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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Did you cry when you found out you're pregnant?

While surfing for some information online about pregnancy, I came across this kind of question. Did you cry when you found out that you’re pregnant? Well, this question even came from me myself when the truth hits me. Am I going to cry or not? WTF! I am pregnant already!

So, I guess this post is mainly about how I found out my baby. Well, we haven’t really plan for a baby after get married. When hubby asked me when I want to have a baby, I answered “When its time, it comes.” To my surprise, the time had come!

After married, we, like the other young couples, planned for a simple honeymoon as we were short of money. Most of the money went to the celebration party and some wedding ceremony cost. Malaysia is a place where you can easily find a nice tourist spot and spend a nice vacation there. Since my hometown is in Penang, we will not going to have our honeymoon in Penang anymore, it was too close to home for honeymoon mood. We went Pulau Langkawi instead. Then we spent the rest of our holiday divided for two sides of our family, my family and my hubby’s family. Holiday ended and we went back to our work station again.

Funny thing came, my period late. I use to have late period but this time is kind of weird. I suffered sharp pain at my lower abdomen and the pain linked until my private area. This kind of menstrual pain never happens to me before. I can’t even sit properly! I convinced myself that later my period will come, maybe this was just temporary. Still, my period was late and I told my mom. My mom helped me buy a pregnancy test when she went out to market next morning. I had my test on that particular morning also; people said test it in the morning when your urine still contains most of your body waste. The result came in negative. Ow, I was pretty sure it was the menstrual pain but in a little bit different kind of way.Back to my working station, menstrual pain was gone. But, I got sensitive breast and some limp node under my armpits. Still, I was waiting for my period to come.

Just in one fine day, when my hubby came out from his working station and visited me. I told him my period was late and he brought me to pharmacy to get a pregnancy test. I kept the test in my handbag, thinking, will it be? Positive? By the time we were shopping in the shopping mall, I felt the need to go to toilet. So, I took the test in the public toilet. After cleaning myself and put on the cap for the pregnancy test pen, I went out to find hubby. Well, I got a glance, there were double lines. Hubby was waiting me at a rest corner with some food.

I think my face was very tense that time, where I cannot smile nor cry. Hubby already can guess the result of the test. “So? How is it?” Still he wanted to hear the answer from my mouth I think. “ Errr…double lines.” We were glued to the chair for a moment. Mind went blank and many people were walking, we were in the shopping mall with this shocking new. I didn't react like most people do. Cry of tear and joy? We stoned! Haha, because we were just married for 1 and a half month.

Well, anyway, baby is growing up well in my tummy. Congrat to both of us finally grow up and become somebody parent. Another journey with joys and tears I believe. I guess the answer for the question, “Did you cry when you found out you’re pregnant?” is very obvious then. Haha. Nope, I didn’t cry, I stoned!

Thanks for dropping by and wish you have a nice day.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

What A Date & Day

Wow, today is 4th of April and it makes the date written as 4.4.13. Well, I'm not really so supersticious  but normally in Chinese culture the number 4 is not really a good number. Let's me tell you that, the number four in Hokkien Chinese language pronouns as 'sea'. And yet there is another word that have the same pronunciation. That is the word 'dead' or 'die'. So, double 4 means double 'dead'. Chinese people will not likely celebrate any big event on this kind of date. But, the young generation will normally didn't take much care of this old thinking anymore.

Well, no big deal with the number and date. But sadly, I fell sick so suddenly today after I had my evening nap. What on earth I suddenly fell sick? Everyday I have my evening nap yet today I fell sick. I got hit by the fever wave and I am suffering sudden chill with a warm body and forehead. Maybe the weather plays it game too well. The temperature here can reach 34°C at noon then giving a heavy downpour at night. Human body is not yet evolve until the level that we can torelate the sudden heat and cold.

Now, after having a slice of bread with jam, I took a tablet of Panadol Soluble. Laying on bed trying to write and read something at least before I fell asleep.

I had google before when I catch fever last time. Panadol Soluble can be taken by pregnent woman. But, still I need to get furthur consolation from my doctor to make sure I'm safe to take the medication.

So, hello peepers out there. How's your day today? I shared mine. I hope you have a good day and everything went out smoothly. See you all again next time.

ps: I wanna share something that I read before, from Simply Truths website.

Simply stated if we choose to think positive thought, we'll get positive result; if we think negative thought, we'll get negative result. So, I have to think positive. When I wake up tomorrow morning, everything will be fine and it will be a fine day for me too as IT IS FRIDAY!! :D



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