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Saturday, April 12, 2014

[Online Shopping] Miss Hana Water Proof Gel Eyeliner

Hey you there. Wanna join me on my first online shopping? I'm making my own history! Yay! Today in the history! Try on online shopping that I always afraid of.

So, from the title you can guess what item I'm gonna buy, right? but the point is, what makes me feel like to buy it online. Well, I'll tell you later. Read on!!

While I was blogwalking, I came across Carolyn Tay's Beauty Blog. She always introduce nice beauty produce. I even once get a giveaway from her. I'm the lucky one that day. Hee hee.. Haven't write about the giveaway product yet, I 'll find one nice day to write about that. I saw she post about this Miss Hana WaterProof Gel Eyeliner. She has a good review about it, if you can check it out HERE.

picture taken from Natta Cosme
This is what I wanna tell you gals. Miss Hana Waterproof Gel Eyeliner.
Before getting this new eyeliner, I'm still using my old eyeliner. And my mom always ask me, "You draw your lower line also?? A bit too overdrew la."
But,wait. I didn't draw my lower line. Humph! Must be my eyeliner smudged already! I'm sure I look terrible. So, I guess is time to change eyeliner.

Went over to Natta Cosme! *I'm so excited!*
Natta Cosme front page welcoming me with all those beauty products and discounts too.

Next, let's check out Miss Hana products. They got other products here too beside eyeliner. There are powder brush, blush brush, eyebrown pencil and so many other beauty products. Straight to the gel eyeliner I want at the corner of the page.

Normal price on the blogshop is RM34.90. Wow! Is kinda expensive for an eyeliner for me. But, there is a discount! After discount, it is RM24.90. Ok,there is RM10 cheaper down then. Let's proceed to add it into shopping cart.

Click it! Add to cart!

Sucess! There goes a small reminder at the upper corner of the page, that my selected item has been added into my shopping cart. I put a pink love there so that you gals can notice it easily.

Next, go to the shopping cart to check out my item.

This is the shopping cart looks like. My Miss Hana Waterproof Gel Eyeliner is in there. See the price is RM24.90.

Now here is the secret I wanna tell you. I got a coupon code that can get another discount for RM5!! Excited to the max!

See! I really get the discount!

Share it with all of you who wish to buy this product too.
This coupon valid until 15 May 2014, so fast grab the chance for yourself! Here I give you the Natte Cosme link again. Go Shop Now!

Then don't forget to enter your mailing destination. I choose courier services to send my goods to me as I cannot travel to the shop to pick it up myself. Shipping fee is RM6, a normal courier fee.

Total up my eyeliner will cost me RM25.90. I consider RM25.90 is a good price as I wait at home for my eyeliner to reach.

Then, proceed to check out where you need to fill in all the mailing detail and choose a payment method. For me, I'm using online transfer. There are several online bank to be choose on to proceed.

Proceeding to pay online.

Finally there are several online banking payment steps that require a bit privacy here. Click click, click and click. Last step done and now I'm going to just sit at home and wait for my courier parcel to be show up at my door step!

My first online shopping done!!
I feel so happy and can't wait for my beauty product to reach. Later, maybe I can write on some beauty product review.

Will put up the review link here after I get my hand on my eyeliner.

Lastly, beauty product that I bought just now with a little bit highlight over here:


That's all I wanna share. Happy shopping if you drop by there.
I'm gonna sit here and wait for my beloved parcel to reach!!

See ya next time!


Mia Liana said...

menarik juga ni..

Nur Hana Law said...

Terima Kasih Mia Liana



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