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I am quiet
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I care about how others think of me

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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Blue Heart~

Hello there, welcome to blogwalk my blog (~^.^~). How's your day?

Argh~finally!I had done myself a heart shape amigurumi. While looking at the instructions given for making the heart, I was, wow so complicated. Today is a good Saturday, the weather is not so hot. I didn't feel like wanna do other things. So, i decided to give it a try.

But first,I wanna thank Jane at Free Amigurumi Patterns for sharing this pattern. I had download it long time ago yet no time to crochet it. Looking at others heart amigurumi, I am so jealous and envy. I want a heart also. The massive crochet process started! Bring out the yarn rolls and start to pick the colour. I wanna make a red heart but sadly, I am out of red yarn!!!!Oh no ~ a heart that not red in colour can't consider a loving heart amigurumi. I'm so not happy about it.

I had decided to make myself a Love heart today, so by hook or by crook, I wanna make it today. In my mind, flashing by all the colour of heart that is possible. I picked light blue! Blue represent calm and relaxing, maybe that fix my mood and it is an instinctive pick.

It took me 4 hours to finish it. I did make some mistakes that lead me to undo the yarn and re-crochet in the correct count. Yeah, this required patient with a lot of counting to do.

And, here is the final product!!

Blue crochet Love Heart

A handful of Love

Nyonya Me?

"Are you Chinese or Malay?"

Hah~!Why I had been asked this question so many times until i lost count? Am I so confusing everyone? Sometimes people just speak Malay to me as if I am a Malay girl. I wonder which part of me look like Malay? Once I told this occasion to my mother. She will just laugh and say, people always mistaken her as somebody's daughter when she was around 20's. We live in a mixed kampung, where there are Chinese, India and Malay. My mom's answer make me wonder, who does she look alike in the village? There once a foreigner asked her whether she is a Korean?I was laughing my tear out. So, these kind of questions should be very often ask by anyone at any place. Just don't take it harsh. (^0^)/

This picture was taken when i was attending my friend's wedding ceremony at Bekenu. I was lucky enough to be her bridesmaid. Woke up early in the morning to prepare myself. Hopefully I look nice enough to be snap in the photos.

And yet, this photo was being post out in my Facebook and there was a feedback that said I look like Nyonya. Hahaha..Really?I been look alike so many people that I don't feel surprise to look like another race. Anyway, I live in Malaysia, a mixed cultures and races country, and I'm proud to be one of them.



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