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Monday, February 10, 2014

Sexy Young Mature - SYM

Hello peepers all around the world. I'm back again with another new post update. I feel kinda bad to left my deary blog neglected for so long. Actually, in past few months I can said, I was active in Dayre. I did post about Dayre in my previous post.

Ok, back to the topic.

Sexy Young Mature is SYM stand for so far as I know. So what is sexy, young but mature for in this post. Is about shoes and heels!

Which lady didn't like heels, flip flop or flat ballerina shoes? I love to shop for footwear no matter when. Last week was Chinese New Year, of course I did visit my family from house to house. Baby Qaseh also get a lot of red packet aka "ang pow". With a lot of house visiting and massive amount of walking, my lovely red shoe lost a ribbon.

Those are my perfect red ribbon heels that I love it very much. Now,it only left one side got ribbon and another side naked. I'm so sad for it. So, I decided to shop and ease my pain of losing my lovely heels.

Bringing Baby Qaseh with me, I asked my hubby and my mom to accompany me to look for some new shoes or heels at Queensbay Mall. That is how I bumped into SYM. It was totally out of planning. Actually I was planning to find a nice rubber ballerina flat shoes at Jelly Bunny cos I got a discount voucher from purchasing Watsons member card.

Too bad, I went several round around the shoes rak in the shop and just couldn't find any shoe that grab my attention. Guess my voucher has to be giveaway to the others.

Back to SYM,I love their shop located near the center ring of the building. For those who are looking for this shop, after you enter the main entrance, take the elevator to the third floor. SYM is just around that corner. This is the wallpaper in the shop look like. Sexy of course, Young but Mature. Ehem..

Kinda like the meaning of the shop. I just feel like the motto suit me much. I wanna be Sexy ya of course, and I am still can consider young yet I am mature in mental and physical as well. Other than the motto is lovely, of course the sandals there attract me. The center platform display the sandals that "bling" enough for each girl to take a second look of them. Here is the proof, see it yourself.

See,see. The sandals are just so cool and one of them caught my eyes. The one that I'm interested already not on the platform, I took it already for test wear. It got three colours and I tested all of them. When come to decide what colour should I took, it always be very hard. Either those three colours also look nice on me or only one colour that match my skin colour.

Decide, please, decide. Oh, let's compare.

It got soft peach, bold black and earth brown. Last time, I always love to choose my footwear that in earth colour. I take the reason as it make my feet look fairer by contrasting with the darker earth colour. but nowsday, my taste change. I didn't wantto go for earth brown anymore. I like lighter colour now. So, I guess you can guess what colour of sandals did I choose, right?

I choose this soft peach colour of sandal. The colour make me happy, so why not I pick it. Ok, pay for it and I will wear it next time.

Here tag along a happy family photo. Love should be fun,happy and beautiful. Taken last week when Chinese New Year at Queensbay Mall.

Ok, see ya next time.
Signning off.




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