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Saturday, August 4, 2012

DIY Mask - Lovely Egg White Mask

Hai peeps, how is your day today?Any good mood for diy mask?I feel wanna share this diy to everyone out there. Egg white mask? Oh,I did that many years ago,and I think many people try this before also.

But, what is your method in putting on the egg white mask?

Normally, I just tap on the egg white and spread it on my face. But today, I want to share another efficient way method of putting the egg white on your face to get a greater result.

First get all the tools ready. Here I list down what I use.
1. diy mask bowl (it can be any bowl actually)
2. masker brush
3. a pair of scissor
4. some cotton pad (with open edge)
5. an egg

Okay, let's start our diy mask.

Before we get our hand wet and sticky, I suggest that we cut the cotton pad into smaller pieces so it can cover the smaller area or edges of our face.

After cut it out, we tear the cotton pad again into thinner pieces. Why should we do that, haha, because we are going to peel it off our face later.

Second step, keep the cotton pad nicely and we continue with our egg white.

Get the egg, poke a hole on top of the egg. Then pour the egg white slowly into the mask bowl. Keep the egg yolk for cooking later.Haha..

Next, dip your brush into the egg white and wet your face carefully. I choose to start with my nose, and then stick the thin pieces of cotton pad on top of it. Here goes!!

Have fun sticking the cotton pad on your whole face. Take your time and enjoy the sweet smell of the fresh egg white.

After you cover your face with the cotton pads, lay down and wait it dry and get harden on your face. It is around 15 minutes to 20 minutes of waiting. I spend my time laying down on my couch surfing blogs on my tablet.

If you put a lot of egg white on your face, it probably will take a longer time to dry all. So, tab it on wisely. :D

Here, my DIY egg white mask is dried. Yeah, time to peel it off.

Actually, if you got lots of black head on your nose, the dried facial tissue will peel it off for you too. Can't show you mine as it doesn't reveal itself.

Finally, wash your face if you like.

And here the bonus stage, my parrot-cat can't resists to jump up on my shoulder and shows itself. LOLs. I love my parrot-cat.

Thanks for dropping by. Cya~




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