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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Friendship of Twenty One Years

The day before I have to depart to Miri, my primary school class monitor called up and told me about a gathering had planned. Thinking of all those faces that I seldom met, how were they then?

Our first venue,Daorae Korean Bbq at i-avenue,Penang. We had our bbq indoor and they served us on the spot.:D So, we don't have to dirty our hand. I ate a lot of pork this time. Haha..:D

Eleven of us, all single mingle. No one was asking no one when wanna get married. Relationship sort of thing is kinda sensitive. But soon, I will be getting out from this status.

Twelve of us agreed to join in this gathering, only eleven make it. I still meeting some of them in pass few years,but there was one that I haven't meet him for about 15years. I even can't recognize his voice. In my memories, he still own his cutey cutey child voice. Surprise me I even mixed up his voice with another friend's voice. Why sometime they just sound the same? Desperately, I had to look for the identity of both friends' voice. What kind of friend am I?Hahha..I forget my own friends' voice.

We left Daorae with fulled-stomach, and reached for Station One for light snack and drink. I just can't fight out the temptation of ice cream. I ordered Trio Chocolate all for myself, and it came with two small tea spoons. Shared some with my girlfriend and then I ate all.

We chatted, we joked, we laughed out loud, we enjoyed all the time we got together. Mini games came around, the games that always played when gathering, Dare or True. Just some silly questions and dares among friends. No hard feeling. I'm glad to have this bunch of friends. We met since standard one in primary school, 1991. That make it 21 years for 2012 now, and I believe the friendship will remain until we are really apart.

Not snapping any pictures for this time gathering,cos there were already ten hands holding camera and snapping all around. I just have to wait them upload and tag me in Facebook. Haha, later I'll link it here again.

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Big Family Gathering Day

Hey everyone! Happy Chinese Dragon New Year!!!! Haha, I'm just so excited in taking my part in this celebration. Today, every family member will come back home from wherever they were. Work or study, all needed to be put aside for this big day. Once I cant get back for the gathering day, that made me so sad so sad.

So,today my mom suggested that we make dumpling. Wow, I never had make any dumpling before. We google for the receipe and the step to make dumpling skin, and follow by wrapping the content for dumpling.

See me busy making dough for dumpling skin later. It is fun to dip my hand into the dough. Make the dough into thin dumpling skin need a lot of practise and skill. I just try my best..haha..

This is how my dough look like..haha.with my giant handprint on it.

After rolling and filling the dumpling,we finally made a big bowl of dumpling and it is ready for our tummy at lunch later.

Happy Chinese New Year and enjoying dumpling made by our own. Wish to eat some dumpling, head over google and find out te easiest way to make it. I copy from google as well.

Tata and have a nice day~^^

Sunday, January 8, 2012

New year new start 2012

Hi everyone who drop by my blog. Today is the 8th day of 2012, I finally squeeze some time for my blog. It been a busy week for starting a new year. End of last year, I had my new house in my school cleaned. Things that need to move into the new house already packed and put inside the house. I left the house for my anual holiday back to my hometown in Penang. I came back to Miri only at 28th of December last year. I celebrated new year here with my deary, but we left early because I was not feeling so well that time. What a start for new year huh?:-( But, I pray for everything to go well this year.

Then, there was the busy week making my house a place call home. New chair, new gas stove, new bedsheet, new pillows, new broom..bla bla bla..new many things until I almost broke..hee hee just kidding. Yet, moving in new house need a lot of commitment.

Sunday, finally sit down and blog about this. Nothing to brag about it. Hmm, the house is big and I own the house myself. I make one of the room laundry room and hang all my laundry clothes inside. When everybody is running home collecting their clothes while raining, I can just relax and continue what I am doing. *grin*

Tomorrow will be the first assembly hold in my school this year, shall I wear something nicer for celebrating the first assembly? Celebrate?Nah, who will be celebrating? Just me and me myself..hahaha..*going insane*

Argh! I still got so many work to do, so many preparation need to ready for my students who going to take their UPSR this year. And, I am the class teacher of Year 6 this year. I already start to feel the pressure that going to put on me..Oh NOOO!!! I hope I am ready for all this.:-(
*think positively*
Ya, remember Akuna Matata, its mean no worry. I better sing it together will Simba, Pumba and forget name *feel bad forgeting its name :-(*

2012, this year suppose to be the best year of my life. Get up and cheer for myself!
I will wait patiently for everything that had planned to come when its the time..

I should LOVE 2012.
Yay! Let's move it move it...
Gone crazy..
Thank for dropping and finish this crazy post..Love you with hugs and kisses;-)



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