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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Jasmine aka Bunga Melor

Jasmine,Bunga Melor in Bahasa Melayu. What is the first thought when you see these words? What is your first impression on this nice flower? Let your mind take you for awhile..

Whatever in your mind,please do share it in your comment, I would like to know. :)
As for me,the first thing came to my mind was its sweet scent. I love the decent nice smell of the small white flowers. Its scent plurk me up a lot. I believe many of us are vision aroused, but I am scent aroused person. I am more attracted to sweet and decent smell. My nose make me like that. Haha.:)

I don't know how to describe such a decent scent of Jasmine. Sweet but yet not as sweet as rose, it smell a little bit like tea. It give me some sort of calm and peaceful feeling. For me, it is sweet and fresh.

On my way to school, I will passby a big bush of Jasmine aka Bunga Melor. From far I already can smell its sweet scent. It welcome me all along to the school, for I will pick a few of them with me, bring it until my table. At the corner of my table it lays, although it is just two or three flowers, it is enough to bring the scent to my nose. Everytime I get back to my working table, I feel so calm and fresh. It takes my stress that built up in the class away as I smell the flower.

I believe many of you will think that roses are more decent than Jasmine. But, Jasmine is more than enough for me because I can get fresh Jasmine everyday to enlighten me up. In south east asia, the hot and wet weather here is very hard for roses to survive. So, I am please with what I was given, and feel thankful.

Do you gals or guys have the same favourite scented flower as mine?




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