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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Killing You From Inside Out~~ m(T.T)m

Hey peeps, how's your day? Mine just fine after my visit back to my hometown. So, what is killing you from inside out? What can kill you from inside out? You got your answers? Great~! I have mine.

Last week I had a sudden emotion waves where everything I did was not great enough. Ice cream was not attractive to me, ice kacang was not cool anymore, shopping was a wasting of time and so on..bla bla bla. I just can't get my mood a switch on. People gets Monday blue after weekend holiday, but it was Saturday and I get myself blue. After a day of wondering around with no decision made where suppose I was heading, a good simple questions popped out from my Deary. " What you actually want, dear?" I heard myself answered with a soft sad voice, " I think I'm homesick."

Finally, the answer from my heart that didn't take any second to think. I was really homesick and my body reacted on it. The first time in my life, my body actually telling me that I need to go home and get release my misses for my family that far away.

In the evening about 6pm, we finally head off the main destination - Penang.

The rest of the story, I get myself wrapped tightly in my warm cozy home in Penang with my family of course.

So, what killing me from inside out? Tada, the answer was reveal.

If you are near with your family, spend some time with your family and don't always thinking of heading out the front door.

See ya next time ~
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