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Sunday, September 29, 2013

September My Special Month

Hello all peeper around blogphera, how is your September so far? Any good news or great event? or maybe making some history record in your life? September, is my favourite month, also is my special month too. This year, my September is awesome.

Early in September, my precious came to me in 4/9/2013 at 4.49pm. My precious is given name Qaseh Nur Fatehah binti Mohd Aminnullah by her dear father. Daddy is very proud with the name and I like the meaning of my daughter's name also. In malay, her name carried the meaning of Kasih Cahaya Pertama. If I translate it into English, it will be Qaseh our first light (child). Qaseh came to this world carrying our love and care, hope one day she can feel the love of parents that bring her to the world.

In September, I become a mother and start to understand how a mother sacrifice for her child. When the child need the mother, no matter how weak the mother is, she will try to make it to her child. Amazingly, I felt the special strength when my precious need me. I felt blessed in this sweet September. Yet, I want to thank my mom for taking care of me since I'm an infant until now. My perenthood won't be easy if my mom didn't help me out. My mami still taking care of me even I already have my own child. Most blessed thing in this special month.

September always be my favourite month because my birthday also fall on September. This year will be different than last year, as I can celebrate birthday with my precious. Almost forget, this year also is my first time I celebrate my birthday with my husband,as a wife.And this year will be my last year celebrate my birthday in my twenties. Next year the number will be different as it will start with number 3. So, I consider this year as my sweet 29. Smile. Remember, once I noted before, it just another number, so chill out.

Today already nearing the end of my sweet September. So glad that I manage to summarize my September and note it down here before it end.

So,how is your September goes?

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