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Monday, May 21, 2012

It's Cute!!

Today I want to talk a little bit about advertisement online. As far as I know, there are ChurpChurp, Say.com and some other advertisement system online that ask user to help them advertise using our social . I had joined Nuffnang and ChurpChurp. Lately,  I was busy as an advertiser by sharing the link on my Facebook and Twitter wall. A little bit felt bad for leaving my blog un-update over here. This post still mainly about the social sharing advertisement and bonus - about my cat, I'm not cheating on updating some crap here. Just want to put this act into blogging memories.

I love cat very much and I had a cat before which name Mot Mot. It's being loyally staying with me for about 5 years until one day its decided to left and went to where its came from. The elders said, Mot Mot is not coming back. After a week then only I accepted the fact that Mot Mot is not around anymore. I miss him a lot and of course its dry out my tear buds for week also. Although Mot Mot is not here anymore, its always lives in my heart. Here a nice photo of Mot Mot in our memories.

Mot Mot was once in my other blog post also. And it brought me luck until I won the giveaway. You guys should tour around my old posts in Crochet Fun~ also.

Now, after 1 pet-less year, I recovered and decided to take another cat. Here's TamTam, which categories as a Taby cat. It's naughty but cute. Still a kitten and a lot to learn and grow. Tam Tam is now a little shining star in my blog as I posted a lot about him. Here , here and here of course.

Back to the topic. Cute? Ya, which cats owner won't say his/her pet cute? And now, I want to share an ad, which is using cats as the main interpreter - The Curious Cat. It is about a Siamese cat cares about its home decor and tiles. It is so cute. I have watch the video in it, it put a smile on my face. Interested? Watch it here.

ps: Please feel free to click on this ads for me. It is most appreciated.

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