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Friday, September 16, 2011

To My UPSR Kids~

Hey kids, how is your UPSR examination? Today is the last day of the exam. Hope you already did your best in this final examination that colour your future. All the teachers here also did their best to guide you in every way we can.

I heard that the Math Paper 2 was easy for you boys and girls? That is quite a good news for everyone of us. Hope the good score in Paper 2 can help you in Math Paper 1 which was always harder than Paper 2.

But teacher will always wish you good luck and pray that you can get good result. Well done on the hard work you boys and girls achieve for the whole year. After today, you can relax for few months. But the journey doesn’t end here. Your new journey has just begun.

Teacher will miss you all for sure.

Stay smart and study hard!

Your Teacher.

Praying before entering the exam hall
Teacher's love and care
Teachers are all ready
Greet their parents and teacher


rej said...

May i know from what country are you? because i saw that uniform of your students in a Maurio Maurer movie. Lol. :D -rej http://rehinagrasia.tumblr.com

~Tinkerstar@shine~ said...

I'm from Malaysia. What movie is that? Wanna check it out also..



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