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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Student’s Art

Working as a teacher, students are my client. Today, I would like to share a piece of my student’s mind.

I had a Mathematic Class for Primary 1 this morning. After some brief revision and some instructions, I scattered my students into 3 groups. Their task as a group was writing down numbers 20-30 on the handout paper I gave them. As they carried out their task, I quietly observed them from a side. Some groups were very good in teamwork their work came out quite nice. Some groups kept arguing and quarreling and their work hardly drew out a straight line. Bunch of 7 years old kids chattering and arguing seem make my class very noisy. But, I let them because I think that is another kind of the social learning.

Individual task came just after the group task had done. Now, every each of my students gets a piece of handout and they would have to perform their own work. Although students started to complete the given task alone, they seem to finish their work earlier and faster. Hah, when no argument, work just done it in time.

While those students were busy doing their work, I secretly observing a ‘not so bright’ boy. He did his work quietly but with lots of mistakes. So, I help him with those silly mistakes. Later, I just left him for his self development.

At the end of the class, T was surprise by the boy just now. He has a difference looking butterflies then the others. I never teach or show how to draw the butterfly. I wonder where he learnt to draw that butterfly. I’m wondering. Is there any hidden message from these nice butterflies?

I just love seeing the kids grow.


sashatan said...

u know.. my son hardly talk and when he talk, he only talk about academic things like how to spell this? 2+2 is how much? He was once labeled "not so bright" but now he turn out to be fine and he draws butterflies.. just like yr student here :)

~天星@shine~ said...

I believe every child has their own way of learning. Normally teacher won't give up their students easily.But, they need more time for development.
I think JD just not so talkative,that all.
Better than any 'tin kosong'.



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