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Thursday, April 4, 2013

What A Date & Day

Wow, today is 4th of April and it makes the date written as 4.4.13. Well, I'm not really so supersticious  but normally in Chinese culture the number 4 is not really a good number. Let's me tell you that, the number four in Hokkien Chinese language pronouns as 'sea'. And yet there is another word that have the same pronunciation. That is the word 'dead' or 'die'. So, double 4 means double 'dead'. Chinese people will not likely celebrate any big event on this kind of date. But, the young generation will normally didn't take much care of this old thinking anymore.

Well, no big deal with the number and date. But sadly, I fell sick so suddenly today after I had my evening nap. What on earth I suddenly fell sick? Everyday I have my evening nap yet today I fell sick. I got hit by the fever wave and I am suffering sudden chill with a warm body and forehead. Maybe the weather plays it game too well. The temperature here can reach 34°C at noon then giving a heavy downpour at night. Human body is not yet evolve until the level that we can torelate the sudden heat and cold.

Now, after having a slice of bread with jam, I took a tablet of Panadol Soluble. Laying on bed trying to write and read something at least before I fell asleep.

I had google before when I catch fever last time. Panadol Soluble can be taken by pregnent woman. But, still I need to get furthur consolation from my doctor to make sure I'm safe to take the medication.

So, hello peepers out there. How's your day today? I shared mine. I hope you have a good day and everything went out smoothly. See you all again next time.

ps: I wanna share something that I read before, from Simply Truths website.

Simply stated if we choose to think positive thought, we'll get positive result; if we think negative thought, we'll get negative result. So, I have to think positive. When I wake up tomorrow morning, everything will be fine and it will be a fine day for me too as IT IS FRIDAY!! :D




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