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I love crochet
I love making
I love blogging
I love dreaming
I love sentimental
I love photographing
I am shy
I am quiet
I am talkative
I like animation movie
I like beautiful drawing
I care for my love one
I care about how others feel
I care about what i am looking for
I care about how others think of me

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Font Maniac

Thank for stopping by for viewing my blog.
By the way, you did notice that my fonts are difference!
Is handwriting..:)
But, this is not my handwriting.
I get this font from kevinandamanda. They are such an adorable couple.
Here, I would like to thank them for giving the cute font for FreE~! :p

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

1 Week After Fasting

     In an blink of eyes, I had fasting for 1 week. Nothing has change in this week. I am a skinny type of girl. Most of my Chinese friends not encourage me to fast. But, this is my wills. I wanna practice fasting as it will be part of my life after my marriage.

     The only change is my daily routine life. As fasting make us avoid eating and drinking while there still is sunlight. So, I only had dinner and a very early breakfast.

     I wonder. After 1 month fasting month, will I get skinnier than before?  It is kinda hard to find wardrobe for skinny girls. Normally the dresses and jeans will be too loose and too big for them to fit in, and that’s me! Argh!
After puasa, I wanna gain weight !! 

Thursday, August 12, 2010

1st Day Puasa (fasting)

Today is my 1st day fasting.
I had my ‘sahor’ early in the early morning, 3.45am.
I’m lucky to have a company for practicing fasting at this moment.
Weather of today is just fine, cloudy and windy.
It helps by not making me sweat a lot. This will reserve the water remain in my body.
I had my facial mask in the early evening. Then I moisturize my face and lips with cooling aloe Vera moisturizer.
But, this was the 1st day. There won’t be any cracked and dry lips.
I will moisturize it always to prevent this happen to me until the end of this fasting month.

Temptations are all around. People with foods and drinks, will make my mouth watering.
But, the main purpose of fasting is to discipline own self from getting to the temptation of eat, drink and sleep. (Mind and body)

I didn’t feel hungry so bad in the 1st day fasting.
A good start I hope.
I’m looking forward the next day ‘puasa’.
Please let me go through all the ‘puasa’ days well and fine.

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bowl of Berries

I am sitting in the dark typing out the draft for my blog.
The electricity went out already. But, I still didn’t feel sleepy.
What a long warm and dark night for me.

This few days, busy with my work. I don’t have any spare time to crochet.
But yet I managed to squeeze out some minutes to make a few strawberries.
I promised to make myself a bowl of strawberries.
Although still many more to go. I believe I can make it.
It will be nice to see a bowl of berries as decoration in the kitchen.
Today, I managed to make 5 red berries.
How nice is it when I arranged it into a star-shape.
This is the close up for the pink berry. It looks so difference than the other.

As there are so many strawberries around, I make some of it as key chain.
I hung the keychain on my chili plant. It is too bad that my chili still green in colour.

Hmm..That is all I had done for today.
Wish for a better tomorrow.

ps: I can’t wait to finish my whole bowl of strawberries.Argh!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Morning sunshine

Good Morning world!!
Don’t pretend to be somebody when you know you are not!
Give yourself some fresh coffee and blushes off the day with a great smile. The sun is shinny bright and welcoming. So, why not bring yourself out from the blue that always bother you. Catch a good meal and good spoil of yourself.
Have a tea break and takes some nice self photo. Photographing makes us see the world in the difference way and view. Snap a great meaningful picture and share it in FB, blog or Twitter. Adore the sunshine! That bring everyone hope in the everyday start.

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Student’s Art

Working as a teacher, students are my client. Today, I would like to share a piece of my student’s mind.

I had a Mathematic Class for Primary 1 this morning. After some brief revision and some instructions, I scattered my students into 3 groups. Their task as a group was writing down numbers 20-30 on the handout paper I gave them. As they carried out their task, I quietly observed them from a side. Some groups were very good in teamwork their work came out quite nice. Some groups kept arguing and quarreling and their work hardly drew out a straight line. Bunch of 7 years old kids chattering and arguing seem make my class very noisy. But, I let them because I think that is another kind of the social learning.

Individual task came just after the group task had done. Now, every each of my students gets a piece of handout and they would have to perform their own work. Although students started to complete the given task alone, they seem to finish their work earlier and faster. Hah, when no argument, work just done it in time.

While those students were busy doing their work, I secretly observing a ‘not so bright’ boy. He did his work quietly but with lots of mistakes. So, I help him with those silly mistakes. Later, I just left him for his self development.

At the end of the class, T was surprise by the boy just now. He has a difference looking butterflies then the others. I never teach or show how to draw the butterfly. I wonder where he learnt to draw that butterfly. I’m wondering. Is there any hidden message from these nice butterflies?

I just love seeing the kids grow.



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