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I care about how others think of me

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Longing Feeling

There is nothing in my mind to start with other than the words ‘I Miss You’. The feeling of longing to be with you is so strong although we just apart for 2 hours. My world is lonesome, empty and blank! Time stop for awhile when I’m missing you. I forget about myself and everything, just to hope that I can be with you again. Happy time flies away as fast as it could be. I’m back to the reality again.

One month fasting follow by one week Hari Raya Holiday, we fast together, we celebrated Hari Raya together. We looked for new clothes, new shoes, new sandal and new outfits. We laugh, we argue, we fight. But, we do hug, kiss and pamper each other. We are being happy together for about 5 long years. When the time comes, he will put a ring on my finger. I just can’t wait for that moment to come.

Now, we are separated, almost few hundred kilometers away from each other, just because we are government servants. We were posting to serve the community in Sarawak state. Yet, the place is still under development. We face problems in connecting each other. Far away in the jungle we were placed, he stays with the Penan community while I stay with the Iban community. There is no telephone line deep inside the jungle, where those peoples live. We lose contact in the way of listening to each other. But, luckily we are blessed with internet that functions using the satellite disc. So, we email, facebook and chat. Too bad, the internet speeds not allow us to skype.

The longing feeling will stretch until we meet again in another day. The other day…




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