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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Note Book!!

I don't know why but I am a great fan of note books. I love all kind of note book, no matter it is big or small, thick or thin, plain or colourful. I just love it very much. Maybe this is a kind of weird collection maybe? #weirdcollection

I want to share some weird reasons of mine that answer some of your curiosity.

1. I like to write!
Writing is a way to express our feeling, same goes to writing a blog post. But, I like to write using a pen or pencil. When I write, I can feel the energy flowing from my fingers to my pen/pencil onto the paper. It reminds me of my childhood, my homework and my way to success into my path now.

2. I love the cover/wrapping paper of the note books.
This is the part that I can die with. The note books are all so attractive to me. Each note book has it own personality and it can represent all kind of different mood. I don't know how to explain to you guys so I Google some pictures of note book. And, this action almost make me go crazy. The note books are so cute, pretty, adorable, fun, cool, classic and so many more! For an example:
This note book is so cool!! With all those trendy moustache!!
This floral cover is so lovely to be held by a lady.
This cartoon note book suitable for jotting down though and be happy always!
This cute kitty note book is fun to own one.
This pretty note book I would definitely use it to write down my cooking recipes in it. 
This note book just make me feel so motherly and I will write down my baby journal in it.
See, I just can't resist to grab all the note books that I saw in the book store. My hubby will have to come and drag me away when I stay too long at the note book station.

3. I love my handwriting.

4. I like to jot down small little things in note book.
Anything can be write down in a notebook. Your thought, your ideas, your joys or your tears. Sometimes it can be a recipe or a pattern too. Note book will come in very handy in this situation.

Sometimes these fancy hard cover note books are just too expensive to own it all. So, I end up buying the 80pages exercise book and wrap it with fancy wrapping paper. The wrapping paper come in so many patterns and colours. Just choose your favourite wrapping paper and D.I.Y your own note book.

So, I share my this weird hobby or collection with you guys. Any questions or comments please do left it down there for me.

Ok, cya next time.


Hafiza AizZawa said...

nice handwriting!!>_<



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