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Monday, March 17, 2014

[Giveaway#1] Havoc Giveaway by Isabella Idura

Really a giveaway?
What is the giveaway items??
Wow, sound great!!
I wanna join!! I wanna join!!

That is everyone, who loves giveaway.
Who doesn't like a giveaway?
Giveaway mean giving away somethings nice for someone for free. But of course that guy or gurl must be lucky to be the choosen one.

Ok, here is another giveaway but not by me. I never do a giveaway before. Yet, I also seldom join a giveaway. But this time, I was tag by AnsyaLee who think I'm lucky enough to be the choosen one. So, I will be joinning this giveaway event and try to tag another blogger friends that I think he or she will be lucky enough to be choosen.

Interested? Then why still wasting your time? Click on the banner for further information.
Be quick, the giveaway start from now until 30 April 2014.

By the way, I would like to tag these three friends to be the lucky one.

First :
Second :
Third : 

Happy joining and good luck to both you and me :D.

See you next time.


Nur Hana Law said...

Join the giveaway.
Don't let it slips away easily.

cik kiera said...

Wow, great GA, thanks tag yer.
InshaAllah, nanti kiera join. thankyou :)

Sop said...

good luck yer

isabella idura said...

Thanks Nur Hana, Such a complete review and promoting from you. Thanks a lot.I really happy to read and really appreciate it!!that not only on luck, but you must work for get that prize. simple like friend tag to you, then you join... only then your friend have a big chance to win. Means that you must tag to more friend to win that prize. Simple and easy. Good luck.



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