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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nur Hana Law Yeeshing Binti Abdullah

Today, I was reborn at 9.15am as Nur Hana Law Yeeshing Binti Abdullah at Jabatan Agama Islam Semenyih, Kajang.

Alhamdullilah, everything went smoothly and the Ulama didn't ask many question about my convert. The most important question he asked was, 'Are you willing to convert by your own or being force by other?' Of course, no one was forcing me. I came with my love one,my future father-in-law and another Ustaz as withness of this process.

Start from today, I have a new life. I'm still a baby and taking my baby steps toward the carrect path that is waiting for me.

Yet, later I will be busying changing my name in all my document involving insurance, bank account, loans and so many more.

Ya Allah, please make give me strength for all the coming process and please make the process smoother and easier for me to overcome it all. Amin..

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sorrow Soul

Taday I felt like want to write something. My hands are itchy over the pen and papers. But, I don't really have a topic to write about. This is just mainly write down anything that run through my mind.

Today is Wednesday, another two days, I will be flying back to Peninsular Malaysia. This holiday is the holiday that I don't really enjoy count down. It is because I will have to left my Tam Tam alone here without any love and care that it always get. Two weeks of holiday will be very long if you have to left someone behind.

Thinking of sending Tam Tam to the vet hostel. There will be charges of RM25 per night. Two weeks will cost around RM350. That is a big amount to pay. Seem like I have to left Tam Tam here alone. Everyone in school will be going back for celebrating Gawai Dayak festival. Where will Tam Tam get its fodd? Although Tam Tam was born as a stray cat, but after it came to my house at a very young age, itis now a house cat that very much be loved. Today, Tam Tam stayed home the whole day and accompanied me for my evening nap. Tam Tam be at my side almost every time. It touches me very much as Tam Tam seem to know that I will be leaving him for holiday. I felt sad and guilty.Sob sob.

Maybe, I should hire some kids to take care of Tam Tam when I am not around. Maybe this will be the best way to keep Tam Tam well feed. Tomorrow, I will ask the kids who live at the long house around the school to help me take care of Tam Tam. I hope this will solve the problem and Tam Tam will be fine.

Oh,dear god. Please solve this problem for me.

Monday, May 21, 2012

It's Cute!!

Today I want to talk a little bit about advertisement online. As far as I know, there are ChurpChurp, Say.com and some other advertisement system online that ask user to help them advertise using our social . I had joined Nuffnang and ChurpChurp. Lately,  I was busy as an advertiser by sharing the link on my Facebook and Twitter wall. A little bit felt bad for leaving my blog un-update over here. This post still mainly about the social sharing advertisement and bonus - about my cat, I'm not cheating on updating some crap here. Just want to put this act into blogging memories.

I love cat very much and I had a cat before which name Mot Mot. It's being loyally staying with me for about 5 years until one day its decided to left and went to where its came from. The elders said, Mot Mot is not coming back. After a week then only I accepted the fact that Mot Mot is not around anymore. I miss him a lot and of course its dry out my tear buds for week also. Although Mot Mot is not here anymore, its always lives in my heart. Here a nice photo of Mot Mot in our memories.

Mot Mot was once in my other blog post also. And it brought me luck until I won the giveaway. You guys should tour around my old posts in Crochet Fun~ also.

Now, after 1 pet-less year, I recovered and decided to take another cat. Here's TamTam, which categories as a Taby cat. It's naughty but cute. Still a kitten and a lot to learn and grow. Tam Tam is now a little shining star in my blog as I posted a lot about him. Here , here and here of course.

Back to the topic. Cute? Ya, which cats owner won't say his/her pet cute? And now, I want to share an ad, which is using cats as the main interpreter - The Curious Cat. It is about a Siamese cat cares about its home decor and tiles. It is so cute. I have watch the video in it, it put a smile on my face. Interested? Watch it here.

ps: Please feel free to click on this ads for me. It is most appreciated.

Curious Cat is in ur house, chekkin' ur tilez
Comfessions of your offbeat Relationship
Forget your worries and head to Genting

Thanks a lot.
Stay connected and have a wonderful day. ^.^

Monday, May 7, 2012


Hi all, I think I have skip many days on updating my blog. In the pass few week, I was burden with lots of work and task. Plus my usual reading progress is slowing down due to insufficient free time and relaxing slot. I been busy entertaining my furry friend, gardening at the back and try to cook myself something better everyday. Yet, my cooking skill still progressing from 2 to 3 out of a full 10. If you follow my tweet or instragram, you will see a lots of pictures about what I talk about just now.

Back to the topic, PhotoAdayMay. A very easy to interpret phrase, which it carry the meaning of A Photo A Day in May. I found this awesome challenging list for submitting a photo a day in May from a blog I followed - MyGurumi, and she is participating also. But, the origin of this event is from fat mum slim - Chantelle, an awesome Aussie blogger.

This kind of event are normally just requiring us to post a pictures of today, but Chantelle's is different from what I have seen before. She listed down an interesting list where you have to take the pictures by following the words given as a title or a theme for your pictures.

Another surprise for me when I know i can share my pictures on social network like Twitter, Instragram, Fklir, Facebook, Tumblr and Pinterest. Of course, don't miss out your own blog. Share it in Twitter, Instragram and Pinterest by adding in a hashtag #photoadayMay.By the way, Fklir has Photo a day group and Facebook has a Fat Mum Slim Facebook Page where you can easily browse through when you login your facebook.

So, let's look at the list below. Interesting?

I will try my best to follow the list everyday, but I think I will post in bundle as I don't have time to post it everyday. Maybe, I start it in the easiest way where I post it in my instragram and link it to my twitter. Follow me in Twitter @Tinkerstarshine and I will follow you back, let's share our PhotoadayMay together.



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