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Saturday, June 14, 2014

[Crochet] Free Crochet Collar Pattern

Hello readers, today I wanna share a nice free pattern from Emma in her elegent blog - Lululoves. It being such a long time that I'm looking for crochet collar pattern. And today it came to me without any efford. I'm so glad but I don't have time to pull out my crochet hook yet. Before I forget where to find this pattern, is better for me to share it to all of you and by the same time keep the link address here.

Let me show you what am I talking about in case you don't know what is crochet collar. All these pictures are taken from Lululoves directly.

So, this is what I talk about. The additional collar on her shirt looks very standout and pretty right? Now, let me show you the link for this free pattern.

**crochet collar pattern**

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