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I care about how others think of me

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Rainbow Zip Bag

Have you ever think of many many zips can make a bag? Ya, the zip that sew on your dresses and trousers. Thanks to creativity,somebody think of a new way of making a bag. They use as many zip as they can to make the bag they wish to have.

I first saw the bag was when I'm in my class teaching those kids Mathamatic. Then at the corner of my eye, I saw that unique pencil case of my pupil. I was so curious and I asked her if every zip functionable? The answer is yes! That is totally so cool. A pencil case that you can open with any zip you like. Front or back, left or right. But, I didn't manage to take picture.

In the same week, oraybe the next day, I saw another bag with the same design again. But this time just a part of it use the zips concept. Don't want to miss the chance again, I snapped some photo of it.

Here some other close up of it. 

Hope you enjoy it and get some new idea for your next project. 

D.I.Y rock!!

See you next time.




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