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Friday, February 1, 2013

I'm totally confuse...

Today, I'm gonna write down another journey of my life that confuse me a lot, really  a lot. I believe this week will be my 8th week pregnancy. And out of sudden, I didn't feel hungry as usual. Normally, I will get hungry in very 2 or 3 hours. Sometimes even felt like vomitting cause of bloated stomach. And most of the time I got nothing to throw up as my stomach was empty. Another pregnancy symptoms of mine are sore back and swollen breast.

In this early trimester of pregnancy, I totally lost my normal appetite. Out of sudden I can't get myself to eat chicken. It taste so weird in my mouth and I split it out after a few chew. I even lost appetite on rice also. Last week I had my lunch and dinner without rice, I cooked myself some noodle sup and sometimes feed on fruits and fruits only. Losing appetite as the same time feeling hungry all the time is suffering me out. Hungry make people tired and weak as well. I was so tired sometimes I wish I can be like plant, doing photosynthesis is much more easilier.

Yesterday, Thurday. I caught fever. Warm forehead, neck and feeling extremely sleepy and strenghtless. I skipped classes and went back to sleep. Just hoping get some sleep will bring down my fever, maybe I was too tired and not enough rest. I slept from 11pm until 2pm. I wake up felt so sticky and dirty, so I get myself to bath. I didn't have energy to cook as my head was spinning and yet still heavy. I just made myself a cup of Vico and drank it all to prevent getting to hungry as I skipped lunch. While drinking, I searched in internet, can pregnant woman take panadol soluble? Can. So, there is no effect on pregnant women and it won't harm the baby. I took just 1 tablet of Panadol Soluble with a glass of room temperature water. It taste awful as normal medicine did. I get back to sleep after that.

After about 1 and half and hour, I wake up fresh without any fever symptom. My head was light, I sweat a lot and made me felt cold. I didn't feel sleepy and tired anymore. I can get up and did some housekeeping, swept the floor, clean up  the kitchen counter and pick up my laundry at my laudry room. I felt good again.

Just 1 thing make me feel very weird, why didn't I feel hungry. Normally after evening nap, I wake up with empty stomach and feeling very hungry. Why this time is so different? A notification popped up in my tablet. My baby now is 8th weeks old. Ok, the app popped up at the time when I was totally in confuse.

Issit when I enter the 8th weeks of pregnancy, my craving for food decrease? From yesterday until today, now, my body is acting so weird. No more hungry, no more fatigue, no more morning sickness or throwing up.

I hope nothing happen to my baby. I am so confuse now and worried. I don't suffer any stomachache, no bleeding, no nothing. Baby won't go dissappear in thin air, right?

Wish for the best, hope everything will be just fine. Baby went into sleeping mode maybe. Hopefully.. God bless me, amin...




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