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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wednesday Picture Says Thousands Word #3

Wow,this is my third time posting this wordless wednesday post. Getting so excited to look for others post and picture. I know tere are a lot of blogger out tere also participant in this post..

So, here is my picture.
You name it a title?

 Meow~haha..stay connected..

Apple Banana Bee-zy Day..

Hai everyone, this post not really related to apple nor banana.. Those fruits came in mind when I was thinking for the title.

This week is a very busy week because it is the exam week!!! Everybody is busy chewing the books and the teachers are busy preparing the questions papers. I had done my study and exam part few years ago and now I am focusing on the asssessment. I got a total of eight papers to be ready and send them into the exam hall.

Year 6 English Paper 1 and Paper 2, Year 6 Kajian Tempatan, Year 6 Pendidikan Seni Visual, Year 5 Mathematic Paper  1 and Paper 2, Year 4 Pendidikan Moral and finally Year 2 KSSR assessment on Mathematic. So, teachers out there who accidently found my blog and feel want to swap exam paper, I'm glad to exchange it for future test and examination.

After exam, there come the most headache part, marking the paper. With a lot of funny answers and sentences, sometime it give me a laugh, sometime it make me so sad with the serious spelling error and grammar mistakes.

Here I show you some of my onion with tear gas.

Hmmm..it is really a hectic week. My head is heavy actually. But, I don't want to miss out my blogging on today very special date,29/2/2012. This twenty-nine of February only come in once in four years, it's precious. Haha.. Thereby, I want to wish anyone who has his/her birthday today, happy 7th birthday celebration. You better do it big and happening. If you miss it, there will be another four years to wait for the actual date.  

Okay, I need to continue on marking the paper.. Bye    


Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Who says, who says you’re not pretty? Who says you’re not worthy? Who says only students got homework? Who says…?
LOL,I forgot the lyric actually.*main hantam aje*
So, other than students, who else got homework to do? Ya, housewife. They got house duties to do, and it is much heavier than homework given from school teacher. Who else got homework to do other than students and housewives? Ehem..actually teacher also got homework to do..
Tomorrow I got Year 6 art class. I need to prepare something at least to present in the class before teaching those students what to draw or what to do. Last week, the title given to them was “The Alien”. They drew their alien out of their own creativity. One of them did have a nice idea and drew a green skinny eight spider legs alien. That boy was so mischievous, his alien wear shirt and got a name tag. He tagged his friends in the picture. That gave me a laugh to imagine one of my students became the alien that boy drew. It is too bad that I forgot to snap a picture before I left the office. I wish to show you guys/gals and share the laughter together. Although the idea is good and interesting, but the picture don’t have any tone. No shade and shadow. Not attractive enough.
Now, we go back to the topic about homework. I planned to teach those kids some colour tone. So, I spend an evening drawing a flower with nice tone.

So far, this is my homework for art class tomorrow. I didn’t finish it because I need some blank space to show the students how to colour tomorrow.
Oh no, there still got Math and English subject teaching aids need to be done.
See you again next time, follow me and stay connected.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Jasmine aka Bunga Melor

Jasmine,Bunga Melor in Bahasa Melayu. What is the first thought when you see these words? What is your first impression on this nice flower? Let your mind take you for awhile..

Whatever in your mind,please do share it in your comment, I would like to know. :)
As for me,the first thing came to my mind was its sweet scent. I love the decent nice smell of the small white flowers. Its scent plurk me up a lot. I believe many of us are vision aroused, but I am scent aroused person. I am more attracted to sweet and decent smell. My nose make me like that. Haha.:)

I don't know how to describe such a decent scent of Jasmine. Sweet but yet not as sweet as rose, it smell a little bit like tea. It give me some sort of calm and peaceful feeling. For me, it is sweet and fresh.

On my way to school, I will passby a big bush of Jasmine aka Bunga Melor. From far I already can smell its sweet scent. It welcome me all along to the school, for I will pick a few of them with me, bring it until my table. At the corner of my table it lays, although it is just two or three flowers, it is enough to bring the scent to my nose. Everytime I get back to my working table, I feel so calm and fresh. It takes my stress that built up in the class away as I smell the flower.

I believe many of you will think that roses are more decent than Jasmine. But, Jasmine is more than enough for me because I can get fresh Jasmine everyday to enlighten me up. In south east asia, the hot and wet weather here is very hard for roses to survive. So, I am please with what I was given, and feel thankful.

Do you gals or guys have the same favourite scented flower as mine?

Wednesday Picture Says Thousands Words #1

While I was blogwalking last week, I bumped into a post name 'Wordless Wednesday' on Fyna's http://blogfyna.com/. I was acknowledged that on Wednesday, bloggers post picture or photograph on their blog with no description nor title. Thereby, let's the picture tells the story itself as the title for this post, picture says thousands words. ;)

Ps: I still feel like want to say somethings about the picture as I analysis it. Some picture, although is the same picture,says different story to different people. I am curious cat. Please tell me what the picture tells you in the comment below. I tell you mine..:)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Facebook Is Not A Diary

Today when I was reading Google new, one of the link brought me to a website called CloveTwo. CloveTwo - Total Woman Online: Malaysian Women Website on Fashion, Beauty, Relationship and more. There is an article that catch my eyes. The title sound " Facebook Is Not A Diary".

With the title itself we can guess the content of the article. With several reasons, why we should not put everything that happen around us into the social media. "Want a diary? Get an online journal." said the author. I guess blogging also can consider as an online journal, we can write whatever we like as long as it does not brisk on some sensitive issue. But, reader read whatever they like to read. If you don't like the content or anything in the post, you can just simply put your mouse over the small red cross box at the upper corner of the screen and click it.

Maybe that article is written specially for those who 'bleeding on Facebook or Twitter'. In the simplest meaning, oversharing. I never meet any of this oversharing friend in my network, but I understand that there are people who simply update their status and disgust the other. For example, 'Today I wear a pink underpant to work, I feel sexy and lucky inside the office.' Hahaha..that is disgusting. It should be private enough for not sharing in Facebook or Twitter.

Truth to be told, if you seek for attention, social media is the best place. As long as there are friends or fans online in your account network, they will see it and make some response to what you seek for. Haha, better not to do that if you don't want to be scold, "GET A LIFE!!".

Here, I share a link that is awesome for 'kaki movie' aka movie lover to read and participate for getting a good life..Lol.

Ps: no offence to anyone who read this post, just try to get some laugh.

Monday, February 6, 2012


I am a big fan of Ice Age 3D animated movie since the beginning. The 20th Century Fox now had made it until Ice Age 4. I can't wait to watch the whole movie other than what I can do now, watching the trailer.

I believe, my favourite silent character in this movie is also everyone's favorite.

Scrat, the sabertooth squirrel!
pictures taken from google search

..cymbal crash..

Am I wrong? Sorry if I was really wrong. I can't dely this cute little Scrat is too hilarious and sneaky when trying to get his beloved nut.:)

This time, Scrat is on a piece of ice crack that drifting away. Land on a tiny island with a sabertooth squirrel scaleton. Love to see Scrat's eyes spark when saw the treasure nut map. That is heaven for Scart. But Scart always can't get the nut for long. Something just might happen and bring him and his nut apart.LoL

Today the last day of CNY,therefore I wish everyone can do your best in everythings everyday. Happy Chap Gor Meh also!!"

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Who doesn't love gadgets put  up your legs!


This year, I am aiming for some new gadget. But, everytime I open my wallet, it makes me cry. ( sound familiar? took from picture quote in facebook. :P )Okey, before talking about the gadget that I desire, can I ask,what is your desire gadget this year? A new laptop? A new speaker? A new printer? A new camera? A new funky and cool headphone? A new fancy keyboard? A new mp3 player? A new tablet? A new cool looking smartphone? A new desktop? A new notebook? Wow, I list down so many gadget in one time, but I believe you can do better than me.

This year, I wish to get a new smartphone including the data package of 3G internet line. I had try on android on my Samsung tablet and now I want a smaller version of android in my hand. Sound crazy isn't I? But human always not satisfying and not getting enough. Am I wrong? We just asking for a better tomorrow. Back to the point, I want a Samsung Galaxy Note or even better Samsung Galaxy S III. Ever heard of that? After launching Samsung Galaxy S III, there come no. 3. Those technology just fast enough to outdate me. :'( So,either Samsung Note or Samsung S III. Bot also so attractive to me. I can't own both and choices need to be made. Maybe later I should make a list of reasons for choosing the right gadget.

Another gadget is a new camera!! Nikon J, the best size of DSLR for people who has small hands of mine. My dear have a Nikon D3100 and it is smaller and lighter than the other DSLR camera already, but I still feel it is heavy and sometime it makes me hard to capture a good angle picture. This camera is the first DSLR camera in compact size that I know. I believe it will bring me a lot of fun. With great picture, my blog will shines better too. :D If I really get myself a Nikon J, I will need to buy a tripod for myself also. I shouldn't waste the chance to capture my own portrait using my own DSLR. By that time, I hope no one will be bored of me posting a lot of camwhore picture.Hahaha!!

But with an onion wallet,I can't get my both gadget as I wish.I should take a picture of my piggy bank and put it inside my wallet to remind me to save money for my lovely gadget everytime i try to spend some money. And please my dearly, beautiful, handsome, smart and cool reader or blogwalker, please let me make my wish come true by clicking the nuffnang ad at the sidebar if you think it interesting.

 Thanks a lot first for your clicking, that's means a lot to me actually. Let's make the onion wallet become sugarcandy..Yay!



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