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Thursday, March 22, 2012

March Post

Oh!hai to everyone who drop by or pass by or visiting me. Is March already and I missed out a lot of posts and some Wordless Wednesday fun. Many things happen in this period when I didn't blog. I had a week school holiday off, gone for holiday at Kuching and finally came back and now visiting local clinic because I end up in very bad shape.  

First, talk about my trip to Kuching. My deary and I decided to drive from Miri until Kuching, which took us around 14hours to reach the destination. I tried to be awake all the way while my deary drove to Kuching. But most of the time, I end up snoozing in the seat beside him. There were times we both so tired and stop by any roadside and slept off.    

Maybe, you will ask, “Why want to spent almost 14hours hitting the road? Isn’t there any flight that flies from Miri to Kuching?”

“Ya, there are flights that fly through this two towns eventually, but we are looking for adventure!”

Deary said, he want to drive all the way 800 and more km to reach the destination. It was tiring but achievable, and Deary is very proud of that. So, I just let he be.  

The best time we spent about in Kuching was dinner time. We get ourselves to the Top Spot Seafood Hawkers Centre to enjoy the great food. I would say, I won't regret for travelling so far for this kind of good food. We can't find this kind of seafood, this cheap and this good in Miri. So, we enjoyed digging up the entire good thing in the dishes.  

Good thing over,bad thing kinda coming uninvited. My lips started to crack due to the hot and dry weather. Plus, me myself didn't drink enough water and the hotel room was fully air condition. By the end of the trip, my health condition went worse. Finally, I reached home sound and safe. Fever and cold kick in me immediately without delay, I think my body went through weather and temperature shock.  

I suffered 5 days of bad flu and fever then only admitted to the local clinic. The doctor sent me off with 2 rows of tablets and lots of advice. Hmm..I guess an apple a day will definitely send the doctor away.

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