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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The giveaway from MindnSoul

It was such a very long time I didn’t update my blog. Sorry bloggy for feeling neglected by me.^^
Yeah, about CAL giveaway, I took such a long time to post out that I was the lucky one. Sorry MindnSoul for worrying the giveaway reached my place safely or not. It reached my house in Penang around January 2011 where I was already backed to my work station in Miri.
Here comes the giveaway in the brown package. Where my sister mms me the picture of it and I gave her green light to open it. But, I did go back to Penang for celebrating Chinese New Year. Then, that was the time I took these pictures.

Brown package come with MindnSoul’s handwriting, so original and nice.

Then, out come the giveaway presents. 
Some cute yarns, arigurumi handbook and a nice aluminum hook which shown in MindnSoul’s giveaway post.

Here some snapshot of the arigurumi that I can make with the guide of this book. 

Until now, I had made 1 arigurumi duck out from this guidebook.

Here she is, without any eyes yet. I planned to buy a pain of clip-on eyes for her.

 Hope she will look nicer then..
The other friend waiting for be made.haha..

Here I would like to thank MindnSoul for the CAL giveaway. I never in my life get so lucky in a lucky draw before.

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