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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Hiberating but Crocheting

Blogging is an activity that required a lot of commitment. I had been hibernating for such a long period that I almost forget how to start.

Hello all my readers from every corner that can reach to internet. Assalammualaikum as well.

Yes, I was hibernating but my crochet journey still going well. I crocheted a lot lately and mostly amigurumi. I love creating cute amigurumi. The process of making it and the great successful feeling of completing one. Most of my amigurumi patterns can be found online where the amigurumi artists generously share it to all of us. My favourite amigurumi is the mini octopus from Mohu. If you love to crochet too, you should definitely check out Mohu blog. Lauren from Mohu can make cutest little animal amigurumi. She also draw adorable watercolour. Her blog is so simple and clean. It load super fast and there are clear button written free pattern. Well, check her out later.

 Lately, I put up a page on facebook to share my crochet amigurumi. Please do visit my page HanaBun_HouseOfCraft liked and follow me. Million thanks for you who liked my page. I appreciated it very much. You can view my latest amigurumis in my facebook page.

Can't really write much after all. See you all again in next post.

Love you all, my readers, so much.
Hugs and kisses...muaks!!




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