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I care about how others think of me

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sorrow Soul

Taday I felt like want to write something. My hands are itchy over the pen and papers. But, I don't really have a topic to write about. This is just mainly write down anything that run through my mind.

Today is Wednesday, another two days, I will be flying back to Peninsular Malaysia. This holiday is the holiday that I don't really enjoy count down. It is because I will have to left my Tam Tam alone here without any love and care that it always get. Two weeks of holiday will be very long if you have to left someone behind.

Thinking of sending Tam Tam to the vet hostel. There will be charges of RM25 per night. Two weeks will cost around RM350. That is a big amount to pay. Seem like I have to left Tam Tam here alone. Everyone in school will be going back for celebrating Gawai Dayak festival. Where will Tam Tam get its fodd? Although Tam Tam was born as a stray cat, but after it came to my house at a very young age, itis now a house cat that very much be loved. Today, Tam Tam stayed home the whole day and accompanied me for my evening nap. Tam Tam be at my side almost every time. It touches me very much as Tam Tam seem to know that I will be leaving him for holiday. I felt sad and guilty.Sob sob.

Maybe, I should hire some kids to take care of Tam Tam when I am not around. Maybe this will be the best way to keep Tam Tam well feed. Tomorrow, I will ask the kids who live at the long house around the school to help me take care of Tam Tam. I hope this will solve the problem and Tam Tam will be fine.

Oh,dear god. Please solve this problem for me.




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