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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Who says, who says you’re not pretty? Who says you’re not worthy? Who says only students got homework? Who says…?
LOL,I forgot the lyric actually.*main hantam aje*
So, other than students, who else got homework to do? Ya, housewife. They got house duties to do, and it is much heavier than homework given from school teacher. Who else got homework to do other than students and housewives? Ehem..actually teacher also got homework to do..
Tomorrow I got Year 6 art class. I need to prepare something at least to present in the class before teaching those students what to draw or what to do. Last week, the title given to them was “The Alien”. They drew their alien out of their own creativity. One of them did have a nice idea and drew a green skinny eight spider legs alien. That boy was so mischievous, his alien wear shirt and got a name tag. He tagged his friends in the picture. That gave me a laugh to imagine one of my students became the alien that boy drew. It is too bad that I forgot to snap a picture before I left the office. I wish to show you guys/gals and share the laughter together. Although the idea is good and interesting, but the picture don’t have any tone. No shade and shadow. Not attractive enough.
Now, we go back to the topic about homework. I planned to teach those kids some colour tone. So, I spend an evening drawing a flower with nice tone.

So far, this is my homework for art class tomorrow. I didn’t finish it because I need some blank space to show the students how to colour tomorrow.
Oh no, there still got Math and English subject teaching aids need to be done.
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