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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Oh My 1st Post on 2013

Wow, it is already the end of January and yet I haven't update my blog. Bad blog owner..LOL

First of all, hi to all blogger or visitor who view my blog. Thanks a lot for passing by. I admit my blog is not as interesting as last time when I was actively involved in Crocheting and Arigurumi. But, life goes on and many things change. I still love my hobby of crocheting but just daily activities now not allow me to have time for it.

Last year, 25 of Nov 2012, I get married. Yeah~ A new stage of life begin. I was busying preparing my wedding, my dresses, my heels, my accessories and so many other things a bride-to-be headache about. But, there were fun time too.

Here some sneak peak of the photo. Taken by our great photographer and also our great friend. Too bad I don't have many picture of our wedding.

Then, we had our honeymoon in Langkawi. Haha, we been there so many times before, but I can say that time was the best. I get my first Spa there. The result was so amazing, my skin was so smooth and shinny as I can say. Haha.

Now, I'm back to school to teach again. And you know what, I got extra good news to tell. Arh~! I'm pregnant!!

I am so surprise and also so lost. Well, first pregnancy without any family member around me. The experience is kinda scary. I am lucky that I don't have morning sickness. It save me a lot of energy to throw up and eat and throw up again. I am alone, I am sure this will be very hard for me if I have morning sickness.

Well, just updating my blog and write down the process of my life. And yet, I have to stop and start to feed myself again. The baby inside me is quite a big eating monster. I get hungry almost every 2 hours. Eating soon become not a fun thing when food can't satisfied the stomach. 

Signing off again.

Again, thanks for stopping by.




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