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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dear CBox Spammer

Hai,peeper. How is your day today? Hope everything just run well with colourful outcome. Today, I would like to talk about the CBox on my page and I believe in your page too.

Why we put CBox in our own blog? What is the purpose of CBox? I believe all bloggers know the secret of having CBox in blog. For what I believe and understand,first, we use CBox to communicate with other bloggers and anyone who stop by our blog. We would like to say hello and welcome using the friendly chat. Visiters are welcome to drop some messages and comments in the CBox other than the normal comment column that provide by the blog.

Second, I believe we bloggers use the platform to attract other bloggers to visit our own blog. We love blogwalking and left a link in the blog that we visited. The link we left will bring visiter to our blog. For what I had experience it myself, that blogwalking trick really work and bring a lot of visiters. But, with a condition, walk often and walk everyday. CBox will not bring any visiters by itself, you have to do something to gain what you want for.

Third, I believe we use CBox to get to other bloggers blog. Where we make CBox visiters to make a blog list for us to blogwalking. Make a blog list out from the CBox visiters is very easy and convenience. For all visiters that left their link in our blog are surely active and will communicate with us in a very short time.

Forth, CBox also is a platform that bloggers meet each other and have some small chat in it. They can exchange link with each other and become friends. A new friendship relationship merce in CBox chat is kinda good and I feel thankful.

That is what I believe in CBox for our better blogging experience. But lately, there are a lot of spammer in my CBox. Where they come with advertisement link and drag our bloggers to the advertisment site. I'm not mad with those spammer, but I am angry because of their act. They come with pretty name and left nice comment and invite blogger to visit them back. At first, I thought I will be visiting a nice blog, but instead I was linked to an advertisement site. I felt cheated by them. Yet,they come with many other new name but putting up the same link.

This is cheating, and they cheat on my blog. That is what I cannot allow to happen in my blog. Sadly, CBox didn't provide anti-spammer service. I would have to pay to get the extra service. Somehow, I got my own way, I will have to be more active and pay more attention to my blog.

Dear spammer, thank you for making some mess on my chat box and force me to pay more attention to it. I will need to login my CBox account and delete all the advertisment link one by one. Yap, it is very messy task to do, but I have to do it for my own comfy. I would not be happy if my chat full with link that ask us to spent money.

So, announcement to all bloggers who love to blogwalking. My CBox is clean and only bloggers' link remain. Hope you guys drop by often and happy blogging.

That's all for today, see you all next time.




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