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Friday, November 25, 2011

1st Step of Everything

Thursday. Just a normal Thursday for everyone that eagerly waiting for Friday to come. But yesterday, is the day we start our 1st Step in our future life. He was nervous and suffered a sleepless night. I was told, he slept at 4.30am in the morning, and before that he was busy surfing and browsing all the anime in the youtube that he can find.

After get ourself ready, we set off 2 cars heading to Queensbay Mall for the great meeting place - Winter Warmer Coffee & Tea House. My dear was going to rush back to KL after this, that's why we need to move in 2 cars.

We were early before the time we set. Everyone looked so gloomy in front of the coffee house. So, we just march around while waiting for my dad to come. Nowadays, clothes butik and accessories stalls didn't catch my eyes anymore. My eyes shine upon Poh Kong, Tranz, Tomei, LazoDiamond and etc. Looking for a good ring for myself of course. But the gold price today is so damn high. 1gram = RM197. Just last May, me and my dear went survey any goldsmith, it was RM150 - RM170 per gram around those months. Now, uwha!

My dad arrived! Everyone awake..

I didn't had the mood to snap some pictures for the progress, as we can't predict what will happen. Who know what kind of questions will rose from my dad's mouth. The atmosphere in the coffee house is great with the soft music background and cozy decoration. We can feel that we were like at home.



Let's the discussion be secretive. It mean to be too. (>.^)

Talk about the surrounding with the good food. Too bad I really didn't snap some pictures. The food in the plate was huge. Of course it suit the money wise! Next time! I will come again and back with a full stomach and bunch of photos. 

God bless~ ^.^

Friday, November 4, 2011

Curly hair

Last week, I had my hair done. And this time, I get myself some curly wave hair. Today, it is already the 6th day,me with my curly hair. It kinda take time in pampering my hair, which had overwent some chemical that for sure damage my hair badly. I bought myself some damage repair shampoo and it smell just nice. Since my hair is always applied with hair gel or mousse, I become very discipline in cleaning and conditioning my hair. I even mask my hair amost 2 times a week. I wonder how long will I maintain this kind of washing and pampering my hair. It already stole some of my time here and there from my other activities.

By the way,I did enjoy the process of perming my hair with my friend in the saloon. We just have some fun time together. Snapping some before and after pictures and share it online. Haha then let's everyone have a laugh about it. We both using digital perm, and we looked like alien under the wires.

Here some silly picture of me under the alien wires. Haha, let's have a laugh of this silly face..

Alien hair or alien head?
After three days soaking my hair in the chemical spray on my hair, finally i can wash my hair. And the first thing I did after bath was checking whether my curls are still there or not. Inexperience with the curls and the caring method, I comb my hair that look tangle together after bath. Then only I realised, the curls were gone and my hair became as straight as if I haven't done any perm before.

Panic attack!! I ran to seek help from my friends next door. They just looked cool and said everything will be fine and your hair will turn out curly after it dry. I just can't see where are the curls! I considered myself had a badhair day that day and my mood just can't be any better.

The next day, I washed away all the serum, mousse and hair gel that I applied on my hair in a massive amount! Ya, don't blame a girl that being panic and put everything on her hair that she can find in her closet . Then I just let my hair dry in its natural way and without putting on any serum or light cream. After a day of resting, my hair bounce back to the shape and curls that it suppost to be. I am very happy with my hair now.

Therefore, beauty only come with the girls or women who didn't give up for herself. So, girls out there, don't give up and keep trying..

Credit to my dear Mohd Aminnullah bin Mohd Mor. Thanks so much for the great photoshoot!

My curly wave hair



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