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Monday, December 9, 2013

Not to eat corn if you're breastfeeding your baby

Hello peepers out there, how's your day? Lack of update over here, not kinda busy, is actually very busy. Wow, I skip the whole two months before I post up another post. Well, reason is.. Baby  Qaseh.

Since after Baby Qaseh was born, I been busy taking care of her. I even have to put aside my favourite hobby - crocheting. Being a new mom is tough, as many things are new and confusing. I still remember the fearful incident that happen in one night.

That night, Baby  Qaseh was very fusy. After given milk, she was still crying and asking for attention. As her mummy, of course I checked everything. Pampes was clean, room temperature was cool and not too cold, no insect bite mark anywhere. But, Baby Qaseh still being very fusy and tearing all the way. Perhaps she was hungry, so I fed her all the way and hoping that she will stop crying. Yet, she latched on my breast but still cranky. I fed her and burped her repeatly until almost midnight, she still crying yet her cry become louder and scary. She almost cry until her face turn dark red and almost purple. My heart almost stop watching her reaction, what did I did wrong that my baby cry like that. My mom came and helped soothing her but it didn't turn out well. My hubby also helped carrying her and calming her down. The whole house like turning upside down. When the situation become like this, I was panic yet too afraid to cry. If I collapsed, who's going to take care of my baby? Hopelessly guessing what was wrong while her daddy held her up and checked whether she had colic stomacahe. Found out her tummy was a bit hard, it must be gassy. We tried rubbing some soothing oil on her tummy, after a few massage finally she throw up. All the milk given had being pouring out from her mouth like waterfall. That was an horrible scene that we would not like it to happen again. Then only she felt much more better then fell asleep.

The whole dramatic scene happened just because I ate some sweetcorn before that. I think I will forever remember the fact that a breastfeeding mom cannot eat corn. Corn will produce gas in breast milk and newborn baby will not comfort having it.

So, note down if you are a breastfeeding mom. Don't eat too much sweetcorn.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

September My Special Month

Hello all peeper around blogphera, how is your September so far? Any good news or great event? or maybe making some history record in your life? September, is my favourite month, also is my special month too. This year, my September is awesome.

Early in September, my precious came to me in 4/9/2013 at 4.49pm. My precious is given name Qaseh Nur Fatehah binti Mohd Aminnullah by her dear father. Daddy is very proud with the name and I like the meaning of my daughter's name also. In malay, her name carried the meaning of Kasih Cahaya Pertama. If I translate it into English, it will be Qaseh our first light (child). Qaseh came to this world carrying our love and care, hope one day she can feel the love of parents that bring her to the world.

In September, I become a mother and start to understand how a mother sacrifice for her child. When the child need the mother, no matter how weak the mother is, she will try to make it to her child. Amazingly, I felt the special strength when my precious need me. I felt blessed in this sweet September. Yet, I want to thank my mom for taking care of me since I'm an infant until now. My perenthood won't be easy if my mom didn't help me out. My mami still taking care of me even I already have my own child. Most blessed thing in this special month.

September always be my favourite month because my birthday also fall on September. This year will be different than last year, as I can celebrate birthday with my precious. Almost forget, this year also is my first time I celebrate my birthday with my husband,as a wife.And this year will be my last year celebrate my birthday in my twenties. Next year the number will be different as it will start with number 3. So, I consider this year as my sweet 29. Smile. Remember, once I noted before, it just another number, so chill out.

Today already nearing the end of my sweet September. So glad that I manage to summarize my September and note it down here before it end.

So,how is your September goes?

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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Malaysiaku Berdaulat, Tanah Tumpahnya Darahku.

Today in history..31 August of each year, we Malaysian will be celebrating our independent day. Everyone who care to celebrate will be out there singing national anthem Negaraku, watching fireworks that colored the dark sky. I wish to be out there also, but some reason I am not allow to go out tonight.

Google Malaysia also put up a nice interface for celebrating our National Day for today. I like the design very much as the shape of the flower is hibiscus, our national flower. Inside the shape is the design and color of our national flag. I still remember when I was in primary school, drawing our national flag, the hardest part is to make sure we got the 14 edges drawn correctly and perfectly. 
How about the theme for this year independent day? Well, it's shown everywhere, either on TV program, advertisement, newspaper, online news, short movie in youtube and even in facebook. Do you know what is the theme? Actually, you had already read it when you first read this post. I used it as my post title. Go read it again. Haha.. Malaysiaku Berdaulat, Tanah Tumpahnya Darahku, which mean My Sovereign Malaysia, My Native Land.

Talk about our country and our mixed races and cultures, I'm proud to be Malaysian. Sometimes we just didn't speak good English. We speak Manglish..Haha! As you can see in the picture below.

Doesn't matter if you're a macha, ah moi, brudder or ah beng. Let's join this "create your own Chari - Tee" that show our identity as a Malaysian.

Lastly, before I go to bed, I want to say, 

Happy 56th Birthday Malaysia!!! 

Wish Malaysia be better and better for the coming years.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Increase your blog traffic via Pinterest

Hello there, how is your day? Recently, I 've been very busy with life outside this caber world. I had my job replacement in new place, moving back to my hometown where near my new working station, busy with form and document and also my baby is growing bigger and bigger inside me. I get tired very quickly and less motivation to blog. Although there were many things in my life that I can blog about.

Back to the topic above,

For some bloggers, blog traffic is very important as they are collecting unique visit or unique click from visitors. As I know, many famous bloggers are earning some money by putting up advertisements in their blog. Some bloggers are even a full-time blogger and make some earning by blogging. They are always full of ideas and new things to blog about. I believe they did their job well and a lot of survey had done before they post out their post. It is not easy to make an informative post. We can't just post anything we like and expect it to me informative and useful to our readers.

Recently, I didn't update my blog, but to my surprise there are still readers that drop by and read my blog. I wonder where and how they found my blog. According to the traffic source provided by blogger stat, most of my readers came from Pinterest.
By that time, I don't have Pinterest account and I wonder how they found me through Pinterest.

I did some research and track the link that brought readers to my blog. To my surprise, one of my picture had been pin into Pinterest and I didn't notice it. See how it been pin by other and how it been repinned by other that like the picture. I feel so honor that someone out there really like my crochet product.

Is all about this..My rainbow crochet bag.

Well, because of this pretty rainbow bag, I got lots of reader that view this picture in Pinterest and it link back to my blog. Sooner I found out Pinterest connect Pinterester from all around the world using picture only. I register an account also. You can find me here and try out Pinterest yourself.

My Pinterest board
Get some peep on Pinterest here.

There are so many category for you to choose. I love looking at the DIY & Craft board. I can get so many ideas and inspiration from the creative crafters all around the world. 

But, I will always look for crochet stuff and some arigurumi pictures here. 

Ok, I think all these picture that I show you already perked your interest about Pinterest, am I right?
So, go on and check it out. Don't forget to follow me. I pin and repin a lots of crochet good stuff.

Here the link for you.
Pinterest homepage >> http://pinterest.com/

Have fun pinning and repin.
Need to get some rest for now. Baby is kicking hard and I'm tired.

Cya next time.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Why not grow your own vegetable?

Hi peepers, talk about growing our own vegetable. I did remember last time i posted about some home grown herbs. Today, I got another harvest again, but is about vegetable.

Remember Mochi the bunny rabbit in my previous post? There is a picture of Mochi with the surprise winter melon. That picture was taken in last week, and guess what. The melon grown well and now it is cover with white snowy powder. That means it is ready to be eaten.

Here is how it look when it is ready.
wintermelon 1
A layer of white snowy powder will cover the whole melon. Maybe that is how winter melon get its name.  Yet, be careful when picking the winter melon too. It also got some very tiny hairy prickles that   covered under the white protective powder.

Hope these pictures clear enough to show the tiny points.

You can hold it gently and avoid being hurt by the small prickles.

When I was harvesting the winter melon, to my surprise. There are another 5 more winter melon on the plants. Wow, there can be a great feast of winter melon. Well, I'm not going to eat all of them. I can give it to my neighbours!

Here have some peek of the cute winter melons. Love them!
wintermelon 2 & 3
wintermelon 4

wintermelon 5
So,where is the winter melon that I picked just now?? Here it is!!

My winter melon is big enough for me as it almost as big as my face. :D

Now, time to cook it. First, wash away the white powder layer and the prickles will drop also. Winter melon now will become summer melon because the white skin become green skin. Haha.

Cut it into half and you will get its seeds inside.

Wanna grow another winter melon plant? Easy, just take the seeds and throw it at your backyard. It will grow by itself. Winter melon plant is a very strong surviver. Or if you love your garden to be tidy, just dig a hole where you prefer it to grow and put the seeds inside.

So, today lunch will be winter melon soup. Clean your winter melon then cut it into half. After that cut it into small cube size so it can be cooked easily. Get ready the chicken stew first before putting in the winter melon cube cut. Set it at medium heat to boil the stew then turn it into low heat to slow cook it.

If you got a slow cooker, you can just put everything inside and let it cook for you. I cook it for about 1 hour before serve.

The winter melon hard texture will be soften and you can feel it melt in your mouth when you eat it. I love this kind of slow cooked winter melon that you can feed yourself even when you are sick and unable to eat solid food.

So, why not grow your own vegetable?? It is healthy and save your money too.

Ok, that all for today. Hope you have fun reading my post.
Cya next time.

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Arigurumi Bunny Rabbit - Mochi (Part 2)

Hi, welcome back to visit Mochi again. So this is the Part 2 where some nice photos had been taken last week and now it is out here to show everyone. Part 1 is simply about where I found Mochi's pattern and a link to her blog and her pattern.

I picked a day for snapping good picture of Mochi where there were enough sunshine got get good picture. I love bringing out my arigurumi doll for outdoor pictures. Their colour contrast with the nature so well.

Let's have some pictures do the story.

I was bringing Mochi to school that day. Mochi was kinda excited..Haha..Let's snap a picture first before heading off. 

Mochi picked a seat just in front of the front mirror of my car, so he can get all the view he want. *Sorry the front mirror of my car was kinda dirty that day* 

This is Mochi sitting on my office desk. Mochi is kinda small, he is smaller than my candy can. But, Mochi can sit by himself. See, because he got a bunny bob tail and that support him to sit properly.

Oh, what a cute little bob tail.

Then, I decided to let Mochi outdoor to get mixed with the sun, flowers and plant. See how the yellow flowers contrast with Mochi so well. I like this picture very much.

Mochi on the branches among the bushes. I like how Mochi looked so relax sitting there. I wish I can shrink into his size and sit there together with Mochi.

This one is nice too. I put this picture at the top as header for this topic. Mochi is totally stand out in this picture.

After school, we had some walk at my back yard. Suprisingly, we found a melon growing without our notice. Hope it turn out big and nice for my soup later..Yeah!


Mochi going back into my room and chill with his friend Pegu.

Thanks for dropping by.
Have a nice day and hope you enjoy the pictures.

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Arigurumi Bunny Rabbit - Mochi (Part 1)

So,what is my mini project? By the small little foot I posted in my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, I guess it is hard to actually guess what is it. Here is the sneak-peek that I posted that day.

Lousy tipper I am, me myself cannot guess what is it. Haha..Anyway, it is done by now and I am posting it out then.

By the way, hello all peepers who drop by and have a look at my Mochi.  
Mochi The Bunny Rabbit is actually designed and pattern written by Amy in Little Muggles. I was blog-walking that day and found this cute little rabbit. Although my craft is not so cute compare to the original product, but I believe every crochet arigurumi has its own identity. So, carry on, I will make it into a key-chain and chain it to my travelling bag. Mochi will go everywhere I go.
This is the PDF that I download from Little Muggles, it is so neat and colourful. It makes me can't wait to second to pick up my crochet needle and start crochet straight away.

I started with it head and attached the ears. Is funny that my bunny head is kinda sharp and look like a bun head here. I thought adding up the ears will make it look better. Its seem like bunny bun head look. Hahaha...

Then I continued with it body. It is not tricky to have half body white and half pink. Just change yarn colour in the middle of crochet. But, yes, at first will be a bit hard to change yarn if you are not use to it. Well, practice make perfect, right?

Then finish up its arms and legs and also don't forget it tiny tail too. Sewing the small tiny arms, legs and tail to the body is not easy. There were few times that I almost poke myself. Better be careful when sewing it. About the eyes, I don't really know where to find the round safety eyes for small toys. Never seen it else where here, so i just sew 2 black dots as bunny eyes. Then give him a smily mouth. 

Mochi in the pattern picture has a bow ribbon around its neck. Staring at my Mochi, I think I should find him a nice ribbon too. A pink ribbon maybe, haha. Mochi looks naked without a ribbon cover its neck. Haha..

Here is the back of naked Mochi. 

Tomorrow, after getting him a ribbon, Mochi will having another photo shoot session for my blog. I can't wait for Mochi to get its ribbon and having fun taking pictures of him.

Thanks for reading. Stay tune for the Part 2 where fun begin.
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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Did you cry when you found out you're pregnant?

While surfing for some information online about pregnancy, I came across this kind of question. Did you cry when you found out that you’re pregnant? Well, this question even came from me myself when the truth hits me. Am I going to cry or not? WTF! I am pregnant already!

So, I guess this post is mainly about how I found out my baby. Well, we haven’t really plan for a baby after get married. When hubby asked me when I want to have a baby, I answered “When its time, it comes.” To my surprise, the time had come!

After married, we, like the other young couples, planned for a simple honeymoon as we were short of money. Most of the money went to the celebration party and some wedding ceremony cost. Malaysia is a place where you can easily find a nice tourist spot and spend a nice vacation there. Since my hometown is in Penang, we will not going to have our honeymoon in Penang anymore, it was too close to home for honeymoon mood. We went Pulau Langkawi instead. Then we spent the rest of our holiday divided for two sides of our family, my family and my hubby’s family. Holiday ended and we went back to our work station again.

Funny thing came, my period late. I use to have late period but this time is kind of weird. I suffered sharp pain at my lower abdomen and the pain linked until my private area. This kind of menstrual pain never happens to me before. I can’t even sit properly! I convinced myself that later my period will come, maybe this was just temporary. Still, my period was late and I told my mom. My mom helped me buy a pregnancy test when she went out to market next morning. I had my test on that particular morning also; people said test it in the morning when your urine still contains most of your body waste. The result came in negative. Ow, I was pretty sure it was the menstrual pain but in a little bit different kind of way.Back to my working station, menstrual pain was gone. But, I got sensitive breast and some limp node under my armpits. Still, I was waiting for my period to come.

Just in one fine day, when my hubby came out from his working station and visited me. I told him my period was late and he brought me to pharmacy to get a pregnancy test. I kept the test in my handbag, thinking, will it be? Positive? By the time we were shopping in the shopping mall, I felt the need to go to toilet. So, I took the test in the public toilet. After cleaning myself and put on the cap for the pregnancy test pen, I went out to find hubby. Well, I got a glance, there were double lines. Hubby was waiting me at a rest corner with some food.

I think my face was very tense that time, where I cannot smile nor cry. Hubby already can guess the result of the test. “So? How is it?” Still he wanted to hear the answer from my mouth I think. “ Errr…double lines.” We were glued to the chair for a moment. Mind went blank and many people were walking, we were in the shopping mall with this shocking new. I didn't react like most people do. Cry of tear and joy? We stoned! Haha, because we were just married for 1 and a half month.

Well, anyway, baby is growing up well in my tummy. Congrat to both of us finally grow up and become somebody parent. Another journey with joys and tears I believe. I guess the answer for the question, “Did you cry when you found out you’re pregnant?” is very obvious then. Haha. Nope, I didn’t cry, I stoned!

Thanks for dropping by and wish you have a nice day.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

What A Date & Day

Wow, today is 4th of April and it makes the date written as 4.4.13. Well, I'm not really so supersticious  but normally in Chinese culture the number 4 is not really a good number. Let's me tell you that, the number four in Hokkien Chinese language pronouns as 'sea'. And yet there is another word that have the same pronunciation. That is the word 'dead' or 'die'. So, double 4 means double 'dead'. Chinese people will not likely celebrate any big event on this kind of date. But, the young generation will normally didn't take much care of this old thinking anymore.

Well, no big deal with the number and date. But sadly, I fell sick so suddenly today after I had my evening nap. What on earth I suddenly fell sick? Everyday I have my evening nap yet today I fell sick. I got hit by the fever wave and I am suffering sudden chill with a warm body and forehead. Maybe the weather plays it game too well. The temperature here can reach 34°C at noon then giving a heavy downpour at night. Human body is not yet evolve until the level that we can torelate the sudden heat and cold.

Now, after having a slice of bread with jam, I took a tablet of Panadol Soluble. Laying on bed trying to write and read something at least before I fell asleep.

I had google before when I catch fever last time. Panadol Soluble can be taken by pregnent woman. But, still I need to get furthur consolation from my doctor to make sure I'm safe to take the medication.

So, hello peepers out there. How's your day today? I shared mine. I hope you have a good day and everything went out smoothly. See you all again next time.

ps: I wanna share something that I read before, from Simply Truths website.

Simply stated if we choose to think positive thought, we'll get positive result; if we think negative thought, we'll get negative result. So, I have to think positive. When I wake up tomorrow morning, everything will be fine and it will be a fine day for me too as IT IS FRIDAY!! :D

Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Little More Bit

Well,I skipped almost a month for my next post again. The baby inside me is really making my life turnover. Ah, forget to greet. Hey there my peepers all around the blogsphera, how's your day? Hope to hear that it is great.

School holiday starts again from today and it last for an whole week. Finally, I get to have some quality time with my family. Tomorrow I will be flying for the distances that apart me and my family.

Ok, this post is also mainly about my pregnancy progress again. Well, this is my life board where I write down things about me and of course sharing with you if you're interested.

This week, my baby meow will enter his/her 15 weeks. Finally the head, hands, legs and body can be seen clearly through ultrasound. Tomorrow will be the date to checkup, I can't wait to see his/her figure. If we are lucky enough, maybe we will know the gender of my baby meow. Hope he/she grow well. That's all mummies in the world will always pray for.

Last post about a month ago, I recorded about my weird appetite and the unwell feeling. I said that the symptoms kinda faded away, but actually I was wrong. After few days of feeling abnormal. I'm back to normal preggy mother with almost every symptoms back together again. The sore back, neusea, tired and easy fatigue and also losing my appetite again. Most off the time I felt like I'm a vegetarian. I was fancy with green food and fresh fruits. I lose appetite on chicken and meat. But supprisingly, I still eat fish. Haha. but only once in  a while. My favourite fruit or can call vege is cherry tomato, if I didn't control myself, I can finish the whole bowl I bought without leaving a single one.

Somehow,everything going fine and I think I'm soon going through my first trimester. According to all experience mothers and some pregnancy book, Second trimester will be more relax and my appetite will be good. Looking forward to eat all the good food I can find.

Ok, record until here so far, holiday for a week and I hope I'm not too lazy to post another post within the holiday end.

 Cya again.

Friday, February 22, 2013

My CNY celebration

Hi all peepers!! Well another late post about again. Today, I wanna share my Chinese New Year celebration on this year. If I said, nothing special in this year and everything just went well like last year, this post gonna be boring..Haha. Anyway, this year did got something special than last year. Because this year, I AM NOT GOING TO GET ANY ANGPAW FROM MY RELATIVES ANYMORE!! *cry cry cry*

In the cycle of 12 zodiac of Chinese Calender, this year is the year of snake. I believe many of you who get to read this post is afraid of snake. Well, even though snake is a type of  dangerous reptile, it represent some part of human attitude and behavior. According to Chinese symbology in Wikipedia, "snakes are regarded as intelligent, but with a tendency to be somewhat unscrupulous." For me, some snake cartoon can be just as cute as other animals. Right?

grabbed from www.vectorstock.com

Ok, back to my special small things in this special new year..

I have to answer the question that rings in your head, why am I not receiving any angpaw this year?

Because start from this year, is my turn to GIVE ANGPAW!!! to my younger relatives like my younger sister, brothers, cousins and nieces and nephews. WHY? It is because I AM MARRIED. Apparently, Chinese New Year is not fun for me anymore. Getting older each year and the angpaw also lesser and lesser each year. Miss the time when I was a kid, my mom even bought me a waist pouch to keep my angpaw. Anyway, next year, I will be giving angpaw and receiving angpaw again, for my coming new born child. Is another way to get my angpaw back, haha!


I finally get myself a CHEONGSAM! A pink cheongsam and I like it very much. Yet this year I didn't shop much and my new shirt also not so many, but with the nice cheongsam I already very satisfied. It is not so expensive yet the quality is good. It is under MYR100, so I just grabbed it when I tried on it. I am going to wear it at the first day of Chinese New Year.

Here a peek of my cheongsam. Don't worry, you will see me wearing it later.

My sweet cheongsam


The first year that celebrate Chinese New Year with my husband. Everyone was excited to meet him. Well, not like I was hiding him behind my family before married. It is because when we were dating, he can't manage to get any holiday for this Chinese New Year celebration. So, my big family didn't get chance to meet him before this. So, this year will be me bringing along my newly-wed-husband to meet  my whole family.

And now is the time for the pictures to tell the story. I'm getting lazy to type. Hee hee.. Anyway, hope you enjoy the pictures.

Let the pictures rolling..

First day,

Morning with my new cheongsam and get ready to give angpaw to my sister

The happy face that get her first angpaw from me

Family picture
Gather at uncle's house with my other cousins

Second day,

Second day of CNY, be with my lovely mom and my small family

Friends gathering while in the week where I am still holiday in my hometown, Penang

Ok, uploading this pictures directly form my instagram and facebook is such a cheating act. Haha, but I have fun caption it and hope you have fun reading this post.

Happy Chinese New Year to all of you out there.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Just relax and be healthy

Today my body still in the same stage where I didn't hungry all the time. Wake up around 10 o'clock in the morning. Take some weather photo using instaweather app in my android tablet. It shows today weather and temperature. Wow, going to be a hot cloudy day then.

Worried about the sudden change in my body, I called my mom. We chatted about 20 minutes about everything that happen to me. Had some fun chatting and some laugh too. My mom said I'm too sensitive. Maybe my body already can accept there is a baby inside and the hormone just went back to normal again. She asked me to relax and eat more. Although I am not hungry as often but the embro inside still need a lot of nutrition from mother's body.

Today, I eat as usual just like before I am pregnant. But still I can't eat much. Still not good at eating chicken. I still feel uncomfortable the smell of chicken. It is so weird and so unpleasent for me. I had steam sweet and sour fish with rice for lunch and lotus peanut sup with rice as dinner. I made myself some pudding also. Pudding in honeydew flavor.

I guess, I still have some symptoms of pregnancy left in my body. Now it is 9:30pm and I feel a bit tired as I didn't have any evening nap today. Well, signoff for some rest.

Thanks to whoever drop by or pass by. God bless your day. Aminn...

Friday, February 1, 2013

I'm totally confuse...

Today, I'm gonna write down another journey of my life that confuse me a lot, really  a lot. I believe this week will be my 8th week pregnancy. And out of sudden, I didn't feel hungry as usual. Normally, I will get hungry in very 2 or 3 hours. Sometimes even felt like vomitting cause of bloated stomach. And most of the time I got nothing to throw up as my stomach was empty. Another pregnancy symptoms of mine are sore back and swollen breast.

In this early trimester of pregnancy, I totally lost my normal appetite. Out of sudden I can't get myself to eat chicken. It taste so weird in my mouth and I split it out after a few chew. I even lost appetite on rice also. Last week I had my lunch and dinner without rice, I cooked myself some noodle sup and sometimes feed on fruits and fruits only. Losing appetite as the same time feeling hungry all the time is suffering me out. Hungry make people tired and weak as well. I was so tired sometimes I wish I can be like plant, doing photosynthesis is much more easilier.

Yesterday, Thurday. I caught fever. Warm forehead, neck and feeling extremely sleepy and strenghtless. I skipped classes and went back to sleep. Just hoping get some sleep will bring down my fever, maybe I was too tired and not enough rest. I slept from 11pm until 2pm. I wake up felt so sticky and dirty, so I get myself to bath. I didn't have energy to cook as my head was spinning and yet still heavy. I just made myself a cup of Vico and drank it all to prevent getting to hungry as I skipped lunch. While drinking, I searched in internet, can pregnant woman take panadol soluble? Can. So, there is no effect on pregnant women and it won't harm the baby. I took just 1 tablet of Panadol Soluble with a glass of room temperature water. It taste awful as normal medicine did. I get back to sleep after that.

After about 1 and half and hour, I wake up fresh without any fever symptom. My head was light, I sweat a lot and made me felt cold. I didn't feel sleepy and tired anymore. I can get up and did some housekeeping, swept the floor, clean up  the kitchen counter and pick up my laundry at my laudry room. I felt good again.

Just 1 thing make me feel very weird, why didn't I feel hungry. Normally after evening nap, I wake up with empty stomach and feeling very hungry. Why this time is so different? A notification popped up in my tablet. My baby now is 8th weeks old. Ok, the app popped up at the time when I was totally in confuse.

Issit when I enter the 8th weeks of pregnancy, my craving for food decrease? From yesterday until today, now, my body is acting so weird. No more hungry, no more fatigue, no more morning sickness or throwing up.

I hope nothing happen to my baby. I am so confuse now and worried. I don't suffer any stomachache, no bleeding, no nothing. Baby won't go dissappear in thin air, right?

Wish for the best, hope everything will be just fine. Baby went into sleeping mode maybe. Hopefully.. God bless me, amin...

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Oh My 1st Post on 2013

Wow, it is already the end of January and yet I haven't update my blog. Bad blog owner..LOL

First of all, hi to all blogger or visitor who view my blog. Thanks a lot for passing by. I admit my blog is not as interesting as last time when I was actively involved in Crocheting and Arigurumi. But, life goes on and many things change. I still love my hobby of crocheting but just daily activities now not allow me to have time for it.

Last year, 25 of Nov 2012, I get married. Yeah~ A new stage of life begin. I was busying preparing my wedding, my dresses, my heels, my accessories and so many other things a bride-to-be headache about. But, there were fun time too.

Here some sneak peak of the photo. Taken by our great photographer and also our great friend. Too bad I don't have many picture of our wedding.

Then, we had our honeymoon in Langkawi. Haha, we been there so many times before, but I can say that time was the best. I get my first Spa there. The result was so amazing, my skin was so smooth and shinny as I can say. Haha.

Now, I'm back to school to teach again. And you know what, I got extra good news to tell. Arh~! I'm pregnant!!

I am so surprise and also so lost. Well, first pregnancy without any family member around me. The experience is kinda scary. I am lucky that I don't have morning sickness. It save me a lot of energy to throw up and eat and throw up again. I am alone, I am sure this will be very hard for me if I have morning sickness.

Well, just updating my blog and write down the process of my life. And yet, I have to stop and start to feed myself again. The baby inside me is quite a big eating monster. I get hungry almost every 2 hours. Eating soon become not a fun thing when food can't satisfied the stomach. 

Signing off again.

Again, thanks for stopping by.




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