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Monday, March 24, 2014

[Movie Review] Frozen

Hi, have you watch the cartoon movie - Frozen? Do you like it? Or you don't really like it? Well, this movie review of mine, just wanna share how I feel after I watch the movie.

First of all, is Walt Disney cartoon! I always love Disney cartoon. It pictures are always clear and the princesses are so cute and pretty. Those sisters in Frozen both lool so alike yet they are different. The art of drawing cartoon.

I love Elsa's look, she is really cool and pretty in her crystal snowflakes dress. And her magic is so awesome. Just one part, where did she get her magic from? I think I miss that part or it really didn't show in the movie.

Next, the character Anna, Elsa's sister love to sing so much. It make me feel like, "ok, I know I'm watching cartoon, but the singing part make me feel like I'm a kid." For me, they sing too much and make me feel a bit uncomfortable, just a bit. Google abit about the movie. Oh, this is an animated musical fantasy comedy. No wonder. Never mind, I did enjoy the movie very much. 

Another part that touch my heart is the act of true love. As always, we already mark or label that act of true love are kisses. In this movie, the act of true love is not involving man and woman, but sisters. The true love between sisters that they are willing to sacrifice their life for each other. I'm so touch when sister's true love cure Anna. It is a fine family happy ending.

My favourite part is Olaf!! The cute childhood snowman of Elsa and Anna that come alive under Elsa's magic. Olaf is just so innocent that he thought he can enjoy all the summer activities. He don't know how cruel summer did to snowman. Well,happy ending movie, Olaf survive summer and he can do whatever he likes in summer. Elsa makes a special personal snow cloud above him that keep him in shape.

Haha, look at that happy Olaf that he imagines himself playing the field.

Review for this movie.

Thanks all for reading my opinion about this movie. I think that's all for this movie. Looking forward to another cartoon movie. Don't know why, I just love cartoon movie vert much.

See ya next time.


Akeyla Azmi said...

kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa i love frozen so much hihihi. love between sisters <33333 heheheheh. well for me its 5/5 hhehehehehee

Nur Hana Law said...

Is girls power! +Akeyla Azmi!

Hafiza AizZawa said...

love the song let it go.. korean version.. english version..



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