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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Snack! Snack! Snack Attack!

Is snack time! Yeah! Welcome to my blog. But sadly I can’t serve you with my favorite snack through the monitor screen. Anyway, let’s talk about snack!

*Getting excited*

I LOVE CHOCOLATE! Anyone out there who don’t like chocolate please put up your hand! Yeah~ I can see you like chocolate too. I wonder why most of the girls out there like chocolate very much as I do. No matter what, we will like to pick chocolate flavor. Chocolate hot or ice drink, chocolate flavor milk, chocolate cake, chocolate cookie, chocolate ice cream, chocolate ice cream and of course chocolate itself. * Saliva dropping* Sometimes, people even said you have chocolate face. Aha~!

When snack time. What I pick for myself is ‘KOKO KRUNCH’! a chocolate flavor wheat curls breakfast cereal. Who have the same taste with me? *high 5*! ‘KOKO KRUNCH’ is a very good snack to munch when your mouth feeling empty. I like the taste of chocolate cereal that melts into my mouth, great chocolatey taste. *Thumb up*! By the way, cereal won’t make you fat, you can eat as much as you like. Remember to drink a lot of water and brush your teeth before bed. Sweetness to your tongue also can bring bitterness to your teeth.

Next snack!

Another snack that I love to munch along when I’m in the office is ‘Oat Krunch’. And yes, of course it is chocolate flavor. Hahaha. Munchy biscuit is just so delicious. I can’t resist it. I pick ‘Oat Krunch’ because I like oat too. For me, oat reminds me of my childhood memories. My grandma used to make me oat drink as breakfast before I walked myself to school. I miss the taste of the happy time and love from my grandma. Back to the snack! Oat just smell so great to eat..Haha.

Wait! Why I didn’t mention about the real chocolate bar? Hee hee. *Smile*
Chocolate bar is too heavy for me as a snack. Is hard for me to feed the whole chocolate bar although is just a small bar. So, I left chocolate bar aside.

For now, I shared 2 of my favourite snacks. How about yours? If you write about your favourite snacks too, tag me along? I would glad to drop by and share your happy time.

Okey, that’s all..Chow..

Happy snacking away~!


ken said...

i love chocolate.. but dont really like koko crunch.. haha..

my fav 2 snacks would be groundnuts and the prawn snack that comes in small packets :)

~Tinkerstar@shine~ said...

oh~really? :D
groundnuts are yummy but i'm lazy to open it.haha.
prawn snack in the small orange coloured packet one? name 'Mimi' issit? Miss that snack!When I'm a kid, 1 packet only sold RM0.10!!



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