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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Segmen #5ApplikasiAndroidPilihanSaya

Assalammualaikum semua readers,

Tengok kat tajuk atas, Segmen la.. Tapi bukan segmen giveaway ke apa. Macam tuan segmen kata, simple je, banner pun takya. Nak senang. Tu la Hana tertarik nak join. Bukan pasal nak menang, pasal seronok tengok segmen yang special nie.

Ok, #5ApplikasiAndroidPilihanSaya!!

1. Instagram

Hana dengan Instagram memang melekat! Tengok aje handpon, Instagram. Orang kata Instagram tempat untuk "show off". Yerla kan, semua gambar. Bagi sesiapa yang belum ada Instagram, Hana nak bagitau cara Hana, Instagram adalah platform yang kita share gambar dengan semua orang selain daripada followers kita saje. Hashtag apa2 saje, kalau hashtag tu dah wujud, rakan Instagram yang lain view hashtag tu, gambar anda pun tersenarai. Kalau orang suka gambar yang awak upload, diorang akan like.

2. Whatsapp

Chatting platform yang wajib ada dalam setiap handphone Android. Sekarang mana lagi orang pakai sms, mms? Buka saje data plan untuk nombor telefon, nak hantar video pakai Whatsapp pun boleh. Share location lagi.. Share contact number juga boleh jadi.

3.Clean Master

Bagi Hana, clean master nie best la. Apps nie tolong bersihkan junk file, tolong cool down handphone, boost games, boost CPU, boost device memory. Clean master nie pun tolong jimatkan bateri sekali. Hana memang suka pakai nie selalu. Kira puas hati sungguh dengan function dan service dia.

4.Chrome Browser

Chrome browser adalah browser flavour Hana. Sekarang tulis post nie pun tengah pakai Chrome browser. Browser nie kira sangat phone friendly. Boleh buka tab banyak2 macam kat pc. Boleh save page dekat mobile kemudian link dengan Google Chrome kat pc. Tak sempat nak habis bca kat pc boleh simpan sambung kat phone. Janji ada Google account. Tapi kalau dah Android user, takkan la takde Google acount kan?

5. LINE camera - selfies & collage

Hana suka pakai apps nie untuk edit gambar kemudian upload kat Instagram. Dia boleh buat square picture pakai collage walaupun hanya sekeping. Hana suka pakai stamp, bingkai dan text dia. Comel2 font yang dia bagi. Yang watermark Adore The Sunshine tu pun buat pakai LINE camera.

Dah, Hana dah done task yang nie. Senang dan seronok sebab berkongsi flavour Hana dengan korang. Korang nak join? Syarat dia senang aje.

1. Mempunyai blog dan pengguna Android.
2. Tajuk entry adalah seperti berikut "Segmen #5ApplikasiAndroidPilihanSaya".
3. Wajib masukkan screenshot applikasi tersebut seperti contoh di atas.
4. Post entry link anda di ruang komen post Hafiz Zulkafly segmen ini (tujuan untuk berkongsi).
5. Tag sekurang-kurangnya 3 kawan dan pastikan diorang tahu.
6. Selesai!!

Jom la join! Hana tag 3 bloggers bertuah : JssCik Belbel dan Anamyhusna

Salam dari Hana

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Shopping Selendang and Shawl Online for 2015 New Year!!

Assalammualaikum and hello to all readers, how is your days? Raining season hit Penang recently and it keep raining cats and dogs. When it rain, it pour! So many things that need to do outdoor all have to be postpone or even cancel, and this including SHOPPING! What? Raining didn't stop you from shopping you said? I heard many place got flooded and some road even close! And this is a picture I google, flood in Penang. How am I going to shopping then? But this flood is not happening now and I do wish it doesn't happen again in Penang!

Photo source: Google
So, back to our topic,shopping for Shawls and Selendang!
Normally how do you shop for you tudung,selendang or shawl? Well, if this question is for me to answer, I got several ways to get my hijabs shopping done.

I went pasar malam of course! There are so many cheap tudung can be found there. But recently I found that I don't really want to shop at pasar malam anymore.

Why? Well, let's see..This is some of my selfies with my hijabs bought from pasar malam..

I didn't say it is not nice. I wore it for several times when it is new and fresh. After a few wash I notice there are some pin holes on my tudung and the colour faded. I was so sad and not really dare to wear it out again.

Next, I bought it from boutique of course. The quality of the hijabs I bought here are far much better than pasar malam of course. Nowsday hijabs boutiques booming like mushroom after rain. They are everywhere and we don't have all the time to visit and shop.

Another exciting trend nowsday is, buying your goods online and they deliver it straight toward your doorstep! And of course this is another way I buy my tudung, selendang and shawls too. I always love the excitement of opening the parcels when they reach my hands. How about the quality of the hijabs I bought online? Okey, let's the picture say the words.

What do you think? No bad right? Although the price is much more higher compare with goods sold in pasar malam. Some how it worth my money.

This time, I want to get my new shawls and selendang online again. Wanna join me? Now let's head on to this link Online Shawls and Selendang. Check out the link already? Yes! Is Zalora Marketplace!!

Zalora Marketplace now also offer the latest collection of shawl online Malaysia for women who wear hijab. There you can find wide shawl online with other types of shawl such as shawl lace, shawl satin, shawl chiffon and shawl exclusive online made of only the best materials thus giving you a huge selection of high quality shawls.

Scroll down below, I will show you some of the shawls you can find in Zalora Marketplace, they look stunning in those hijabs, and you will too!!

Ahhhhh...There are too many shawls I want to show you yet I cannot upload all here. They are all so pretty!!

Now, what are you waiting for? Head to Zalora Marketplace now and pick up the hijabs which stole your heart away. If you are new to Zalora, don't forget to redeem your RM20 voucher by subscribe to Zalora newletter.

Now,excuse me. I'm going to login to Zalora Marketplace, redeem my RM20 voucher and start shopping. See you there..




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