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Saturday, February 4, 2012


Who doesn't love gadgets put  up your legs!


This year, I am aiming for some new gadget. But, everytime I open my wallet, it makes me cry. ( sound familiar? took from picture quote in facebook. :P )Okey, before talking about the gadget that I desire, can I ask,what is your desire gadget this year? A new laptop? A new speaker? A new printer? A new camera? A new funky and cool headphone? A new fancy keyboard? A new mp3 player? A new tablet? A new cool looking smartphone? A new desktop? A new notebook? Wow, I list down so many gadget in one time, but I believe you can do better than me.

This year, I wish to get a new smartphone including the data package of 3G internet line. I had try on android on my Samsung tablet and now I want a smaller version of android in my hand. Sound crazy isn't I? But human always not satisfying and not getting enough. Am I wrong? We just asking for a better tomorrow. Back to the point, I want a Samsung Galaxy Note or even better Samsung Galaxy S III. Ever heard of that? After launching Samsung Galaxy S III, there come no. 3. Those technology just fast enough to outdate me. :'( So,either Samsung Note or Samsung S III. Bot also so attractive to me. I can't own both and choices need to be made. Maybe later I should make a list of reasons for choosing the right gadget.

Another gadget is a new camera!! Nikon J, the best size of DSLR for people who has small hands of mine. My dear have a Nikon D3100 and it is smaller and lighter than the other DSLR camera already, but I still feel it is heavy and sometime it makes me hard to capture a good angle picture. This camera is the first DSLR camera in compact size that I know. I believe it will bring me a lot of fun. With great picture, my blog will shines better too. :D If I really get myself a Nikon J, I will need to buy a tripod for myself also. I shouldn't waste the chance to capture my own portrait using my own DSLR. By that time, I hope no one will be bored of me posting a lot of camwhore picture.Hahaha!!

But with an onion wallet,I can't get my both gadget as I wish.I should take a picture of my piggy bank and put it inside my wallet to remind me to save money for my lovely gadget everytime i try to spend some money. And please my dearly, beautiful, handsome, smart and cool reader or blogwalker, please let me make my wish come true by clicking the nuffnang ad at the sidebar if you think it interesting.

 Thanks a lot first for your clicking, that's means a lot to me actually. Let's make the onion wallet become sugarcandy..Yay!




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