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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Heels? Sandals? Or Shoes?

                 I can’t say that I am a shoe-aholics. But, I do like to windowshop and try on all the shoes and heels in Step, Vincci, Nose and other shoes boutique. I love trying on those shoes and heels that give me so different look.

                In my teenage to adolescence days, I superb love high heels. The higher the heels go, the greater I felt. At that moment, I just wanna get taller and felt taller when I was standing among my friends or in crowd. In those few years of feeling so good about myself, I can shop whole day in several shopping malls wearing high heel. My feet hurt but there was no complains. Although after a day walk, I get myself a pair of numb legs and sore feet lying straight on the floor.
                Pass few days, I decided that it is the time to get myself a pair of new shoe, sandal or heel, instead of flip-flopping around. Shop by shop, boutique by boutique, I walked in and out empty-handed. None of the pretty heels and shoe come across my eyes. All the time, I was laying my eyes on sandals and flip-flops. WTF? What had happened to my eyes?

                My feet and legs are tired of wearing high heels that hurt them by the end of the day, they decided to protest. By sending message to my brain and make my brain sends order to my eyes, so that the heels are not attractive to me anymore.

                End up I didn’t get any new shoe from thistime shopping. Should I go for sandals? Pretty pretty please?

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