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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Tour to i-City in Shah Alam, Selangor


After 1 whole year working my ass out in the school with the kids and some parents and teachers, finally I have end of the year holidays. People always envy that teachers have holidays. I have no comment about those holidays with payslip. We deal with bunch of kids, and some are not normal kids, hyperactive? children with learning problems? bla bla bla and bla bla. In a short way, we are under a lot of stress! I'm sorry for those who said teacher is a very relax job, they don't understand teacher.

Hey, sorry for spoiling the holiday mood. Just some nonsense crap I'm talking about just now.

Back to the destination ~ i-City

What is i-City? Why its called i-City? When I was brought to the city, those questions rose in my mind.
So, okey, let's google for the correct and more reliable answer. Seem that I couldn't find the answer for "Why its called i-city?", but I found out its also known as City of Digital Lights!

"Cool~! I can't wait to step in the city.."

After paying for the entrance fee, RM12, we drove inside and look for parking. Luckily there were many parking at the open space field. the first amazing sight that brought to us was the rolls of man-made tree with million and million of LED lights on it. It was so beautiful and breath catching.

Then it followed by more and more awesome view and light!!
Light! Light!!Light!!Is the city of LIGHT!!
Celebrating Christmas here is a good idea too. Some more the place full with lights is so romantic!
So, spam this post with photos of lights!!


Oh ya~! I forget to tell you guys. I bought a rabbit ears hairband with LED lights flashing on it. I get the attention from everyone who walk pass me.LOL! But, it is so cute and everyone can get one of those in the accessory shops in i-city. So, some crazy acts? Why not? 

My deary with the dino. He said he can't make the hand look like the dino head, so he made his face instead!Hahaha..

Also, we didn't forget to set up the tripod and have some nice photo together. I choose the best, of course.

One thing that we were a bit regret, we were too tired to get in the snowalk which is an indoor snow park!! Actually, we were not fatigue, we were all in sweat because of walking the whole park! To avoid getting cold for both of us, we cancelled visiting the Snowalk.*cry*
But, certainly, I will come back for more!!


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas to everyone who drop by..
Wish you guys have a nice, amazing Christmas!!

I had a nice Pre-Christmas vacation last week.
At lots of pictures taken, and so little time to edit and post it out.
Hope can blog it before 2012 coming~
Enjoy the holiday!

New Skin Again~Welcoming 2012

Is time for some new look again. I been using the old birdie skin for a complete year for 2011. My eyes feel like wanting to have some fresh look for the blog. Next year 2012, I believe it is going to be a good year for me. So, i decided to put up with something cheerful. A pink roses skin taken from Gisele Jaquenod free blog templates.

I LIKE Gis's birdie design very much. It is so simple but cute! Yet, I like my blog to be clean and easy to scroll around. In last skin, I'm using Gis's also, with white background that made my blog so bright. (Hmm..forget to take some screen shot and shot it here) There are still many other skins you can choose from Gis. Just click this link for some new blog skin for your blog (if you like it)

Enjoy your stay.
Merry Christmas!!
And a Happy New 2012 Year!!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Herb - 草药

Today I learn something about herb. Something to remember until I'm old as the knowledge is so useful. My mom grow herb in the backyard garden. I was told so many times to recognize and remember the herb that grow in the yard. As usual, time pass by and I forget the name of the herb and how amazing it can cure disease and even cancer.

So, now i just blog it and this will forever record in this blog.

Funny things is, my mom didn't really tell me the name. She just emphasizes the use of it. So, pictures are needed to help me remember all those green plant that look almost similar.

Plant no.1. This plant can help lower the blood sugar in human body. Diabetes patient should give it a try.

plant1 - cure for diabetes side view
plant 1 - cure for diabetes

Plant no. 2 also for diabetes.
plant no. 2
Plant no.3 and no. 4 is for those who face kidney failure. I was told those plant can help regrow the cells in kidney.

plant no.3

plant no.4
My mom also reminded me that, take care of this plant well and look for the pests that grow in the leaf, that look like this.
Pluck away the infected leaf and the plant will stay healthy for long.

Lol..I'm so bad. All those plant suppose to have name,but I labelled them with number.

Ok, that's all for today. Too many I will forget again..Adios!

Friday, November 25, 2011

1st Step of Everything

Thursday. Just a normal Thursday for everyone that eagerly waiting for Friday to come. But yesterday, is the day we start our 1st Step in our future life. He was nervous and suffered a sleepless night. I was told, he slept at 4.30am in the morning, and before that he was busy surfing and browsing all the anime in the youtube that he can find.

After get ourself ready, we set off 2 cars heading to Queensbay Mall for the great meeting place - Winter Warmer Coffee & Tea House. My dear was going to rush back to KL after this, that's why we need to move in 2 cars.

We were early before the time we set. Everyone looked so gloomy in front of the coffee house. So, we just march around while waiting for my dad to come. Nowadays, clothes butik and accessories stalls didn't catch my eyes anymore. My eyes shine upon Poh Kong, Tranz, Tomei, LazoDiamond and etc. Looking for a good ring for myself of course. But the gold price today is so damn high. 1gram = RM197. Just last May, me and my dear went survey any goldsmith, it was RM150 - RM170 per gram around those months. Now, uwha!

My dad arrived! Everyone awake..

I didn't had the mood to snap some pictures for the progress, as we can't predict what will happen. Who know what kind of questions will rose from my dad's mouth. The atmosphere in the coffee house is great with the soft music background and cozy decoration. We can feel that we were like at home.



Let's the discussion be secretive. It mean to be too. (>.^)

Talk about the surrounding with the good food. Too bad I really didn't snap some pictures. The food in the plate was huge. Of course it suit the money wise! Next time! I will come again and back with a full stomach and bunch of photos. 

God bless~ ^.^

Friday, November 4, 2011

Curly hair

Last week, I had my hair done. And this time, I get myself some curly wave hair. Today, it is already the 6th day,me with my curly hair. It kinda take time in pampering my hair, which had overwent some chemical that for sure damage my hair badly. I bought myself some damage repair shampoo and it smell just nice. Since my hair is always applied with hair gel or mousse, I become very discipline in cleaning and conditioning my hair. I even mask my hair amost 2 times a week. I wonder how long will I maintain this kind of washing and pampering my hair. It already stole some of my time here and there from my other activities.

By the way,I did enjoy the process of perming my hair with my friend in the saloon. We just have some fun time together. Snapping some before and after pictures and share it online. Haha then let's everyone have a laugh about it. We both using digital perm, and we looked like alien under the wires.

Here some silly picture of me under the alien wires. Haha, let's have a laugh of this silly face..

Alien hair or alien head?
After three days soaking my hair in the chemical spray on my hair, finally i can wash my hair. And the first thing I did after bath was checking whether my curls are still there or not. Inexperience with the curls and the caring method, I comb my hair that look tangle together after bath. Then only I realised, the curls were gone and my hair became as straight as if I haven't done any perm before.

Panic attack!! I ran to seek help from my friends next door. They just looked cool and said everything will be fine and your hair will turn out curly after it dry. I just can't see where are the curls! I considered myself had a badhair day that day and my mood just can't be any better.

The next day, I washed away all the serum, mousse and hair gel that I applied on my hair in a massive amount! Ya, don't blame a girl that being panic and put everything on her hair that she can find in her closet . Then I just let my hair dry in its natural way and without putting on any serum or light cream. After a day of resting, my hair bounce back to the shape and curls that it suppost to be. I am very happy with my hair now.

Therefore, beauty only come with the girls or women who didn't give up for herself. So, girls out there, don't give up and keep trying..

Credit to my dear Mohd Aminnullah bin Mohd Mor. Thanks so much for the great photoshoot!

My curly wave hair

Friday, October 7, 2011

Many Kites Are Flying~!!

Thank for dropping by my blog, is been awhile I didn’t update it. I had a sweet blast September! Cause, this year birthday was kinda special. Bintulu, not far from Miri Oil Town, had a kite festival. Me and my dear was looking forward that great big kite flying event. I was so lucky that the festival fall on my birthday week. I had a traveling birthday this year.

This was the second time I visit Bintulu, a small fishing village that grow into a coastal town. Who’s interested in buying cheap but fresh fish, Bintulu town is a great choice. Kite Festival last for 3 days, and I managed to stay 2 days in Bintulu to join the fest. It was fun to fly kite with so many people at the same time. The view of the sky that time was so manifestation with hundred of kites flying, I believe!

There were kites everywhere, big and small. They were all in difference shape and size. I even spotted a  huge spongebob kite,a roll of angry birds, snake, whale, I don’t wanna miss any chance to snap some pictures of the kites and also with the kites. Here's one! This hedgehog fish kite is really really big. It can eat me anytime if I go near. Haha! And it was too heavy to fly, so pity that the hedgehog fish had to be drag around the field.

And there a big teddy telling everyone that “I love Bintulu”, but the weather that time is not so windy, it can’t fly high.

After a day watching the other flying their kite, I bought myself a big kite!

I want to fly my kite high, and I made it! Here the proof, haha. The small dot with a long tail is my kite. Can you see it? Can you really see it? Is right there!

I never know that flying a kite can be so tiring. Maybe it was because of so many kites out there and I was worried about my kite going to bump into others kite. It was a challenging activity. I saw people running to untie their string with the other. Me myself also running to get away from being caught with others kite. Hahaha..but it was so fun.

The weather was windy and hot. I get myself a big straw hat. I picked white so it can match with any of my shirt. Girls! Always think about fashion and matching clothes. Peace out..(^.^)V

Thanks for your birthday wishes and blesses..I am blessed!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Just Another Number

Number? What number? Nah.. Just another number that tell your age.. It look like age doesn't matter me right? Haha,but yet, it remind me that I'm getting older and not younger. When we were a kid, we love birthday very much. No matter is our own birtday or our friend's birthday. We'll get cakes, some great sweet and candies and having great fun playing with friends after school. Presents are extra if that was own birthday. But when we get older, those things are not interesting anymore. Birthday is just another number and a friendly reminder.

My point of view, birthday represents 1 year had passed and I have to look back and see what did I achieved for the last whole year. Did I achieve what I wished for last birthday? Did i manage to become a better self? Hmm..only God know. Anyway, I just had my birthday on the pass Thursday. I celebrated my birthday by having a romantic candle light high tea with my dear in Secret Receipe. I love the cakes very much. I picked myself a slide of Chocolate Fudge! The chocolate is so sweet that I almost melt! Oh! Thinking of it make me mouth watering!  

This year birthday, I get the biggest birthday present that I ever had. I got a Sumsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 as my birthday present from my deary. Oh! I'm so happy. I've being looking at the Ipad2 and galaxy tab for long. At last, I get a tablet! What can I say other than thank you very much my deary deary..muak! Love you much!!:-)

 So, happy birthday for me!!
 I'm really happy!!
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Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Chinese Blog

Hello all bloggers. How's your day?Me, as usual, checking my blog, surfing around, dropping by someone's blog to say 'hi' before I go for other outdoor activities.

Back to the title, My Chinese Blog. I am making another Chinese blog because I noticed that my popular post until now is 路边的小草。Everyday, I got viewer for that post and that make me wonder. If is better to make another Chinese blog that contain all my Mandarin post? Hm, why not? So tada..

That blog is newly made. Maybe it will lack of posts and information. But, I will update it always. From now on, I will have 2 blogs to maintain. Then, I have to work a little bit harder to make sure none of my blog was abandoned.

Now, what are you waiting for. Come and have a visit to my new blog. Hope it give you some 'new-blog smell', haha.


Friday, September 16, 2011

To My UPSR Kids~

Hey kids, how is your UPSR examination? Today is the last day of the exam. Hope you already did your best in this final examination that colour your future. All the teachers here also did their best to guide you in every way we can.

I heard that the Math Paper 2 was easy for you boys and girls? That is quite a good news for everyone of us. Hope the good score in Paper 2 can help you in Math Paper 1 which was always harder than Paper 2.

But teacher will always wish you good luck and pray that you can get good result. Well done on the hard work you boys and girls achieve for the whole year. After today, you can relax for few months. But the journey doesn’t end here. Your new journey has just begun.

Teacher will miss you all for sure.

Stay smart and study hard!

Your Teacher.

Praying before entering the exam hall
Teacher's love and care
Teachers are all ready
Greet their parents and teacher

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hello Friday~!

Hello Friday! Hello everyone! Anyone cheering TGIF? *hand in the air* Cheer! Cheer!
Actually, this weekend I dont have any date. Owh~ My dear is busy, so I have to entertain myself. Nowsday, I felt so lazy to crochet anything. I am out of ideas and motivation with patient. *Rolling among the yarn, blink blink!*

Suddenly I miss my cat. My cat Mot Mot, already left me and rest in peace for 9 months. I dont have any chance to say goodbye to him. I lost him at 7 January 2011, just after a few days I travelled back to Miri for work. On that day, I dreamt about I lost my cat in a crowd. When I woke up and realized it just a dream, I was so relieved until my mom called me and said, your cat didn't come home for weeks, you better get ready for it never come back anymore. Ouch! Why I got that kind of dream and then I become real? It is cat's nature to hide itself at somewhere else to die. Did that make a fact that Mot Mot come to my dream to say goodbye? So sad, I miss Mot Mot so much.

Hash! Back to today Friday~! Finally, Nuffnang has put up some new ad again. I just found out just now. The ad I saw was '1-day pilot session for RM450'. I was 'wo! pilot session?' never in my life I think about flying a plane. But, if there is a chance and money is not a problem, why not. *air sick* I can't fly a plane

Nothing to do today, so, playing with phone, bubblegum and Picasa.

Boring Friday


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Snack! Snack! Snack Attack!

Is snack time! Yeah! Welcome to my blog. But sadly I can’t serve you with my favorite snack through the monitor screen. Anyway, let’s talk about snack!

*Getting excited*

I LOVE CHOCOLATE! Anyone out there who don’t like chocolate please put up your hand! Yeah~ I can see you like chocolate too. I wonder why most of the girls out there like chocolate very much as I do. No matter what, we will like to pick chocolate flavor. Chocolate hot or ice drink, chocolate flavor milk, chocolate cake, chocolate cookie, chocolate ice cream, chocolate ice cream and of course chocolate itself. * Saliva dropping* Sometimes, people even said you have chocolate face. Aha~!

When snack time. What I pick for myself is ‘KOKO KRUNCH’! a chocolate flavor wheat curls breakfast cereal. Who have the same taste with me? *high 5*! ‘KOKO KRUNCH’ is a very good snack to munch when your mouth feeling empty. I like the taste of chocolate cereal that melts into my mouth, great chocolatey taste. *Thumb up*! By the way, cereal won’t make you fat, you can eat as much as you like. Remember to drink a lot of water and brush your teeth before bed. Sweetness to your tongue also can bring bitterness to your teeth.

Next snack!

Another snack that I love to munch along when I’m in the office is ‘Oat Krunch’. And yes, of course it is chocolate flavor. Hahaha. Munchy biscuit is just so delicious. I can’t resist it. I pick ‘Oat Krunch’ because I like oat too. For me, oat reminds me of my childhood memories. My grandma used to make me oat drink as breakfast before I walked myself to school. I miss the taste of the happy time and love from my grandma. Back to the snack! Oat just smell so great to eat..Haha.

Wait! Why I didn’t mention about the real chocolate bar? Hee hee. *Smile*
Chocolate bar is too heavy for me as a snack. Is hard for me to feed the whole chocolate bar although is just a small bar. So, I left chocolate bar aside.

For now, I shared 2 of my favourite snacks. How about yours? If you write about your favourite snacks too, tag me along? I would glad to drop by and share your happy time.

Okey, that’s all..Chow..

Happy snacking away~!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Longing Feeling

There is nothing in my mind to start with other than the words ‘I Miss You’. The feeling of longing to be with you is so strong although we just apart for 2 hours. My world is lonesome, empty and blank! Time stop for awhile when I’m missing you. I forget about myself and everything, just to hope that I can be with you again. Happy time flies away as fast as it could be. I’m back to the reality again.

One month fasting follow by one week Hari Raya Holiday, we fast together, we celebrated Hari Raya together. We looked for new clothes, new shoes, new sandal and new outfits. We laugh, we argue, we fight. But, we do hug, kiss and pamper each other. We are being happy together for about 5 long years. When the time comes, he will put a ring on my finger. I just can’t wait for that moment to come.

Now, we are separated, almost few hundred kilometers away from each other, just because we are government servants. We were posting to serve the community in Sarawak state. Yet, the place is still under development. We face problems in connecting each other. Far away in the jungle we were placed, he stays with the Penan community while I stay with the Iban community. There is no telephone line deep inside the jungle, where those peoples live. We lose contact in the way of listening to each other. But, luckily we are blessed with internet that functions using the satellite disc. So, we email, facebook and chat. Too bad, the internet speeds not allow us to skype.

The longing feeling will stretch until we meet again in another day. The other day…

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Blue Heart~

Hello there, welcome to blogwalk my blog (~^.^~). How's your day?

Argh~finally!I had done myself a heart shape amigurumi. While looking at the instructions given for making the heart, I was, wow so complicated. Today is a good Saturday, the weather is not so hot. I didn't feel like wanna do other things. So, i decided to give it a try.

But first,I wanna thank Jane at Free Amigurumi Patterns for sharing this pattern. I had download it long time ago yet no time to crochet it. Looking at others heart amigurumi, I am so jealous and envy. I want a heart also. The massive crochet process started! Bring out the yarn rolls and start to pick the colour. I wanna make a red heart but sadly, I am out of red yarn!!!!Oh no ~ a heart that not red in colour can't consider a loving heart amigurumi. I'm so not happy about it.

I had decided to make myself a Love heart today, so by hook or by crook, I wanna make it today. In my mind, flashing by all the colour of heart that is possible. I picked light blue! Blue represent calm and relaxing, maybe that fix my mood and it is an instinctive pick.

It took me 4 hours to finish it. I did make some mistakes that lead me to undo the yarn and re-crochet in the correct count. Yeah, this required patient with a lot of counting to do.

And, here is the final product!!

Blue crochet Love Heart

A handful of Love

Nyonya Me?

"Are you Chinese or Malay?"

Hah~!Why I had been asked this question so many times until i lost count? Am I so confusing everyone? Sometimes people just speak Malay to me as if I am a Malay girl. I wonder which part of me look like Malay? Once I told this occasion to my mother. She will just laugh and say, people always mistaken her as somebody's daughter when she was around 20's. We live in a mixed kampung, where there are Chinese, India and Malay. My mom's answer make me wonder, who does she look alike in the village? There once a foreigner asked her whether she is a Korean?I was laughing my tear out. So, these kind of questions should be very often ask by anyone at any place. Just don't take it harsh. (^0^)/

This picture was taken when i was attending my friend's wedding ceremony at Bekenu. I was lucky enough to be her bridesmaid. Woke up early in the morning to prepare myself. Hopefully I look nice enough to be snap in the photos.

And yet, this photo was being post out in my Facebook and there was a feedback that said I look like Nyonya. Hahaha..Really?I been look alike so many people that I don't feel surprise to look like another race. Anyway, I live in Malaysia, a mixed cultures and races country, and I'm proud to be one of them.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Heels? Sandals? Or Shoes?

                 I can’t say that I am a shoe-aholics. But, I do like to windowshop and try on all the shoes and heels in Step, Vincci, Nose and other shoes boutique. I love trying on those shoes and heels that give me so different look.

                In my teenage to adolescence days, I superb love high heels. The higher the heels go, the greater I felt. At that moment, I just wanna get taller and felt taller when I was standing among my friends or in crowd. In those few years of feeling so good about myself, I can shop whole day in several shopping malls wearing high heel. My feet hurt but there was no complains. Although after a day walk, I get myself a pair of numb legs and sore feet lying straight on the floor.
                Pass few days, I decided that it is the time to get myself a pair of new shoe, sandal or heel, instead of flip-flopping around. Shop by shop, boutique by boutique, I walked in and out empty-handed. None of the pretty heels and shoe come across my eyes. All the time, I was laying my eyes on sandals and flip-flops. WTF? What had happened to my eyes?

                My feet and legs are tired of wearing high heels that hurt them by the end of the day, they decided to protest. By sending message to my brain and make my brain sends order to my eyes, so that the heels are not attractive to me anymore.

                End up I didn’t get any new shoe from thistime shopping. Should I go for sandals? Pretty pretty please?

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

~ Rainbow Crochet Bag ~

Hi there..Thanks for stopping by and view my blog. 
Today, i wanna share about my crochet bag with the theme rainbow. I was inspired by Alice from Crochet with Raymond Blog. She did really great job in choosing and matching colours. Those beautiful colours are irresistible! 
So, i made up my mind to make myself something very colourful.

Every time when i went shopping, i felt my handbag was so heavy. Sometimes i felt just wanna ditch it away..=.='' Sometimes?No,actually is all the time. Why my handbag was so heavy? Because of its material maybe? Or maybe because i love to throw everything into my bag..Hah ha!

End up, i made a handbag just big enough for me to put in my coin purse, wallet and handphone. Tada! A rainbow crochet handbag. 

It is a simple but colourful bag. Nothing special accept its colours..Huhuhu..

My dear decided to help me take some candid photos for me to put it on my blog. I'm so happy to hear that. To my surprise, he made me to be the bag model..Haha..

From this picture, you can see how small that bag is actually. Can you imagine my wallet, coin purse and handphone in it? Yet, there still some space for tissue and small comb and bla bla bla...
I like it so much. The bag is so handy.
Here some more pictures of my beloved bag indoor and outdoor.

Hope you like it..Peace out..Hee hee..



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