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Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Little More Bit

Well,I skipped almost a month for my next post again. The baby inside me is really making my life turnover. Ah, forget to greet. Hey there my peepers all around the blogsphera, how's your day? Hope to hear that it is great.

School holiday starts again from today and it last for an whole week. Finally, I get to have some quality time with my family. Tomorrow I will be flying for the distances that apart me and my family.

Ok, this post is also mainly about my pregnancy progress again. Well, this is my life board where I write down things about me and of course sharing with you if you're interested.

This week, my baby meow will enter his/her 15 weeks. Finally the head, hands, legs and body can be seen clearly through ultrasound. Tomorrow will be the date to checkup, I can't wait to see his/her figure. If we are lucky enough, maybe we will know the gender of my baby meow. Hope he/she grow well. That's all mummies in the world will always pray for.

Last post about a month ago, I recorded about my weird appetite and the unwell feeling. I said that the symptoms kinda faded away, but actually I was wrong. After few days of feeling abnormal. I'm back to normal preggy mother with almost every symptoms back together again. The sore back, neusea, tired and easy fatigue and also losing my appetite again. Most off the time I felt like I'm a vegetarian. I was fancy with green food and fresh fruits. I lose appetite on chicken and meat. But supprisingly, I still eat fish. Haha. but only once in  a while. My favourite fruit or can call vege is cherry tomato, if I didn't control myself, I can finish the whole bowl I bought without leaving a single one.

Somehow,everything going fine and I think I'm soon going through my first trimester. According to all experience mothers and some pregnancy book, Second trimester will be more relax and my appetite will be good. Looking forward to eat all the good food I can find.

Ok, record until here so far, holiday for a week and I hope I'm not too lazy to post another post within the holiday end.

 Cya again.




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