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Friday, October 26, 2012

A Peaceful Seat

Yesterday, I set my feet in Miri town again for some unfinished business of the day before. I have to drive a full 1 hour to get myself there, with the road condition that speed will bump your ass up and down your own car seat. I don't really like to go out by myself actually, except with some work and task that I need to deal with.

So, there goes again, traveling down to Miri by myself.

I skipped my lunch yestrerday. No reason, I often skip lunch when I had no time to cook or just being lazy to cook and do the clean up. That's the tips of being skinny I think, but do not follow my step, I know it is not healthy but I just can't help it.

One of the multiple intelligence skill I master, I think is Interpersonal Skill. I'm a thinker and a Loner maybe. When I'm alone, I do crazy stuff with my inner self and sometimes get amazed or amused. Today, I did something else that I thought it only occur in movie.

After I had done all the task that I was given, I didn't go for my lunch as it was around 4pm. It was too late for lunch and too early for dinner. I went to Popular Bookstore and spend some time reading the books that most probably I won't buy it. I read some cook book on how to make cookie for beginner and some other cook book that catch my attention. Yet, I get bored and walk over other section of book display. A nice book catch my eyes, " The Royal Love Story : William and Kate ".

Everyone loves Princess of Wales, Princess Diana. Where rumor spread about she being kill in an accident where paparazzi were tail-ing her for the press story. There are many tales and version of stories about how Princess Diana being killed. In the book I read, Princess Diana was a victim of a drunk and drive case, where her driver was found in high alcohol percentage in his blood after the expert had his body examinated. The author started the story of Prince William after that incident  then followed by how Prince William met Kate in collage and the stories went on. The book is awesome by writing down the Royal Love Story about Prince William and Princess Kate, but it is too thick for me to finish it yet too expensive for me to own it. I think I will come again next time and read it for another chapter.

After that, I drove around Miri Town and wondering where should I stop next. I passed by Miri Fan City where it is a park with some garden, jogging track and a open air auditorium. I drove passed it and yet my heart asked me to turn around and find a parking so that I can land my feet in the park. The park was full of people jogging and spending some quality time. Still there were some people just like me, drop by and had a seat and enjoy the healthy atmosphere. I was wearing jean with heels, walking in the path attracted weird faces staring at me. Me, just plucked in the earphone and walked into the park as it is open for all, everyone are welcome to the park. While walking, I was eye-ing for some available wood benches where I can had my seat and enjoy the scenery. I walked into the open-air auditorium where there are plenty of long benches available. I chosen a spot under the shade and crossed my feet on the bench, of course heels were opened and left on the flour.

The evening breeze are great as it is coming from the sea, Miri is a coast town where beaches are not far away. I was amazed by the scenery that I was not expecting. Some teenage girls were on the cement stage in the open-air auditorium, warming up themselves with some stretching and some dance moves. I wondered were they going to have a dance practice? Meanwhile there were children playing badminton around the corner. I just felt happy when watching them giggling with joy. While I sat back and enjoyed the air and surfing internet on my tablet, there came 3 boys with skateboard in their arm. Wow, this amazed me a lot. I thought they where going to have some skating here, but they just came and have a seat on the bench not far away from me.

After observing the area, I get some time for myself on my tablet. I jotted down some of my feeling and took some pictures.

"I stay Miri for 4 years, never I stop by and have a good look at all this. Today is my first, and I wonder this is last too." - Myself.




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