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I love making
I love blogging
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I love photographing
I am shy
I am quiet
I am talkative
I like animation movie
I like beautiful drawing
I care for my love one
I care about how others feel
I care about what i am looking for
I care about how others think of me

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

[Giveaway#3]Giveaway by Sweetpea

Hello to all my readers and Assalammualaikum~

Hana nak say thank you kepada rakan-rakan blogger yang tag saya dalam pelbagai award atau giveaway. Banyak yang tak sempat nak buat entri.

Kali nie tetiba rasa nak join je apepe yang kena tag atau invite.So, check dekat chatbox Hana ada satu invitation yang terbaru. Jom join GA SP. Maka, Hana pun join!!

Mai tengok apa cerita kat sini.

Giveaway by SweetPea

Hana tak tau macam mana nak buat backlink dekat gambar. Syarat backlink Hana letak kat sini je la.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Giveaway by SweetPea<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Rakan yang nak join, Hana sertakan syarat ringkas yang SweetPea tetapkan, iaitu:

  • Blogger mestilah warganegara Malaysia
  • Wajib follow blog MySweetPeaLife dan juga FB Mysweetpea
  • Buat satu entri bertajuk : Giveaway by Sweetpea dan backlink ke entri tersebut
  • Dalam entri, wajib sertakan gambar korang paling menarik bersama barang yang paling korang sayang dan sebab korang sayang.
  • Tag tiga orang kawan blogger

Senang aje kan?

Ok, jawab soalan dulu.

Barang yang paling saya sayang. Erm, perfume White Musk EAU DE TOILETTE dari The Body Shop!! Suka bau dia dari dulu lagi. First perfume yang saya beli sendiri dengan duit gaji sendiri. Pastu dah habis beli lagi. Dah tukar design pun masih royal dengan white musk. Dulu bottle dia tak de warna purple jernih macam tu. Sekarang siap boleh pasing matching dengan baju yang Hana pakai. Nak tengok gambar je yer. Ok, nie dia.. ten ten ten ten..

Sayang White Musk!


Pasni Hana nak tag rakan-rakan blogger pulak dah. Hari nie Hana rasa bertuah sangat dapat cari 3 orang rakan blogger yang nama dekat-dekat. Hehe.. Mari kita tengok siapa yang Hana maksudkan.

Ha...kan?? Hebat kan. Sesiapa yang rasa nak join pun boleh juga kalau tak kena tag.

Ok la,jom gi tengok siapa lagi yang join dan barang kesayangan mereka.

Salam dari,


Monday, October 13, 2014

[SundayDoodle]#4 Alphabet

Hello and Assalammualaikum to all my readers. This is another Sunday Doodle successfully drew and post on my blog. Alhamdulilah, I still continue making this doodling project on going. I try A-photo-a-day challange and I fail miserably. I can just finish around 3 or 4 days and there came a lot of different excuses for me to skip taking photo.

Shall we proceed to my doodle for last week?? Yeah.. I suppost to post this yesterday as today is Monday. But, like I said it before, late is better than never.

Here is my doodle and I titled it Alphabet.

I was trying to fill the page full lots of alphabet but at the end I was drawing leaves and flowers again. This time I even put in some cloud. Look like I love natural more.

Once again, I want to thank you for joining me in this episode of SundayDoodle!! If you would like to browse along my other Sunday Doodle, please do click on this Sunday Doodle collection.


See you next time,

Sunday, October 12, 2014

CPUV Please Glue Hard On My Blog!!

Hello and how are you all readers!!

Today entering the second week of October and I was wondering whether my CPUV Campaign in September ended already. I checked my Nuffnang account and guess what? Nuffnang Is So GENEROUS!!! I got a roll of CPUV ad stick on my list. Some more my September campaigns are still on going. Wow, I feel so blessed!!

Once again I would like to thank Nuffnang for believing me in carrying their advertisement in my blog.

I was like WOW! SO MANY!
Still, be thankful and keep on blogging.

Just now when I was viewing my blog, The Proton campaign is on going in my blog. Well, my dear reader friends, please do get interested about Proton. Heard that Proton IRIZ is a very economic and  car. It worth a test drive if you are near Proton Outlet. There are 7 glamorous colours to choose from. Price ranging from RM42k to RM62k. Want to read more? Click on the Proton IRIZ ad banner at my sidebar, at the top or at the bottom of this post. Or you just simply click on this link : The new Proton IRIZ to visit the webside.

Ok, that's my excitement and highlight of the day. My eyes still popping out and can't believe it there are 14 on going campaigns in the list. I really should blog more often.

Now, I have to go. See you again in next post about Sunday Doodle!!
Stay tune!


Sunday, October 5, 2014

[SundayDoodle] #3 Tree of Peace

Hello and Assalammualaikum readers. Welcome to my third Sunday Doodle. For Muslim readers, I wanna wish you Selamat Hari Raya Haji.

My doodle for this week will be Tree of Peace

I love leaves. Leaves are green. And I like it when the berries or flower decorate the tree like star in the sky. So, I just drew it out spontanously. Wala.. this it is. My Tree of Peace.

Thanks for joining me in my Sunday Doodle. We meet again next week same day same blog name Adore The Sunshine.




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