt that way too.

I never really order such a big breakfast before. This time, my Deary and I ordered it for preparing ourselves on road later. It was early in the morning and we were short of time to look for some local café or shop for breakfast. McD was the choice then.

Inside the McD Family Breakfast, it made me so excited but still patient enough to snap a picture before we dig our hands in it. It was plenty food for both of us. We had fun! Yet, drink first before you taste any food. Early in the morning, I won't want to miss out McD Coffee..Yeah! I like the coffee very much, this coffee always reminds me of my old times which I had my breakfast with my grandma. She always make this kind of black coffee and just add in some sugar so that it won't taste so bitter. So, here we go the sugar..I put in three packets. I like my coffee to taste that way.


After an awakening black coffee, let's me start with the breakfast i had ordered. The big McD Family Breakfast comes with English Muffin, Bacon and Egg, Hotcake with syrup and 2 hash browns. I picked Hotcake with syrup because it look not so heavy and I believe my stomach agreed too. 

Opps,my bad. Where is my Deary breakfast?
Sorry Deary, here is your breakfast. Hee hee..

So, enjoying my hotcakes with grape jam, butter and syrup. It taste so yummy and I managed to keep my hands away from it for awhile to take pictures. There, I summarized the pictures in a collage. 

The hot pancakes with butter, jam and syrup was just so great. I never really enjoy the breakfast so much except this time while traveling. First time in my breakfast history, I actually asked for more as there is still plenty of syrup that I haven't finish. I wished to carry the syrup away with me and I told Deary about it. Sadly, the seal already opened and it will split and spoil. I had to try my best eat up as many as I can, yet it is so sweet that I can't eat it like that.

Breakfast time was over soon. We packed our stuff and get ready for the journey back home. This big breakfast will sure keep me awake until lunch time. Coffee was a great wake up call and the sweetness of the syrup gave me sugar rush!!Haha..

Deary refilled his cup of coffee before taking off. And, I got my sweet surprise that Deary brought back a unopen maple syrup for me to take home. Arh...I am so happy.

Hope I shared some of my happiness with you. Good day and have a happy weekdays ahead.


Thursday, March 22, 2012

March Post

Oh!hai to everyone who drop by or pass by or visiting me. Is March already and I missed out a lot of posts and some Wordless Wednesday fun. Many things happen in this period when I didn't blog. I had a week school holiday off, gone for holiday at Kuching and finally came back and now visiting local clinic because I end up in very bad shape.  

First, talk about my trip to Kuching. My deary and I decided to drive from Miri until Kuching, which took us around 14hours to reach the destination. I tried to be awake all the way while my deary drove to Kuching. But most of the time, I end up snoozing in the seat beside him. There were times we both so tired and stop by any roadside and slept off.    

Maybe, you will ask, “Why want to spent almost 14hours hitting the road? Isn’t there any flight that flies from Miri to Kuching?”

“Ya, there are flights that fly through this two towns eventually, but we are looking for adventure!”

Deary said, he want to drive all the way 800 and more km to reach the destination. It was tiring but achievable, and Deary is very proud of that. So, I just let he be.  

The best time we spent about in Kuching was dinner time. We get ourselves to the Top Spot Seafood Hawkers Centre to enjoy the great food. I would say, I won't regret for travelling so far for this kind of good food. We can't find this kind of seafood, this cheap and this good in Miri. So, we enjoyed digging up the entire good thing in the dishes.  

Good thing over,bad thing kinda coming uninvited. My lips started to crack due to the hot and dry weather. Plus, me myself didn't drink enough water and the hotel room was fully air condition. By the end of the trip, my health condition went worse. Finally, I reached home sound and safe. Fever and cold kick in me immediately without delay, I think my body went through weather and temperature shock.  

I suffered 5 days of bad flu and fever then only admitted to the local clinic. The doctor sent me off with 2 rows of tablets and lots of advice. Hmm..I guess an apple a day will definitely send the doctor away.

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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wednesday Picture Says Thousands Word #3

Wow,this is my third time posting this wordless wednesday post. Getting so excited to look for others post and picture. I know tere are a lot of blogger out tere also participant in this post..

So, here is my picture.
You name it a title?

 Meow~haha..stay connected..

Apple Banana Bee-zy Day..

Hai everyone, this post not really related to apple nor banana.. Those fruits came in mind when I was thinking for the title.

This week is a very busy week because it is the exam week!!! Everybody is busy chewing the books and the teachers are busy preparing the questions papers. I had done my study and exam part few years ago and now I am focusing on the asssessment. I got a total of eight papers to be ready and send them into the exam hall.

Year 6 English Paper 1 and Paper 2, Year 6 Kajian Tempatan, Year 6 Pendidikan Seni Visual, Year 5 Mathematic Paper  1 and Paper 2, Year 4 Pendidikan Moral and finally Year 2 KSSR assessment on Mathematic. So, teachers out there who accidently found my blog and feel want to swap exam paper, I'm glad to exchange it for future test and examination.

After exam, there come the most headache part, marking the paper. With a lot of funny answers and sentences, sometime it give me a laugh, sometime it make me so sad with the serious spelling error and grammar mistakes.

Here I show you some of my onion with tear gas.

Hmmm..it is really a hectic week. My head is heavy actually. But, I don't want to miss out my blogging on today very special date,29/2/2012. This twenty-nine of February only come in once in four years, it's precious. Haha.. Thereby, I want to wish anyone who has his/her birthday today, happy 7th birthday celebration. You better do it big and happening. If you miss it, there will be another four years to wait for the actual date.  

Okay, I need to continue on marking the paper.. Bye    


Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Who says, who says you’re not pretty? Who says you’re not worthy? Who says only students got homework? Who says…?
LOL,I forgot the lyric actually.*main hantam aje*
So, other than students, who else got homework to do? Ya, housewife. They got house duties to do, and it is much heavier than homework given from school teacher. Who else got homework to do other than students and housewives? Ehem..actually teacher also got homework to do..
Tomorrow I got Year 6 art class. I need to prepare something at least to present in the class before teaching those students what to draw or what to do. Last week, the title given to them was “The Alien”. They drew their alien out of their own creativity. One of them did have a nice idea and drew a green skinny eight spider legs alien. That boy was so mischievous, his alien wear shirt and got a name tag. He tagged his friends in the picture. That gave me a laugh to imagine one of my students became the alien that boy drew. It is too bad that I forgot to snap a picture before I left the office. I wish to show you guys/gals and share the laughter together. Although the idea is good and interesting, but the picture don’t have any tone. No shade and shadow. Not attractive enough.
Now, we go back to the topic about homework. I planned to teach those kids some colour tone. So, I spend an evening drawing a flower with nice tone.

So far, this is my homework for art class tomorrow. I didn’t finish it because I need some blank space to show the students how to colour tomorrow.
Oh no, there still got Math and English subject teaching aids need to be done.
See you again next time, follow me and stay connected.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Jasmine aka Bunga Melor

Jasmine,Bunga Melor in Bahasa Melayu. What is the first thought when you see these words? What is your first impression on this nice flower? Let your mind take you for awhile..

Whatever in your mind,please do share it in your comment, I would like to know. :)
As for me,the first thing came to my mind was its sweet scent. I love the decent nice smell of the small white flowers. Its scent plurk me up a lot. I believe many of us are vision aroused, but I am scent aroused person. I am more attracted to sweet and decent smell. My nose make me like that. Haha.:)

I don't know how to describe such a decent scent of Jasmine. Sweet but yet not as sweet as rose, it smell a little bit like tea. It give me some sort of calm and peaceful feeling. For me, it is sweet and fresh.

On my way to school, I will passby a big bush of Jasmine aka Bunga Melor. From far I already can smell its sweet scent. It welcome me all along to the school, for I will pick a few of them with me, bring it until my table. At the corner of my table it lays, although it is just two or three flowers, it is enough to bring the scent to my nose. Everytime I get back to my working table, I feel so calm and fresh. It takes my stress that built up in the class away as I smell the flower.

I believe many of you will think that roses are more decent than Jasmine. But, Jasmine is more than enough for me because I can get fresh Jasmine everyday to enlighten me up. In south east asia, the hot and wet weather here is very hard for roses to survive. So, I am please with what I was given, and feel thankful.

Do you gals or guys have the same favourite scented flower as mine?

Wednesday Picture Says Thousands Words #1

While I was blogwalking last week, I bumped into a post name 'Wordless Wednesday' on Fyna's http://blogfyna.com/. I was acknowledged that on Wednesday, bloggers post picture or photograph on their blog with no description nor title. Thereby, let's the picture tells the story itself as the title for this post, picture says thousands words. ;)

Ps: I still feel like want to say somethings about the picture as I analysis it. Some picture, although is the same picture,says different story to different people. I am curious cat. Please tell me what the picture tells you in the comment below. I tell you mine..:)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Facebook Is Not A Diary

Today when I was reading Google new, one of the link brought me to a website called CloveTwo. CloveTwo - Total Woman Online: Malaysian Women Website on Fashion, Beauty, Relationship and more. There is an article that catch my eyes. The title sound " Facebook Is Not A Diary".

With the title itself we can guess the content of the article. With several reasons, why we should not put everything that happen around us into the social media. "Want a diary? Get an online journal." said the author. I guess blogging also can consider as an online journal, we can write whatever we like as long as it does not brisk on some sensitive issue. But, reader read whatever they like to read. If you don't like the content or anything in the post, you can just simply put your mouse over the small red cross box at the upper corner of the screen and click it.

Maybe that article is written specially for those who 'bleeding on Facebook or Twitter'. In the simplest meaning, oversharing. I never meet any of this oversharing friend in my network, but I understand that there are people who simply update their status and disgust the other. For example, 'Today I wear a pink underpant to work, I feel sexy and lucky inside the office.' Hahaha..that is disgusting. It should be private enough for not sharing in Facebook or Twitter.

Truth to be told, if you seek for attention, social media is the best place. As long as there are friends or fans online in your account network, they will see it and make some response to what you seek for. Haha, better not to do that if you don't want to be scold, "GET A LIFE!!".

Here, I share a link that is awesome for 'kaki movie' aka movie lover to read and participate for getting a good life..Lol.

Ps: no offence to anyone who read this post, just try to get some laugh.

Monday, February 6, 2012


I am a big fan of Ice Age 3D animated movie since the beginning. The 20th Century Fox now had made it until Ice Age 4. I can't wait to watch the whole movie other than what I can do now, watching the trailer.

I believe, my favourite silent character in this movie is also everyone's favorite.

Scrat, the sabertooth squirrel!
pictures taken from google search

..cymbal crash..

Am I wrong? Sorry if I was really wrong. I can't dely this cute little Scrat is too hilarious and sneaky when trying to get his beloved nut.:)

This time, Scrat is on a piece of ice crack that drifting away. Land on a tiny island with a sabertooth squirrel scaleton. Love to see Scrat's eyes spark when saw the treasure nut map. That is heaven for Scart. But Scart always can't get the nut for long. Something just might happen and bring him and his nut apart.LoL

Today the last day of CNY,therefore I wish everyone can do your best in everythings everyday. Happy Chap Gor Meh also!!"

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Who doesn't love gadgets put  up your legs!


This year, I am aiming for some new gadget. But, everytime I open my wallet, it makes me cry. ( sound familiar? took from picture quote in facebook. :P )Okey, before talking about the gadget that I desire, can I ask,what is your desire gadget this year? A new laptop? A new speaker? A new printer? A new camera? A new funky and cool headphone? A new fancy keyboard? A new mp3 player? A new tablet? A new cool looking smartphone? A new desktop? A new notebook? Wow, I list down so many gadget in one time, but I believe you can do better than me.

This year, I wish to get a new smartphone including the data package of 3G internet line. I had try on android on my Samsung tablet and now I want a smaller version of android in my hand. Sound crazy isn't I? But human always not satisfying and not getting enough. Am I wrong? We just asking for a better tomorrow. Back to the point, I want a Samsung Galaxy Note or even better Samsung Galaxy S III. Ever heard of that? After launching Samsung Galaxy S III, there come no. 3. Those technology just fast enough to outdate me. :'( So,either Samsung Note or Samsung S III. Bot also so attractive to me. I can't own both and choices need to be made. Maybe later I should make a list of reasons for choosing the right gadget.

Another gadget is a new camera!! Nikon J, the best size of DSLR for people who has small hands of mine. My dear have a Nikon D3100 and it is smaller and lighter than the other DSLR camera already, but I still feel it is heavy and sometime it makes me hard to capture a good angle picture. This camera is the first DSLR camera in compact size that I know. I believe it will bring me a lot of fun. With great picture, my blog will shines better too. :D If I really get myself a Nikon J, I will need to buy a tripod for myself also. I shouldn't waste the chance to capture my own portrait using my own DSLR. By that time, I hope no one will be bored of me posting a lot of camwhore picture.Hahaha!!

But with an onion wallet,I can't get my both gadget as I wish.I should take a picture of my piggy bank and put it inside my wallet to remind me to save money for my lovely gadget everytime i try to spend some money. And please my dearly, beautiful, handsome, smart and cool reader or blogwalker, please let me make my wish come true by clicking the nuffnang ad at the sidebar if you think it interesting.

 Thanks a lot first for your clicking, that's means a lot to me actually. Let's make the onion wallet become sugarcandy..Yay!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Friendship of Twenty One Years

The day before I have to depart to Miri, my primary school class monitor called up and told me about a gathering had planned. Thinking of all those faces that I seldom met, how were they then?

Our first venue,Daorae Korean Bbq at i-avenue,Penang. We had our bbq indoor and they served us on the spot.:D So, we don't have to dirty our hand. I ate a lot of pork this time. Haha..:D

Eleven of us, all single mingle. No one was asking no one when wanna get married. Relationship sort of thing is kinda sensitive. But soon, I will be getting out from this status.

Twelve of us agreed to join in this gathering, only eleven make it. I still meeting some of them in pass few years,but there was one that I haven't meet him for about 15years. I even can't recognize his voice. In my memories, he still own his cutey cutey child voice. Surprise me I even mixed up his voice with another friend's voice. Why sometime they just sound the same? Desperately, I had to look for the identity of both friends' voice. What kind of friend am I?Hahha..I forget my own friends' voice.

We left Daorae with fulled-stomach, and reached for Station One for light snack and drink. I just can't fight out the temptation of ice cream. I ordered Trio Chocolate all for myself, and it came with two small tea spoons. Shared some with my girlfriend and then I ate all.

We chatted, we joked, we laughed out loud, we enjoyed all the time we got together. Mini games came around, the games that always played when gathering, Dare or True. Just some silly questions and dares among friends. No hard feeling. I'm glad to have this bunch of friends. We met since standard one in primary school, 1991. That make it 21 years for 2012 now, and I believe the friendship will remain until we are really apart.

Not snapping any pictures for this time gathering,cos there were already ten hands holding camera and snapping all around. I just have to wait them upload and tag me in Facebook. Haha, later I'll link it here again.

So far, I joined churp churp and started to involve in this kinda of ad business. Can't really sure it is better then nuffnang, but churp churp required more involvement and commitment. For me, becoming a churpy earn money online more faster. So, care to join me? Click on this churp churp and become a churpy like me.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Big Family Gathering Day

Hey everyone! Happy Chinese Dragon New Year!!!! Haha, I'm just so excited in taking my part in this celebration. Today, every family member will come back home from wherever they were. Work or study, all needed to be put aside for this big day. Once I cant get back for the gathering day, that made me so sad so sad.

So,today my mom suggested that we make dumpling. Wow, I never had make any dumpling before. We google for the receipe and the step to make dumpling skin, and follow by wrapping the content for dumpling.

See me busy making dough for dumpling skin later. It is fun to dip my hand into the dough. Make the dough into thin dumpling skin need a lot of practise and skill. I just try my best..haha..

This is how my dough look like..haha.with my giant handprint on it.

After rolling and filling the dumpling,we finally made a big bowl of dumpling and it is ready for our tummy at lunch later.

Happy Chinese New Year and enjoying dumpling made by our own. Wish to eat some dumpling, head over google and find out te easiest way to make it. I copy from google as well.

Tata and have a nice day~^^



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