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Monday, December 9, 2013

Not to eat corn if you're breastfeeding your baby

Hello peepers out there, how's your day? Lack of update over here, not kinda busy, is actually very busy. Wow, I skip the whole two months before I post up another post. Well, reason is.. Baby  Qaseh.

Since after Baby Qaseh was born, I been busy taking care of her. I even have to put aside my favourite hobby - crocheting. Being a new mom is tough, as many things are new and confusing. I still remember the fearful incident that happen in one night.

That night, Baby  Qaseh was very fusy. After given milk, she was still crying and asking for attention. As her mummy, of course I checked everything. Pampes was clean, room temperature was cool and not too cold, no insect bite mark anywhere. But, Baby Qaseh still being very fusy and tearing all the way. Perhaps she was hungry, so I fed her all the way and hoping that she will stop crying. Yet, she latched on my breast but still cranky. I fed her and burped her repeatly until almost midnight, she still crying yet her cry become louder and scary. She almost cry until her face turn dark red and almost purple. My heart almost stop watching her reaction, what did I did wrong that my baby cry like that. My mom came and helped soothing her but it didn't turn out well. My hubby also helped carrying her and calming her down. The whole house like turning upside down. When the situation become like this, I was panic yet too afraid to cry. If I collapsed, who's going to take care of my baby? Hopelessly guessing what was wrong while her daddy held her up and checked whether she had colic stomacahe. Found out her tummy was a bit hard, it must be gassy. We tried rubbing some soothing oil on her tummy, after a few massage finally she throw up. All the milk given had being pouring out from her mouth like waterfall. That was an horrible scene that we would not like it to happen again. Then only she felt much more better then fell asleep.

The whole dramatic scene happened just because I ate some sweetcorn before that. I think I will forever remember the fact that a breastfeeding mom cannot eat corn. Corn will produce gas in breast milk and newborn baby will not comfort having it.

So, note down if you are a breastfeeding mom. Don't eat too much sweetcorn.




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