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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Facebook Is Not A Diary

Today when I was reading Google new, one of the link brought me to a website called CloveTwo. CloveTwo - Total Woman Online: Malaysian Women Website on Fashion, Beauty, Relationship and more. There is an article that catch my eyes. The title sound " Facebook Is Not A Diary".

With the title itself we can guess the content of the article. With several reasons, why we should not put everything that happen around us into the social media. "Want a diary? Get an online journal." said the author. I guess blogging also can consider as an online journal, we can write whatever we like as long as it does not brisk on some sensitive issue. But, reader read whatever they like to read. If you don't like the content or anything in the post, you can just simply put your mouse over the small red cross box at the upper corner of the screen and click it.

Maybe that article is written specially for those who 'bleeding on Facebook or Twitter'. In the simplest meaning, oversharing. I never meet any of this oversharing friend in my network, but I understand that there are people who simply update their status and disgust the other. For example, 'Today I wear a pink underpant to work, I feel sexy and lucky inside the office.' Hahaha..that is disgusting. It should be private enough for not sharing in Facebook or Twitter.

Truth to be told, if you seek for attention, social media is the best place. As long as there are friends or fans online in your account network, they will see it and make some response to what you seek for. Haha, better not to do that if you don't want to be scold, "GET A LIFE!!".

Here, I share a link that is awesome for 'kaki movie' aka movie lover to read and participate for getting a good life..Lol.

Ps: no offence to anyone who read this post, just try to get some laugh.


Nath said...

different people have their own preference to express/share about themselves in different platform the way they want it :)



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