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Friday, October 7, 2011

Many Kites Are Flying~!!

Thank for dropping by my blog, is been awhile I didn’t update it. I had a sweet blast September! Cause, this year birthday was kinda special. Bintulu, not far from Miri Oil Town, had a kite festival. Me and my dear was looking forward that great big kite flying event. I was so lucky that the festival fall on my birthday week. I had a traveling birthday this year.

This was the second time I visit Bintulu, a small fishing village that grow into a coastal town. Who’s interested in buying cheap but fresh fish, Bintulu town is a great choice. Kite Festival last for 3 days, and I managed to stay 2 days in Bintulu to join the fest. It was fun to fly kite with so many people at the same time. The view of the sky that time was so manifestation with hundred of kites flying, I believe!

There were kites everywhere, big and small. They were all in difference shape and size. I even spotted a  huge spongebob kite,a roll of angry birds, snake, whale, I don’t wanna miss any chance to snap some pictures of the kites and also with the kites. Here's one! This hedgehog fish kite is really really big. It can eat me anytime if I go near. Haha! And it was too heavy to fly, so pity that the hedgehog fish had to be drag around the field.

And there a big teddy telling everyone that “I love Bintulu”, but the weather that time is not so windy, it can’t fly high.

After a day watching the other flying their kite, I bought myself a big kite!

I want to fly my kite high, and I made it! Here the proof, haha. The small dot with a long tail is my kite. Can you see it? Can you really see it? Is right there!

I never know that flying a kite can be so tiring. Maybe it was because of so many kites out there and I was worried about my kite going to bump into others kite. It was a challenging activity. I saw people running to untie their string with the other. Me myself also running to get away from being caught with others kite. Hahaha..but it was so fun.

The weather was windy and hot. I get myself a big straw hat. I picked white so it can match with any of my shirt. Girls! Always think about fashion and matching clothes. Peace out..(^.^)V

Thanks for your birthday wishes and blesses..I am blessed!




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