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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wordless Wednesday #12

Hey sweetie darling, is Wednesday again and past few Wednesday I skipped a few wordless wednesday. Today, I got some great picture to share.

I love this picture of me and Baby Qaseh very much. Is not easy to capture this kind of expression on a baby's face.

Aww.. Baby Qaseh is just too cute in that face..

Thanks for stopping by.
See you next time.

Friday, June 20, 2014

[OnlineSale]Blinq Halfmoon (Cutting Butterfly)

Hi semua reader yang sweet, hari nie Hana nak tunjuk halfmoon shawl yang cantik gila. Nama pun gempak, BLINQ Halfmoon (cutting butterfly). Kalau dah tak sabar, cepat-cepat scroll down gi tengok.

Cutting butterfly?
Cuba tengok hujung halfmoon yang dililit di atas kepala tu, ada manik kemudian diikuti dengan bentuk butterfly. Cantik la!!!!

Jom order untuk raya tahun nie. Mesti anda nampak lain daripada yang lain. Siapa lagi yang ada shawl yang manik berjuntai macam butterfly??

Jangan lupa juga BFF!! Dia pun nak sweet bersama anda. Ajak la order sepasang, masa nak gi raya kat rumah kawan, huiyo, nampak macam adik beradik pula..

Ok, tak nak bercakap banyak. Mari kita tengok gambar.

Size: 150cm x 75cm
Material: Chiffon with pearl white swaroski
Harga: RM59/pc

Cantik kan??
Minat tak? Hana suka semua colour dia sampai tak tau nak pilih yang mana.

Persoalanan, macam mana nak order?
1. Pilih halfmoon shawl kegemaran anda dengan sukacita..lalala..
2. Catat kod halfmoon shawl tersebut.
3. WeChat/ Whatsapp/ SMS kepada Hana pada 014-575 3263.

Postage ke semenanjung adalah RM6 dan ke Sabah dan Sarawak adalah RM8

Yeah, Raya tahun nie raya dengan lebih bergaya.
Hana tunggu mesej korang.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

[Crochet] Free Crochet Collar Pattern

Hello readers, today I wanna share a nice free pattern from Emma in her elegent blog - Lululoves. It being such a long time that I'm looking for crochet collar pattern. And today it came to me without any efford. I'm so glad but I don't have time to pull out my crochet hook yet. Before I forget where to find this pattern, is better for me to share it to all of you and by the same time keep the link address here.

Let me show you what am I talking about in case you don't know what is crochet collar. All these pictures are taken from Lululoves directly.

So, this is what I talk about. The additional collar on her shirt looks very standout and pretty right? Now, let me show you the link for this free pattern.

**crochet collar pattern**

Thanks for reading.
Meet again next time..

Friday, June 6, 2014

[Blogwalking]Jom Blogwalking Bersama Cik Manis Sweet

Hello semua, sekali lagi Hana join segmen blogwalking nie. Kali nie dianjurkan oleh Cik Manis Sweet pula. Cik Manis punya segmen lagi best, tak payah nak buat post pun. Tapi Hana buat juga la, bagi promote lagi.

Suka la Cik Manis buat poster yang ade Meow Meow pegang banner. Seronok nak paste banner tu kat post sebab ade kucing comel.

Anyway, good luck Cik Manis.
Meh, mari ramai-ramai buat sibuk blog Cik Manis.

Nak join, klik aje mana-mana nama Cik Manis. Semua backlink ke blog tuan punya segmen.

Ok, see you there.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

[Blogwalking] Segmen Blogwalking Cuti Sekolah bersama Ayuinsyirah

Hello semua, cuti sekolah dah mula minggu lepas, dah buat apa dalam cuti-cuti nie? Sini Hana nak join blogwalking yang dianjurkan oleh Ayuinsyirah. Mai la join ramai-ramai selagi belum tutup lagi segmen nie. Nak join? Klik nama Ayuinsyirah.

Syarat dia senang sangat. Tu la Hana senang nak join. Nak berkenalan dengan blogger yang lain, tak payah la nak letak syarat sangat. Janji follow Ayuinsyirah aje.

Ok, see you there.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Photo Challenge - 1/6/14 till 7/6/2014

Hello readers, how's your day? Sure there are a lot of planning in this 2 weeks school holiday. I'm at my mil's house already here in Semenyih. Baby Qaseh is meeting everyone here. Guess I still can steal some time to blog.

So,how is the photo challenge event I post about yesterday? Did you read it already? Not yet? Is ok, here's the link - A Photo A Day.

I started my challenge already. As you can see my instagram new feed is at my right column. New pictures are up. But I guess I wanna make just 4 or 5 posts in my blog for this photo challenge event. I can't promise myself to make a new post everyday, as my commitment to my little Baby Qaseh take away most of my free time. So, here I sum up the photo that I take in 1 week. Next post will be the other week. This will be a lot more easier for me.

Now, let's continue to the list. Hmm..

1/6/2014 - Joy
Joy bring the meaning happy. As long as you feel good about it, wonderful with it and also can be as simple as a kiss. I took a picture of my new heels. Wearing it make me feel a little bit different for that day. As simple as I can thought, it's call joy.

2/6/2014 - doing
Wow,this second task is a bit difficult for me. What can you take a photo about doing? What came into my mind is homework. It's all related to my career, as a teacher, I always ask my students to remember to do their homework. Well, I guess I just cheat this one by putting a photo I took earlier. It still match the list right??

3/6/2014 - family
Family? This is easy. We love to take selfie or better said wefie. Here the latest picture of us 3 went for a wedding reception yesterday.

4/6/2014 - original

To be continue...

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Challenge Yourself with A Photo A Day

Hello readers, good morning from Hana here in this beautiful Sunday. I'm still in my bed with my baby sleeping soundly beside me. Hope you're reading my post on bed like me too. Let's cozy together in our own bed.

Yesterday was the last day of May!! What's waiting for us in June? I start my June in my holiday, guess you are too if you're a student or teacher like me in Malaysia.

Let's look forward June with A Photo A Day challenge. Last time I did challenge myself to take a photo everyday in May. But, I think I manage to take photo for 1 week and a few days more. Is an epic fail for me. And I can't believe it was last year May, a year ago, I joined for PhotoADayMay. Well, never mind, since today is the first day of June, I'll try my best for this coming month. Do you wanna join me??

Ok, this is an event call Photo A Day - June. It is a well popular event on instagram too. Try to look for hashtag #photoadaymay in instagram, there are a lot of people posting out their everyday challenge photo for last month. Some of them out there are really telanted and the photos are beautiful.

Come'on, stop talking and let's look at the list!!
Ok,ok.. Here's the list for THIS month.

Allow me to introduce a bit the creater of this wonderful list. She is an awesome Aussie blogger name Chantelle with her blog name fat mun slim. Feel free to visit her blog, you get a lot of surprise.

So, are you camera ready?? Nope, I'm smartphone ready. Is more easy nowsday with smartphone camera which after you snap the photo, then just post it up to social media directly.  I'm not a big fan of editing picture also, although I admit that edited photos are nicer.

Now, together we smartphone ready and snap some great pictures. Don't forget to post it up to instagram or facebook and add in hashtag #PhotoADayJune and #fatmumslim to credit the creater. And also let's follow each other in instagram so I can share my snap with you too. Follow me in Instagram @nurhanalaw..

Join me.. @nurhanalaw
Join me again.. @nurhanalaw
Join me pretty... @nurhanalaw
Join me handsome... @nurhanalaw
Join me awesome... @nurhanalaw

I'm just a small lady with small ambition.

See you in instagram.

See you in my next photo a day challenge post.

Yeay! Let's cheer!!

One last thing, if you join this event by blogging please left a link in my comment box. I want to put a list down here. Sharing is caring, dear.

Challenge me together,
1. Photo Challenge 1/6/2014 - 7/6/2014



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