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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nur Hana Law Yeeshing Binti Abdullah

Today, I was reborn at 9.15am as Nur Hana Law Yeeshing Binti Abdullah at Jabatan Agama Islam Semenyih, Kajang.

Alhamdullilah, everything went smoothly and the Ulama didn't ask many question about my convert. The most important question he asked was, 'Are you willing to convert by your own or being force by other?' Of course, no one was forcing me. I came with my love one,my future father-in-law and another Ustaz as withness of this process.

Start from today, I have a new life. I'm still a baby and taking my baby steps toward the carrect path that is waiting for me.

Yet, later I will be busying changing my name in all my document involving insurance, bank account, loans and so many more.

Ya Allah, please make give me strength for all the coming process and please make the process smoother and easier for me to overcome it all. Amin..


cikgu hayati said...

Amin yarabbal a'lamin... hahha dah 3 tahun hana muslim baru kak ngah bleh baca... kakak tak kenal awak pun.. cuma kakak cukup suka baca kisah2 seperti awak... semoga Agama Islam menjadi penyuluh hidup kita semua yang muslim mahupun bakal muslim aamiinn



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