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I love making
I love blogging
I love dreaming
I love sentimental
I love photographing
I am shy
I am quiet
I am talkative
I like animation movie
I like beautiful drawing
I care for my love one
I care about how others feel
I care about what i am looking for
I care about how others think of me

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wednesday Picture Says Thousands Words #1

While I was blogwalking last week, I bumped into a post name 'Wordless Wednesday' on Fyna's http://blogfyna.com/. I was acknowledged that on Wednesday, bloggers post picture or photograph on their blog with no description nor title. Thereby, let's the picture tells the story itself as the title for this post, picture says thousands words. ;)

Ps: I still feel like want to say somethings about the picture as I analysis it. Some picture, although is the same picture,says different story to different people. I am curious cat. Please tell me what the picture tells you in the comment below. I tell you mine..:)


Aminnullah said...

I see a mantis looking how handsome he was at its own reflections. Hehehe magnificent pic meow2

~Tinkerstar@shine~ said...

praymantis:"Hey there, wanna join me in this tub?Is huge..."

haha..like its pose too.:)

Nath said...

I see GREEN! lol

lazaac said...




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