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Sunday, January 8, 2012

New year new start 2012

Hi everyone who drop by my blog. Today is the 8th day of 2012, I finally squeeze some time for my blog. It been a busy week for starting a new year. End of last year, I had my new house in my school cleaned. Things that need to move into the new house already packed and put inside the house. I left the house for my anual holiday back to my hometown in Penang. I came back to Miri only at 28th of December last year. I celebrated new year here with my deary, but we left early because I was not feeling so well that time. What a start for new year huh?:-( But, I pray for everything to go well this year.

Then, there was the busy week making my house a place call home. New chair, new gas stove, new bedsheet, new pillows, new broom..bla bla bla..new many things until I almost broke..hee hee just kidding. Yet, moving in new house need a lot of commitment.

Sunday, finally sit down and blog about this. Nothing to brag about it. Hmm, the house is big and I own the house myself. I make one of the room laundry room and hang all my laundry clothes inside. When everybody is running home collecting their clothes while raining, I can just relax and continue what I am doing. *grin*

Tomorrow will be the first assembly hold in my school this year, shall I wear something nicer for celebrating the first assembly? Celebrate?Nah, who will be celebrating? Just me and me myself..hahaha..*going insane*

Argh! I still got so many work to do, so many preparation need to ready for my students who going to take their UPSR this year. And, I am the class teacher of Year 6 this year. I already start to feel the pressure that going to put on me..Oh NOOO!!! I hope I am ready for all this.:-(
*think positively*
Ya, remember Akuna Matata, its mean no worry. I better sing it together will Simba, Pumba and forget name *feel bad forgeting its name :-(*

2012, this year suppose to be the best year of my life. Get up and cheer for myself!
I will wait patiently for everything that had planned to come when its the time..

I should LOVE 2012.
Yay! Let's move it move it...
Gone crazy..
Thank for dropping and finish this crazy post..Love you with hugs and kisses;-)




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