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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Natural Refresh Aloe Vera Mask - relax up!!

What is your best way to relax after a long journey or an exhausted day? I believe there are a lot of ways out there. And yesterday, I found myself an easy way to relax. It is cooling and very refreshing. Most girls like it very much and I suggest that mommies that always overwork themselve pampering in this way too.

I live in Penang and my husband's hometown is in Kajang,Semenyih. We always need to travel from Penang to KL and all the way back to Penang again. Why live so far? Yet that is another story that maybe I will share it here in another time.

Yesterday start my travel journey around 3pm, because of traveling with baby we always stop at R&R along the North-East Highway. It is not surprise anymore that we reach Penang around 10pm. We stop for tea time, stop for diaper change, stop for dinner also before we continue our journey after dark.

Reaching home around 10.30pm we were really flatten out. My Baby Qaseh also being cranky and fussying in the car due to traveling too long.

After bath, finally I took out the green package that I have keep for so long. Read the instruction and examine the contain. It look so promising for refreshing and hydration also. Although I don't understand the Korean language on the package, but there also English instructions written on it.

I bought this masks at Nature Republic in Queensbay Mall. But I'm not sure the brand on this mask either is under Nature Republic or other. For a person like me, brand is not really important.

But this "Always 21" show on the very top of this package make me feel good cause it is always 21. 21 is now very far away from me now, I'm very sure my skin at that time is pretty nice.

These masks come in 10 in a pack. I bought it when there was a promotion. It say buy 1 free 1, so that mean when I buy 10-in-pack i get another 10-in-pack. My sister was so attracted to that promotion and she forced me to buy them together so that she can get 10 for the half price. Haha, well, I only got 1 sister, why not just grand her wish.

So, there goes!!

Only left 8 masks in the photo. I already use 2 and I like it very much. After a long day, before sleep clean up my face. Take one package of aloe vera refreshing mask. Open it and put it on my face neatly. I cut of the extra part that doesn't fit my face. My face is small. Then, lay on my bed with the ceiling fan switch on. Finally,shut my eyes and feel the cooling effect of the combination of mask and full blash of ceiling fan. Argh.. I feel like I'm laying on spongy cloud with icey snowflake splashing on my face. Haha, too dramatic already.

So,that is my way of relax and refreshing my face at the same time. What is your? Share with us, sharing is caring. Yay!


Anonymous said...

I just bought this and the promoter at always 21 said that this brand is under NR company. So it is rebrand and basically it is the same product with NR

Nur Hana Law said...

Thanks for the enlightment!! My dear Anony reader.



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