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Friday, July 23, 2010

Just Chill~

Raining season is coming again. This is what I most afraid of – flood. When flood, there is chances that my house will be flooded in the mud water. As my house is so near to the river, flood can be anytime when there is a continuous heavy downpour.

Until now, the water level of the river is still remaining low. But I keep everything ready. Just in case.

Here is some picture of the surrounding here. There suppose to be a river but the water level getting higher and cover up the bank. The fish get confuse and swim to the bank also. I can see small fishes just beside the cement trail. Haha,so cute.


 Can you see the fish? It is black in colour and with yellow strip on its head. it is just under the cement. It have the size of clown fish, and funnily its just look like Nemo lost its way up to the land up here.


Hurm, I wondered how is the plant and grass feel.

They look so miserable soaking in the water.
“I grow on land but I’m soaking wet in the water. Sob!. said the grass.
Still with it beautiful bright green colour, it stand still and wait for the water to decrease.

This is me with my loving cat, Kontot, sitting on the wooden corridor behind my house looking the muddy dead water. I just love him following me everywhere I go. d^.^b

After a few hours, the water level increase again. It has just cover up the road I sat just now. Kids will be happy to play with the water down there. d=.=b
Hopefully, the water will decrease the next day like it normally does.

This is what I found when after rain and flood.

A big size millipede!!

Are you sure it is in big size? It look just the same with the most millipede I saw.
Here another picture for compare.
That is my leg compare to the millipede.

So do you believe that? It just come out from no where and appear in front of my house.
So, what else to do? Taking pictures of course.Haha.

Lastly, I just let it go where ever it want.
Haha.Thank for being my model.

Ok, now is the time for my crochet project.
Thanks for stopping by.
Comments are all welcome..d^o^b


meanscoot said...

the grass pic was amazing! The composition, the lines, the clear water, bouqeh effect... jealous! try sending this pic to be judge meow2...



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